Missionary Banners & Contact Cards


I had designed a 6 foot banner and had it made through Staples with their $10 banner sale. I got the 10 oz. indoor vinyl. I also added on the clear adhesive hangers for $3.99. My kids hung it on our back deck rail for Sammy’s Farewell. You can see our backyard from the church so it was easy to direct people to the house with the banner. We also hung it on the day she left.

The 10 oz. vinyl was perfect for this. Perhaps if it had been windy the thicker vinyl would have been better, but the one I got would have been fine in the rain and sun for the couple of days it was on display.


I also had some business cards printed. These had Sammy’s mission contact info on them. They included her mission home address and her missionary email. I also included her home address, to pass out to her mission companions. It has made it really easy for us to give the cards out when people have asked for her info.


[written by Sammy’s mom]

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