Somewhere in Between

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Somewhere in between October 4th (day received Mission Call) and January 11th (farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting), my little princess became a strong and brave Sister in Zion, who is ready to do the Lord’s work. After the administration of the Sacrament, the bishop spoke about sister missionaries and how Sammy was the first sister missionary in our ward for approximately 10 years (most of us have not lived here that long, since a large portion of our ward was a new development around that time).

Sammy spoke next. The spirit bore testimony of the truths that she explained. She talked about the Holy Ghost and her decision to serve. It was a great talk and it is when I knew that she was ready!

She was the companion speaker to one of our high councilmen. Brother Ryan Okelberry gave a great talk that was assigned by our stake president, but he ended it with some sweet and strong words about missionaries and with a declaration to the young women there to “choose to go”. It was powerful!

[written by Sammy’s mom]

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