Plan of Salvation Visual Aid Handout

plan of salvation Lots of missionaries have said that it is really helpful to have your own visual aid for the Plan of Salvation. This is so you don’t have to take the time to draw it out every time. I wasn’t sure where to get one of these, so I just made one for her.

I made color copies on cardstock of both pages.

The first page (with the larger images) – we cut out the images and then had them laminated. With a scrap piece of lamination we cut out body shapes and outlined it with a sharpie (this is to represent the spirit).

The second page – this was just cut in half. This is just the layout of the Plan of Salvation.

A free copy of the Plan of Salvation Visual Aids can be found here. This is for personal use only. Please do not copy and share the file. Please direct others to this post, so they may properly receive their own free copy.


[written by Sammy’s mom]


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