State & Country Flags

2015-01-27 20.49.19

Take a flag with you. The missionaries at the Provo MTC like to take pictures with their district and the flags at the temple on their p-days. Out of the 8 missionaries in Sister Gomm’s district, not a single one of them brought a flag. Since we live in Provo, my daughter sent me a letter asking if I could please get them a flag before their p-day. Luckily there is a great flag store on University Avenue in Provo. I went to another store first, but they did not have any Pennsylvania flags. I should of known to go to this store first, since their flags are cheaper and there is a huge selection. I also received a missionary discount (even without the discount their flags were cheaper). If you are from out of town and end up with some extra time before dropping off your missionary at the MTC, I would suggest stopping by and getting a flag. The regular price of a 3’x5′ flag is just under $10. I also picked up a small flag for each of the missionaries in her district.

flagsandstuff_storeFlags and Stuff

276 North University Avenue
Provo, Utah

[written by Sister Gomm’s mom]

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