Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple


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Temples are houses of the Lord. They are the most sacred structures on earth.

The announcement for the Philadelphia Temple was made on 4 October 2008.
The groundbreaking was on 17 September 2011. 
Expected to be finished early-mid 2016.

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Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple Info
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The interior will have a red, white and blue color theme.


Church was Cancelled – DOWNINGTOWN #3

This week was so weird! Seriously. We’ve had our cars parked a couple
of times, which is super super lame because everything is so spread
out!! Usually we just make calls and confirm appointments when we
can’t drive. This week, lesson after lesson kept getting cancelled,
whether someone was sick, or they forgot so they weren’t home, or
whatever other reason there might have been, SO many lessons got
cancelled. It was so sad! On Friday our zone leader doubled-in to
our area. We just gave them stuff to do so that we could get more
done. After they were done with everything we gave them, they met
us back in the lobby of our apartment and they were telling us about
everything they had done. They talked about how mean everyone was to
them! Which is weird because everyone is SO nice to us!!! Haha too

On Sunday church got cancelled! So lame. And it was cancelled
because no one plowed the parking lot!!!! Sister Johnstone
and I volunteered to get rid of the snow…. They didn’t think we
could do it in time… Haha ANYWAYS… that was super super lame,
because we were so excited for church! A… and J… were supposed to
speak in sacrament meeting. Needless to say we were
very disappointed that church was cancelled! Instead of church, we went
finding! Before that we stopped by our investigator L… house and
were hoping to teach her a lesson. But she was (still) sick! We had
stopped by earlier that week (twice) but couldn’t see her. We just
had a quick spiritual thought through her screen door and we gave her
a Book of Mormon. After that we tracted around her house and we met a
few people who we’re going to go see again later this week who will
hopefully become investigators! We had dinner at a member’s house that
night and their next door neighbors (who are also members) were there
too. During dinner, one of their sons, who recently returned from his
mission in Germany, was talking about missions and Utah and he started
talking about how he would not want to have served in the Provo Utah
mission. One of them looked at me and she was like, “wait, aren’t you
from Provo?” Haha needless to say, he felt super bad for saying that,
and explained that he wouldn’t mind living there, but that he wouldn’t
have wanted to serve a mission there. Then they all started asking
about what it was like growing up in Utah and how many wards there are
in Utah… Hahaha I just told them more than you could count.

Yesterday (Monday) was amazing!!! We had a mission wide conference,
which was super cool!! We learned about new ways we’re going to be
using technology and social media to further missionary work. We are
apparently the first mission to receive this ‘news’ but it is
continuing to go to other missions. It was all about missionary work
in this new era, specifically using technology and social media. 30
missions worldwide have been able to use iPads, but they’ve introduced
a new plan to make them more effective. David Evans from the first
quorum of the seventy and Steven Allan from the fifth quorum of the
seventy (both in the missionary department of the church) came and
addressed us in an all-day conference. They talked about how
technology is on this earth solely for the “hastening the work of the
Lord” and it’s not going anywhere. They talked about how the mobile
devices are used to hasten that work. The church, because of this
training, is trying to prepare young people to know how to interact
with technology in a productive way after missions so that we won’t be
trapped by the evils that can come of it. It’s very interesting and
they explained it better. They are adding missions that will be
using technology and more and more each day are missionaries becoming
more technologically advanced. We are getting new iPads this next week
and there are a ton of new manuals for missionaries by the church
about using technology and social media to further the work of the
Lord. Pretty interesting stuff and more will be told as I learn more
about what will be happening. I know that we can all use technology
and social media to further share the gospel! And you don’t have to be
a missionary to share it! Share the gospel this week on social media!
Bear your testimony, share the ‘because of Him‘ video! (My favorite
video:) but just share it!!! Your act of faith can reach out to
someone else! (:


My MTC District (plus Sister Robison who also came out with us but was in a different zone)

Also at the mission conference it was so great because I got to see my
mtc district!! Sister Callaway and I sat next to each other (with our
companions, obviously! 😉 The worst part was not being able to hug all
the Elders though! But it was still great to see everyone!
Well, that’s all I have for this week! I love you all and I hope all
is well! 

Missionary tip: share the gospel everywhere!!!!!
Start now practicing bearing your testimony, even if it’s just in a facebook post! 
I love you to the moon and back!!

Sister Sammy Gomm

[email from Sister Gomm]


Sister Maughan and I!! (friend from the mtc!)


Everyone says I look like her….we met yesterday….and we don’t see it! Sister Steadman & Sister Gomm


Our Car Froze Shut – Downingtown #2

So funny story. No one here knows how to drive in the snow! Crazy
right?? So there must be a ton of snow or something right?….. Try an
inch and a half. Haha I’m serious. We had a member coming with us to
teach a recent convert and the member was just going to meet us there,
but about a half hour before the lesson it started to snow (as in,
there’s no snow on the ground yet, it’s just in the air) and she texted
us asking if we were still planning on going out. She was really
nervous about driving. And we had a few people ask us if church was
going to be cancelled because of the weather. Hahaha. Too funny. But I
mean, apparently it’s happened before. Don’t worry though, we still
had church.

A few days ago Sister Johnstone (my companion) and I had gone back
to our apartment to eat dinner. After dinner we had a less-active
member that we were going to go visit and hopefully have a lesson
with, so we head out to our car and what do you know, it’s frozen.
There was a layer of ice over the whole car that would not come off no
matter how much scraping and defrosting we did. After trying
everything we could think of to get our car defrosted, we just decided
to go back inside and go through our area book and make sure
everyone’s info was up to date.
On Tuesday we went to an assisted living center and watched a
performance there with some of the people. Sister Johnstone and
I each walked someone down to the area that the performance was going
on and sat with them and sang songs with them. It was seriously SO
On Saturday every single one of our lessons fell through except
one with a recent convert. Seriously, like five lessons got cancelled, including
our dinner appointment! So sad! But it’s okay, we went to
this place called Wegman’s and got dinner and saw everyone on their
cute valentines dates.
On Sunday in ward council we had members from the stake presidency
there (because it was also ward conference) and they talked about how
we can all help investigators and less active members. One of the
counselors in the stake presidency talked about (actually he pretty
much chastised everyone, honestly haha) how as ward members (and
missionaries) we need to step it up and make sure everyone is doing
visiting and home teaching and ward members should go out of their way
to fellowship investigators and less active families because they
can’t only have a relationship with the missionaries otherwise once
that missionary is transferred to a new area they won’t know anyone in
the ward anymore, and may feel uncomfortable. Members seriously play
such a big role in missionary work.
I love being a missionary! It is so hard and there are some days where
you don’t want to do anything, but I promise that if you keep going
and turn towards the Lord, and help others turn towards Him too, that
it will all be worth it and you will be blessed greatly because of it.

Missionary tip: if you’re going somewhere cold you will want tights
and leggings and good socks! I have a bunch of fleece lined leggings
that I wear under my skirt and they are amazing! I also got a bunch of
socks that are ‘smart wool’ socks. I usually wear tights with those
socks over the tights and they are so great! I got the smart wool
socks (and smart wool tights) from this store called ‘Modern Shoe.’
It’s in Provo on center street! So if you’re going somewhere cold go
check that out! I’m not sure if they’ll still have those because
they’re more of a winter thing, but it’s worth a shot!

Pray for L… and Z… and also C… that they can all know of the
importance of being baptized and so they can know that their Heavenly
Father loves them.

I love you to the moon and back!

-Sister Sammy Gomm

[email from Sister Gomm]

The moon is bright and the air is cold in PA! – Downingtown #1

Hello friends and family!!!!
I am officially in the mission field!! I am in Downingtown
Pennsylvania! Flying from Detroit to PA on Tuesday the moon was SO
bright! It was so cool! And it is a lot colder here than Utah! Not
that Utah is cold right now..but you get my point! There’s no
mountains, but there are tons of trees so I just pretend that the
mountains are still there but I just can’t see them because of how
many trees there are.

Write me letters! I would love to hear from you all!

Being a missionary is the best thing ever! I love my companion Sister
Johnstone, she is awesome and we are so similar it’s scary! Okay not
THAT similar, she’s SUPER crafty and well… Remember how long it took
me when I made a wreath at Christmas…. Yeah… But anyways, I love
her so much, she is an amazing trainer! (Side note, I am in the area
that Elder Prestwich just left! His last companion, Elder Skeen, is in
my district, also Elder Prestwich, thank you for your note! President
Anderson made sure I got it).

Sister Gomm & Sister Johnstone

I am so sad I am not companions with Sister Callaway anymore:( I miss
her so much! I also miss the rest of my district from the mtc! I know
they’re all doing great things though. Also, Elder Crowther had to go
home the day before we left to PA because he was having heart
problems. BUT I got an email from him today saying that his heart is
getting better and he will hopefully be able to come out in the next
two weeks!!!! Yay!!! He doesn’t know if he’ll come to the ppm
(Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission) or be reassigned, but I sure hope he
comes here!! Elder Crowther also told me that Elder Pule (also from my
mtc district) invited 4 people to be baptized! And he had a shotgun
pointed at him!!! So crazy! Elder Crowther also told me that …..
is having a hard time and has been thinking about going
home. Please keep ….. in your prayers!


On Saturday Sister Johnstone and I went tracting. We were going to
see one of our investigators that hasn’t been contacted in a long time,
but he wasn’t home, so we knocked on a few doors, and without any luck
we decided to go somewhere else to tract. Before we left, we took one
look at all the houses around us and decided to stop at one more
house. We go to this cute little house and start talking to the
woman who lives there, sharing a small message about how Heavenly
Father blesses us. We asked if there was a time we could come back and
share more with her and she said she would like that because she
thinks her son needs to come closer to Christ. Sweet!! We planned
to go over Sunday at 4:30. Sunday comes and we go over and we
taught her (her name is L…) and her son (Z…). We only taught
them like a fourth of the restoration, but we showed the bible video
(or whatever those videos are called) of Christ being baptized (Perks
of an iPad mission). And after that we invited her and her son to be
baptized, and they said YES!!!!! We have a date set for March 8!
Everyone pray that everything will work out and L… and her son will
be able to be baptized!!!!


I love doing missionary work, and I know that this experience will
strengthen my testimony so much! It already has. If any of you are
considering going on a mission; DO IT. it is the best! I know every
missionary says that… So it must be true, right 😉 but seriously, if
you’re thinking about it email me, and I will give you all of the
reasons of why you should go!


Sister Johnstone and I have a movie night every night where we watch
mormon messages on our iPads as we get ready for bed. Those videos are
so powerful! While at the mtc we watched the ‘Because of Him‘ video a
few times and I’ve watched it like three times since being in PA. Haha
it’s just SO good! Seriously so amazing!


Missionary tip: if you can, buy shampoo, conditioner, etc. in the
mission field. It’s way better to get it there and
not worry about your suitcase weighing too much! Plus I’d use that
space for more clothes! You can’t have too much of that! (:


I hope you all have a wonderful week! Pray for L… and Z…, and
other investigators! Also pray for ….. and any other
missionary in the world who may be having a hard time.
I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:IMG_0127
[email from Sister Gomm]

Your Missionary has Arrived

sister Gomm “Sister Gomm has arrived in the Philadelphia mission, attached is a picture of her with President and Sister Anderson. She will be serving in the Downingtown area, her companion is Sister Johnstone.  She will be a great missionary, we are excited that she is here.”Sister Gomm[email from Mission home]

image1bAbove: are all the new “Goldens” from the Provo and Mexico MTCs.

Below: are the missionaries that came from the Provo MTC.


Phone Call from the Airport x 2

fly to philly2“My flight leaves early Tuesday. We have to leave the MTC at 3:30 and our flight leaves at 7:20 a.m. I will call you sometime between those two times.”  [email message from Sister Gomm]

Not knowing when she might call made for a very sleepless night! This was also going to be the first time she has ever flown on an airplane!

She called from the Salt Lake City airport at 6:30 a.m. Luckily she called before her brother and sister went to school, so we all got to talk to her and listen to her bear her testimony. It was a great experience! She called again, from Detroit (after they missed their connecting flight). That was an unexpected bonus!

We had purchased a calling card at Walmart before she left. This is what she used to call from both airports.


Talking to Sister Gomm on the phone.


[written by Sister Gomm’s mom]