Church was Cancelled – DOWNINGTOWN #3

This week was so weird! Seriously. We’ve had our cars parked a couple
of times, which is super super lame because everything is so spread
out!! Usually we just make calls and confirm appointments when we
can’t drive. This week, lesson after lesson kept getting cancelled,
whether someone was sick, or they forgot so they weren’t home, or
whatever other reason there might have been, SO many lessons got
cancelled. It was so sad! On Friday our zone leader doubled-in to
our area. We just gave them stuff to do so that we could get more
done. After they were done with everything we gave them, they met
us back in the lobby of our apartment and they were telling us about
everything they had done. They talked about how mean everyone was to
them! Which is weird because everyone is SO nice to us!!! Haha too

On Sunday church got cancelled! So lame. And it was cancelled
because no one plowed the parking lot!!!! Sister Johnstone
and I volunteered to get rid of the snow…. They didn’t think we
could do it in time… Haha ANYWAYS… that was super super lame,
because we were so excited for church! A… and J… were supposed to
speak in sacrament meeting. Needless to say we were
very disappointed that church was cancelled! Instead of church, we went
finding! Before that we stopped by our investigator L… house and
were hoping to teach her a lesson. But she was (still) sick! We had
stopped by earlier that week (twice) but couldn’t see her. We just
had a quick spiritual thought through her screen door and we gave her
a Book of Mormon. After that we tracted around her house and we met a
few people who we’re going to go see again later this week who will
hopefully become investigators! We had dinner at a member’s house that
night and their next door neighbors (who are also members) were there
too. During dinner, one of their sons, who recently returned from his
mission in Germany, was talking about missions and Utah and he started
talking about how he would not want to have served in the Provo Utah
mission. One of them looked at me and she was like, “wait, aren’t you
from Provo?” Haha needless to say, he felt super bad for saying that,
and explained that he wouldn’t mind living there, but that he wouldn’t
have wanted to serve a mission there. Then they all started asking
about what it was like growing up in Utah and how many wards there are
in Utah… Hahaha I just told them more than you could count.

Yesterday (Monday) was amazing!!! We had a mission wide conference,
which was super cool!! We learned about new ways we’re going to be
using technology and social media to further missionary work. We are
apparently the first mission to receive this ‘news’ but it is
continuing to go to other missions. It was all about missionary work
in this new era, specifically using technology and social media. 30
missions worldwide have been able to use iPads, but they’ve introduced
a new plan to make them more effective. David Evans from the first
quorum of the seventy and Steven Allan from the fifth quorum of the
seventy (both in the missionary department of the church) came and
addressed us in an all-day conference. They talked about how
technology is on this earth solely for the “hastening the work of the
Lord” and it’s not going anywhere. They talked about how the mobile
devices are used to hasten that work. The church, because of this
training, is trying to prepare young people to know how to interact
with technology in a productive way after missions so that we won’t be
trapped by the evils that can come of it. It’s very interesting and
they explained it better. They are adding missions that will be
using technology and more and more each day are missionaries becoming
more technologically advanced. We are getting new iPads this next week
and there are a ton of new manuals for missionaries by the church
about using technology and social media to further the work of the
Lord. Pretty interesting stuff and more will be told as I learn more
about what will be happening. I know that we can all use technology
and social media to further share the gospel! And you don’t have to be
a missionary to share it! Share the gospel this week on social media!
Bear your testimony, share the ‘because of Him‘ video! (My favorite
video:) but just share it!!! Your act of faith can reach out to
someone else! (:


My MTC District (plus Sister Robison who also came out with us but was in a different zone)

Also at the mission conference it was so great because I got to see my
mtc district!! Sister Callaway and I sat next to each other (with our
companions, obviously! 😉 The worst part was not being able to hug all
the Elders though! But it was still great to see everyone!
Well, that’s all I have for this week! I love you all and I hope all
is well! 

Missionary tip: share the gospel everywhere!!!!!
Start now practicing bearing your testimony, even if it’s just in a facebook post! 
I love you to the moon and back!!

Sister Sammy Gomm

[email from Sister Gomm]


Sister Maughan and I!! (friend from the mtc!)


Everyone says I look like her….we met yesterday….and we don’t see it! Sister Steadman & Sister Gomm


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