Q & A – Downingtown Area

I asked Sister Gomm some questions and here are her responses.
Questions for you:
Name of area you are serving?
The name of the area I am serving is Downingtown East. We have Elders also serving in our ward, they are Downingtown West. Most people just say the Downingtown Sisters or the Downingtown Elders.


Ward(s) that you attend?
Our ward is the Downingtown ward.  All of the missionaries here just serve in one ward. I’m pretty sure that’s how it is for most missions besides Utah and possibly Arizona and


Name of your District?
I don’t know what the name of our district is…or if we have a name…I just know that our zone is the Valley Forge Zone (technically the valley forge east or west, but I can’t remember which one it is).


How many areas in your district?
In our district we have us, the Downingtown Elders, the Valley Forge Sisters, and the West Chester Spanish Elders. They are a “zebra companionship” – Elder Owen (district leader) is English, and Elder Blume, his companion, is Spanish. Their ward isn’t a Spanish ward, but everyone who speaks Spanish in this area goes there (they just have the headsets that translate for them). 


Last transfer we had those same areas except for the Valley Forge Sisters and instead had the other West Chester Elders, but one of the West Chester Elders became a district leader for the other district in our zone so they couldn’t be in our district anymore.


What service projects did you work on this past week?
The only service we did this week was our weekly visit to Simpson Meadows, where we go hang out with old people. Last weeks visit was so funny because the man I was with kept swearing. We help the people who have a certain disease, I can’t remember what it is… But they don’t really know what their talking about, and their sentences never match up or make sense, but they are awesome!! We also helped a less active clean her apartment!


What do you do for General Conference (watch it at the church)?
For general conference we watch it at members houses. Sister Ipson and I are most likely going to the church for the Saturday evening session, but other than that we go to members homes!! If you can, they want us to watch it with investigators, but that’s most likely not happening for us.

[email from Sister Gomm 3/30/2015]


A Week in the Life – Downingtown #8


“What the desk of a sister missionary looks like.”

Hola friends and family!!!

What a week! So basically all of the day’s run together and I never
remember what happened when….good thing we have a planner to help us
out with that, right?! (:

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a new investigator who is a member
referral!! Whoot!! The investigators name is R…, and she is just
looking for some spiritual upliftment in her life. So we gave her a
Book of Mormon and helped her understand that it will help her so much
and uplift her. She is great!!

On Wednesday we met with A… (I think I mentioned her before). We
were going to teach her the plan of salvation, but once we got there
that just didn’t feel right and we instead talked about the Book of
Mormon. At first she said she had read some of it before, then she
said she hadn’t ever read it, but that she would be willing to read
it, THEN, she said that she’s never read it, and never will!! All
within fifteen minutes of each other! So frustrating!! So Sister Ipson
was trying to be nice and think of something to say that wouldn’t
offend her or anything, and I just said, “A…, do you even want to
meet with us?” She thought for a second, and said, “Well, I just want
to convert you to Catholicism… But, no. I’m not interested in
anything you have to tell me.” HAHAHA!!! Needless to say, we had to
drop A…, which is very sad, but she is hilarious and really nice!


Also on Wednesday we had to go get our oil changed because our vehicle
coordinator called us and told us that we were WAY overdue for an oil
change. So that was super lame that we had to take time to do that.
Afterwards the man working on our car came back to give us the keys
and told us that we needed our brakes replaced, and that he had called
Elder Rose (vehicle coordinator) but Elder Rose had said not to change
them yet. So we went out to our car and called Elder Rose. He just has
to get permission from Salt Lake to do anything on our car that costs
more than $175, so we are currently still waiting for him to get
permission for us to get our brakes fixed. Haha, hopefully we don’t
have to worry about it, but they REALLY need to be changed this week! 


On Thursday we got to meet with L…!!!! So we taught her the
Restoration. She loved it! When we told her that there is a prophet
living on the Earth today, she was like, “WHAT?! Sister Gomm! You did
not tell me this the last time you were over here!! I NEED to see a
picture of this man!!” Haha! So we showed her a picture of President
Monson. Anyways, we invited her to come to church, and she said she
would! She didn’t end up coming because she had to to the emergency
room on Saturday night! We don’t really know what’s going on with
that, but we are just praying that everything is okay now!


On Saturday we went to our stake center to watch the women’s
broadcast. It was so good!!!! Plus we got to see all of the other
Sister missionaries serving in our stake there! That’s always fun(:
I’m seriously so excited for conference!!! It’s going to be so good!!

General Women’s Broadcast at Stake Center

Funny thing that happened! So we’re at our apartment making lunch and
Sister Ipson was playing an “I’m a Mormon” video (she watches those
ALL the time) and for some reason she had her iPad sitting on the top
of the oven, standing up against the wall. Well, all of the sudden we
hear something hit the ground and look over and her iPad is gone!! So
we had to pull the whole oven out so we could get her iPad. Hahaha too
funny. Also, at sacrament meeting on Sunday, Sister Ipson takes a
piece of bread and the one she picks up is HUGE! Like a third of a
slice of bread, and she puts the entire thing in her mouth hoping no
one noticed. Well, needless to say, it was hard not to laugh while
watching her try and swallow it all!! Haha okay….maybe you just had
to have been there… But it was funny!


As most of you probably already know, the church’s initiative video
Because He Lives” came out this week! Watching that and thinking of
Christ and His Atonement, I’ve come to realize how wonderful and
simple the gospel is. Christ already performed the Atonement. He’s
already done it. He suffered and died for us. But “He rose on the
third day. He lives today.” He is here for us. He loves us. More
specifically, He Atoned for YOU. He loves YOU. He lives because of
you. it’s that simple. Help others to understand and live this. Follow
Him, be an example of Him. And you will have everlasting joy. Eternal
peace and happiness. Following His example and having faith in Him,
repenting, being baptized by someone holding the priesthood, receiving
the gift of the Holy Ghost and living these things throughout the rest
of your life (enduring to the end ;).. You will live with God again if
you do these things. It really is that simple. Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ love us. They really do want what’s best for you. They’ve
already given you what’s best for you! You just have to accept and
live it!! I know this is true. I’ve seen it bless the lives of others
and my own. I know it will bless your life as well. Just remember God
loves you, Christ loves you, they are always here for you! They’ve
given you the Holy Ghost so you may be comforted through your trials.
Go watch Because He Lives!(:


I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Snow storm from a week and a half ago.

Missionary Social Media

Missionary Social Media

It is fun to message and read posts from other missionary moms & dads and members in my missionary’s areas. Here are some links that I have found interesting and fun:



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[post by Sister Gomm’s mom]

One day we were an hour and 20 minutes late getting home – Downingtown #7

image1 (2)

Sister Gomm & Sister Johnstone

Hello family and friends!!! What a crazy week it has been!!!!

So last Tuesday we went to transfer meeting and they went through
their little presentation of announcing everyone that is being
transferred and who their new companion is! So they get to me and my
picture shows up on the screen so I go out to the middle and they put
my new companions picture up and………she’s not there!!! The
assistants look at each other and announce that she must be on her way
still. Haha okay, no big deal. So we go through the rest of transfers
and afterwards everyone is saying goodbye and President Anderson (our
mission president) comes over to me and says, “Sister Gomm, I am so
sorry, there was some confusion with your new companion so she was not
informed that she was being transferred. She was in a trio this past
transfer and thought she was staying, but she knows now and is packing
her stuff, she will be here later today.” HAHAHA!!!!!!!! What?? Nobody
told my companion she was being transferred?! Too funny. So I hung out
in Broomall for hours until my new companion got there. The assistants
apologized to me like eighty times and they invited me to go to the
trainers meeting for the missionaries who just got their goldens this
transfer. It was a really great meeting and I learned a lot even
though I’m not training! So FINALLY my companion makes it to Broomall
at like 4:30 pm! (We left that morning for Broomall at 8:30ish). And I
love her!!!!! Her name is Sister Ipson! She is so great!!!

On Thursday President and Sister Anderson came to our district meeting
and it was SO good! They are awesome and I love them so much!!!
District meeting was weird because only three of us were here the
transfer before so hardly any of us knew each other when we got there,
I miss the missionaries from my old district, but I love my new
district! They are all so amazing!

3/19/15 – District Meeting with President & Sister Anderson

On Saturday Sister Ipson and I went and stopped by one of our
investigators, A…, the one who said she wouldn’t come to church
when we had asked her if she would. Oh man, she is hilarious! We
showed her Because of Him and she LOVED it! We gave her a plan of
salvation pamphlet and asked her to read it so we could talk about it
when we go over on Tuesday! We’re taking baby steps with her, but
we’ll see how it goes! So after meeting with A…, we headed over
to L… house. L… is the one we invited to be baptized my first
week here. We dropped her a few weeks ago because we could never get
in to meet with her. So we knock on the door and her son answers, (as
usual) we ask if his mom is there and he tells us to wait a second and
he’ll go get her. (Usually at this point he comes back and tells us to
just come back later). So we wait while he goes and gets her..and L…
comes to the door! Whoot! So we talk with her and introduce Sister
Ipson and we ask if we can come in right then. She said she was super
busy but that she wants us to come over on Tuesday! Okay whoo! Then
she’s all, “I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon you gave me and I
really want you to come back so we can talk about it.” What?! She’s
been reading the Book of Mormon!!!!!! I’m seriously praying and
praying that we will be able to meet with her tomorrow!!! 


Later that night we had stake conference at our stake center (also the
mission office) in Broomall. We rode down with a member and man, it
was so good!!!!! They talked ALL about missionary work and what
members can do to help the missionaries!! Elder Kunz, the area 70, who
is also in the Downingtown ward, asked all of us missionaries to stand
up. So we all stand and he asks us what the members can do to help us.
A few missionaries talked about feeding us (poor West Chester Elders
never get dinner appointments), fulfilling their callings, continuing
to have the ward council help, etc. I said that we need members to
come to our teaching appointments with us. Elder Kunz gave me a little
shout out for being in his ward (super funny because he doesn’t know
any of the other missionary’s names so they all made fun of me for the
fact that the area 70 knows my name), Elder Kunz then went on to
explain what a member present lesson is. After the meeting was over
tons of the members in our ward came over and told Sister Ipson and I
that they would love to come teaching with us and what times they are
available and everything. I was like, okay great! Where were you the
past six weeks? But hey! I’m not complaining! So everyone, GO TEACHING
WITH THE MISSIONARIES IN YOUR AREA!!!!!! They need you!!!!! You
contact them and let them know you can come with them! It’s much
easier for one hundred people to let two missionaries know their
schedule than for two missionaries to ask one hundred people when they
are available! Seriously go, you won’t have to teach or anything,
you’ll most likely just have to bear your testimony at the end. You
don’t even need to wear a skirt or tie! Seriously, call them. Right
now. They would love to have you!!!!


So stake conference on Saturday night didn’t finish until after 9 pm
(When we’re supposed to be home). But President and Sister Anderson
were there so obviously they already knew! But it’s still about 50
minutes from Broomall to Downingtown so we didn’t get home until about
10:20. So basically we didn’t have time to plan for the next day or
anything! But Sunday was super great and stake conference on Sunday
was SO good!!! J…, a recent convert in our ward (they were the ones
who took us to stake conference so we sat by them), was asked to share
his testimony. (Elder Kunz had asked him the night before so luckily
he had some warning!) it was so awesome!!! Then after the meeting
three recent converts in our ward received the Melchizedek
priesthood!!!! It was so so so great!!!!! One of them is from our
area, I’ve taught him a couple of times for his reteaching, and he is
awesome!!! He sent us the sweetest text that night and told us how
grateful he is for missionaries and for Heavenly Father and for the
fact that he is a Mormon. (: he’s seriously the most amazing person


After stake conference we went to J… and A…’s for lunch and J…
basically bore his testimony to us again and talked about all the
things he would have said if he hadn’t been so nervous and forgotten
to say them!! He’s awesome. So after that we concluded our day with
finding, whoo!! We found a few potential investigators so we’re
stopping by them later in the week to hopefully meet with them and
have a lesson!! Yay!!


I love being a missionary and this work is truly amazing!! What Christ
did for us is so humbling. We are so blessed beyond belief to have a
Savior. I know that He loves each and every one of us. He did all that
He could for us, and because of that, we are blessed eternally. The
blessings we can receive from the Atonement are never ending. Sharing
the gospel is something we can do to show our love for Him. So my
commitment to you this week is exactly that! (Is this the same
invitation I extended last week, I can’t remember?!) Share the gospel
this week! Go teaching with the missionaries! Have them over for
dinner! Tell your friends about Jesus Christ and your love for Him!
Show them Because He Lives this weekend!!!!! Have a great week!!I love you to the moon and back!!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:


Missionary tip: if you are in a mission that uses cars, pray your
companion has a good gps! Or get one yourself!! No one wants a faulty
gps….trust me.


[email from Sister Gomm]

Love Talking to God People – Downingtown #6

Hello family and friends!!!!

I feel like every week I say that this week was a crazy
week……..but………this week was a crazy week! So first of all,
my district is AMAZING. Sister Johnstone and I are the only sisters in
the district, but it is SO fun.

Oh, also sorry about last week, I still can’t figure out how to get
that email to send… Every time I try it just closes and doesn’t
send… And we haven’t been to computers for me to see if it will send
from there. I guess you’ll just never hear about that week. (Sorry


So earlier this week Sister Johnstone and I were visiting a couple who
lives in our ward who they are actually moving to Lehi Utah! Whoot. We
just stopped by to give them a card and say goodbye and see if they
needed any help moving! After visiting with them we were walking back
to our car and saw a lady walking her dog. We stopped and talked to
her and we mention that we’re missionaries and she gasps loudly and
says, “Oh I love talking to God people!” Sister Johnstone and I try
not to laugh but end up scheduling an appointment with her for twenty
minutes later after she gets back from walking her dog. So twenty
minutes later we go to her house and have a great uh.. Discussion? We
talked a bit and she talked a lot about her church and we talked about
ours. After I said Joseph Smith’s account of the first vision the
spirit was SO strong. And she was definitely feeling the spirit. So
normally we would invite them to baptism right during that lesson, but
she just kept talking so much about her church and everything. So
about a two thirds of the way through the lesson Sister Johnstone
invites her to come to church and what does she say? “No.” Hahaha,
we’re like, oh man!! But she did say she wanted to meet with us next
week so we’re going tomorrow and hopefully we can get somewhere!

“Love these peeps!!” Elder Wall, Sister Johnstone, [Sister Gomm] and Elder Owen

So transfer calls were this week. Friday night Sister Johnstone and I
were helping this less active member move and it’s getting pretty late
and we’re stressed because we’re going to be late and we don’t want
our district to be mad at us for not being able to hear about
transfers because we’re late so we hurry home, but we were still like
five minutes late! Super stressful. So we let our district leader know
we’re home and start planning for the next day. About twenty minutes
into planning he calls us. Neither of us move. We just sit there
staring at the phone for a minute. So we answer the phone and Elder
Owen (district leader) asks us how we’re doing and if we’re ready for
this transfer to be over and what-not. Then he asks what our guesses
are for everyone in our district. So Sister Johnstone looks at me, and
I start guessing. “Elder Clark is leaving.” Elder Owen: “Yes he is!”
Haha seriously dagger to the heart! So sad…..So I keep guessing,
“Elder Moriera is staying.” “Correct!” I go through everyone in our
district and I guessed every single one right. I get to Sister
Johnstone and I. I guess that I’m staying and Elder Owen says that’s
right. We talk for a second and Elder Owen asks what we think is
happening with Sister Johnstone. Sister Johnstone debates for a minute
and rationalizes and everything and eventually says, “I think I’m
staying.” So I sit there and without breathing (not really obviously,
but it feels like it), I say, “Sister Johnstone is leaving.” Elder
Owen: “Sister Johnstone, I’m sorry, you are being transferred.”
Silence. I can’t believe my trainer is being transferred halfway
through my training! I mean, I guessed from the first day that this
would happen, but hoping against hope I prayed that she would stay!
All of the ward members hoped she would too. But I know that Heavenly
Father needs her somewhere else or He needs my new companion here or
something….. Either way it’s still sad. So originally one person
from each companionship would be leaving except Elder Owen and Elder
Wall were being doubled out (both leaving the area). Elder Wall is
going home, and Elder Owen was being transferred. So sad, my mission
mom and dad were both going to be transferred!! BUT we found out on
Sunday that Elder Owen is staying!!!!! Apparently he got all of his
stuff packed up on Friday night and Saturday during lunch but Saturday
night he got a call letting him know he would be staying!!! I’m
seriously so grateful he is staying!

Honestly, neither Sister Johnstone nor I know why she is leaving
halfway through my training, we’re both so sad that we only got one
transfer together, and my mission president already emailed me pretty
much apologizing for transferring her, haha, but I know she will be a
wonderful companion and missionary in her new area!!! She’s seriously
the greatest and one of my best friends, I’m so so sad we won’t be
companions anymore, but I know she will be great wherever she gets
transferred to. So tomorrow I get a new companion! Whoot.

Seriously everyone, the gospel is so wonderful! Everyone here loves
the fact that gospel means “good news” they talk about that a lot. And
it truly is. The gospel is good news!!! We are followers and examples
of Jesus Christ. We are to follow in His footsteps and help others to
follow in His footsteps as well. The Atonement is amazing. Something
someone said at church this Sunday was that being resurrected is
something that is available and will happen to all of us, but how if
we use the Atonement and do as Christ did will determine where we go
after this life. Use the Atonement. Follow in Christ’s footsteps. Be
an example of Him. He loves you. Each and every single one of you. He
atoned and died for us. But He also lived for us. The church is
putting out another video this year (March 28, I believe), like the
Because of Him one, but it’s called Because He Lives. So get excited
and when it comes out show your friends! Share the good news!!!!!!!!
Okay well.. have a wonderful week!!
I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Sammy Gomm

Sister Gomm’s District


Sister Gomm’s District

[email from Sister Gomm]

“I am so mad!!” – DOWNINGTOWN #5

Mom!!!! I am so mad!! I had a super great super spiritual email ALL
typed out, and it was seriously a novel long! I typed it all out while
on the train ride home from philly and I lost the whole thing!!! I’m
seriously so mad. I promise I will have a good email next week though!
I love you!!

[Email from Sister Gomm]

 SOMETIMES THINGS JUST DON’T GO AS PLANNED! Looks like she had fun in Philly!

The Philadelphia Temple

The Philadelphia Temple


Sister Gomm & Sister Johnstone at LOVE park in Philadelphia.


Sister Johnstone, ??? & Sister Gomm in Philly.