Weird Week – Downingtown #4

This week was crazy! So on Wednesday we went on exchanges with the
sister training leaders, they were so fun!!! I went with Sister Ricks
to her area. She is so funny! But this is her last transfer! 😦 so
sad. While on exchanges we visited a less active member named L… .
We taught her the plan of salvation and she told me about how she went
to church for the first time in twelve years and after taking the
sacrament every time she’s had coffee since then she’s gotten really
sick! so basically coffee isn’t an issue for her… Man, I wish
that would just happen to everyone!

On Thursday we had district meeting and the sister training leaders just
decided to come to our district meeting, which was fun because then 
Sister Johnstone and I weren’t the only sisters there! And I love my district. 
They are so funny and we are all dreading transfers because
we all love each other so much! One of the elders in our district is
Elder Wall, and he is so funny!! But, this transfer is his last
transfer! I’m seriously so sad that he’s going home!!

On Thursday we had a lesson with one of our investigators, C… . She
is so awesome! We are just trying to get her to see the importance of
the priesthood and why she should be baptized by someone holding the
priesthood. She’s having a hard time seeing the differences between
the church she goes to now, and ours. BUT, she came to church on
Sunday!!!!! And, she knew a few people there because of her work! So
after sacrament meeting she was talking with a bunch of people that
she already knew, and a lot of other people introduced themselves to
her! Yay for friendly members!

On Saturday we had interviews with our mission president and his wife,
President and Sister Anderson. Wow, I wish we could have interviews
every week!! They are the best!!

So we only had sacrament meeting yesterday due to the weather, and
only about a third of the ward showed up….but hey, the church is
still true! The elders in our ward had an investigator come to church
as well, and he bore his testimony in sacrament meeting and he wants
to be baptized!! I’m seriously so happy for him and that the elders
have someone so willing to learn and accept the gospel!! After
sacrament meeting we were heading over to L…’s house (she just ended
up canceling though) and it started doing that cool thing where it’s
raining ice and your car starts to freeze and it has a layer of ice on
it until you can’t open the doors because they’re frozen shut. So
after (attempting) to go finding (no one answered their doors) we
decided to go back to our apartment before our car froze. Haha, we
don’t know if it was supposed to be cars parked or not, we never
got a text about it, so we went as long as we could! But anyways, a
depressing evening for sure.

So… Basically 90% of our appointments for this week fell through.
Everyone keeps wanting to reschedule and/or isn’t home because they
forgot or they have the flu. So many people have the flu, it’s
ridiculous! We haven’t been able to meet with L… or Z… in
like a week and a half because L… has had the flu! Now we have to
push their baptism date back.. (It was supposed to be next Sunday) but
we still have so much to teach them and help them understand. It’s
really sad, but we have an appointment with her later this week so
hopefully all goes well!

This week was really rough, and we are so sad
that so many of our lessons were cancelled. It’s especially hard when
it’s nothing you did, but people as always, have their agency, and
Satan will tempt them and try everything he can to make them turn away
from Christ. Although this week was so disappointing, we have faith
that this next week will be better! I hope you all have a great week!
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm

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