A Week in the Life – Downingtown #8


“What the desk of a sister missionary looks like.”

Hola friends and family!!!

What a week! So basically all of the day’s run together and I never
remember what happened when….good thing we have a planner to help us
out with that, right?! (:

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a new investigator who is a member
referral!! Whoot!! The investigators name is R…, and she is just
looking for some spiritual upliftment in her life. So we gave her a
Book of Mormon and helped her understand that it will help her so much
and uplift her. She is great!!

On Wednesday we met with A… (I think I mentioned her before). We
were going to teach her the plan of salvation, but once we got there
that just didn’t feel right and we instead talked about the Book of
Mormon. At first she said she had read some of it before, then she
said she hadn’t ever read it, but that she would be willing to read
it, THEN, she said that she’s never read it, and never will!! All
within fifteen minutes of each other! So frustrating!! So Sister Ipson
was trying to be nice and think of something to say that wouldn’t
offend her or anything, and I just said, “A…, do you even want to
meet with us?” She thought for a second, and said, “Well, I just want
to convert you to Catholicism… But, no. I’m not interested in
anything you have to tell me.” HAHAHA!!! Needless to say, we had to
drop A…, which is very sad, but she is hilarious and really nice!


Also on Wednesday we had to go get our oil changed because our vehicle
coordinator called us and told us that we were WAY overdue for an oil
change. So that was super lame that we had to take time to do that.
Afterwards the man working on our car came back to give us the keys
and told us that we needed our brakes replaced, and that he had called
Elder Rose (vehicle coordinator) but Elder Rose had said not to change
them yet. So we went out to our car and called Elder Rose. He just has
to get permission from Salt Lake to do anything on our car that costs
more than $175, so we are currently still waiting for him to get
permission for us to get our brakes fixed. Haha, hopefully we don’t
have to worry about it, but they REALLY need to be changed this week! 


On Thursday we got to meet with L…!!!! So we taught her the
Restoration. She loved it! When we told her that there is a prophet
living on the Earth today, she was like, “WHAT?! Sister Gomm! You did
not tell me this the last time you were over here!! I NEED to see a
picture of this man!!” Haha! So we showed her a picture of President
Monson. Anyways, we invited her to come to church, and she said she
would! She didn’t end up coming because she had to to the emergency
room on Saturday night! We don’t really know what’s going on with
that, but we are just praying that everything is okay now!


On Saturday we went to our stake center to watch the women’s
broadcast. It was so good!!!! Plus we got to see all of the other
Sister missionaries serving in our stake there! That’s always fun(:
I’m seriously so excited for conference!!! It’s going to be so good!!

General Women’s Broadcast at Stake Center

Funny thing that happened! So we’re at our apartment making lunch and
Sister Ipson was playing an “I’m a Mormon” video (she watches those
ALL the time) and for some reason she had her iPad sitting on the top
of the oven, standing up against the wall. Well, all of the sudden we
hear something hit the ground and look over and her iPad is gone!! So
we had to pull the whole oven out so we could get her iPad. Hahaha too
funny. Also, at sacrament meeting on Sunday, Sister Ipson takes a
piece of bread and the one she picks up is HUGE! Like a third of a
slice of bread, and she puts the entire thing in her mouth hoping no
one noticed. Well, needless to say, it was hard not to laugh while
watching her try and swallow it all!! Haha okay….maybe you just had
to have been there… But it was funny!


As most of you probably already know, the church’s initiative video
Because He Lives” came out this week! Watching that and thinking of
Christ and His Atonement, I’ve come to realize how wonderful and
simple the gospel is. Christ already performed the Atonement. He’s
already done it. He suffered and died for us. But “He rose on the
third day. He lives today.” He is here for us. He loves us. More
specifically, He Atoned for YOU. He loves YOU. He lives because of
you. it’s that simple. Help others to understand and live this. Follow
Him, be an example of Him. And you will have everlasting joy. Eternal
peace and happiness. Following His example and having faith in Him,
repenting, being baptized by someone holding the priesthood, receiving
the gift of the Holy Ghost and living these things throughout the rest
of your life (enduring to the end ;).. You will live with God again if
you do these things. It really is that simple. Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ love us. They really do want what’s best for you. They’ve
already given you what’s best for you! You just have to accept and
live it!! I know this is true. I’ve seen it bless the lives of others
and my own. I know it will bless your life as well. Just remember God
loves you, Christ loves you, they are always here for you! They’ve
given you the Holy Ghost so you may be comforted through your trials.
Go watch Because He Lives!(:


I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Snow storm from a week and a half ago.

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