Love Getting Pics of Sister Gomm from People in the PPM

One thing that can always put a smile on my face is to have wonderful people in the PPM send me pics of my missionary! Here’s one that I got today via facebook.pic from member


Downingtown #16

Hello friends and family!!

Wow, it’s been a CRAZY week.

So last Monday we went to a lady named V…’s house. Background on
V…: about 2 weeks ago we were going to stop by a less active
member who Sister Ipson and I had never met before. We get out of the
car and start walking up to the front door and there’s two women
sitting on the front porch. So we start talking, one of them
introduces herself as V… and we ask if W… is there (the less
active member) but V… tells us that W… hasn’t lived there for
about five months now, that they moved in after she had already left.
So we ask V… if she wants to hear a message about Jesus Christ.
She tells us she’s busy but that we can come back on Friday at 3. So
on Friday we go back and V… tells us she has company over but
that we can come back on Monday at 1. Okay great…. If you’re not
interested then just tell us!! So we go back on Monday and we had a
member, Sister K…, come with us. And wow! V… is awesome!! So
we talked to her and got to know her! She has been baptized into three
different churches, but none of them have been fulfilling enough for
her. She told us that the next one she joins is going to be for real!
So we answer her questions which were amazing questions! She asked us
things like do we believe in the trinity, or what we think happens to
us after we die, why we think we need to be baptized, etc. So we
explained things to her and she’s all, “You know, it’s interesting, I
had been praying and asking God which church I should join and then
you girls showed up…” God answers your prayers everyone!! So we left
her with a Restoration pamphlet, a plan of salvation pamphlet, and a
Book of Mormon. I was a little stressed to give her all of those
things in one day, but it felt right!

So we go back on Thursday and we ask her if she was able to read any
of the things we left her. She’s all, “Oh yes! I loved the two
pamphlets, but I only got to read a little bit of the Book of Mormon.”
We’re all, “That’s okay, how much did you read?” I’m thinking you
know, maybe she got to read 3 or 4 verses… “I’m only on chapter 13
of 1 Nephi.” Wait, what? You’ve read 13 chapters of the Book of Mormon
since Monday?? So we told that was awesome and she told us that
reading the Book of Mormon has helped her to be patient. It is so cool
to see people learn about the gospel and come closer to Christ! We’re
meeting with V… again tomorrow, so we are praying that all goes
well!! (:

On Saturday we stopped by a less active member, P…. We pull up and
see that she’s in the back gardening. We go over and she’s all hello
girls!! I have a bunch of lettuce that I’m growing, would you like
some?” We’re all, sure!! So she begins pulling out different kinds of
lettuce for us which is so so so awesome, but she gave us SO MUCH!!!
Needless to say, Sister Ipson and I will be eating salad for the next
two weeks!! Haha!!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the plan of salvation. The
fact that God has given us such a simple way to return to live with
Him again. And living our lives here on earth is such an important
part of His plan. We are to live righteously and to help others to do
so as well. Because of Christ we will all be perfected, and we will
all have the opportunity to live with our Father in Heaven again. We
just need to take the steps here to return to Him. Living our lives
righteously is extremely important. What can you do this week to help
others know of the plan of salvation?

I love you all to the moon and back and I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

What a Crazy Week – Downingtown #15

Hello friends and family!!

First of all, I just want to say happy birthday Landon!! I love you so
so much and I hope your day is wonderful! I can’t believe you’re
almost done with high school!! Crazy!! You’re so old. (;

So this week was crazy!! I had to call and talk to a billion insurance
people about the car accident, which was soo lame!! (Okay, only like 2
or 3, but that’s still 2 or 3 more than I wanted to talk to!)
But this week consisted of meeting TONS of people and inviting
everyone to come closer to Christ!! We met with a lot of less active
members as well! I love getting to know people and talking with
everyone, it’s so fun and so interesting to hear about their different
backgrounds, beliefs, heartaches, triumphs, everything! I just love
talking to people!

This week we had dinner with the Kunz family (I LOVE THEM), and Elder
Kunz told us a lot about the Philadelphia temple; different facts and
things and how it’s going to look on the inside/how big it’s going to
be, etc. I always learn something new when with them! We read a
scripture with them and talked about how we can know Christ is our
Savior when we read the Book of Mormon, and both Elder and Sister Kunz
basically gave us a whole lesson right back about the scripture we had
read, it was such a great discussion and I seriously always learn
something new when visiting them!

Also this week we’ve really been getting the ward more involved in
missionary work! It’s been so helpful and it is so good when the ward
is involved, it makes things so much easier!! We had TONS of people
come to our various appointments with us, which was so great! But half
of the appointments fell through!! It was so frustrating, but it’s so
great to have members come teaching with you!

We met a part member family this week, and they have the cutest 6 year
old son!! His name is L…, and he told us all about how he is going
to be a body builder when he grows up! He’s so cute, we showed them
the Because He Lives video and halfway through L… was all, “I’m
bored, I’m going to my room.” Hahaha! well, that’s not the response we
were going for but…… What can you do? It was so funny though!

Also this week we met with P…, she is still preparing to go to the
temple which we are so excited about! But she didn’t come to church
this Sunday!! She was supposed to meet with the bishop, but obviously
that didn’t happen…. She’s preparing to go to the temple on June 13,
but that’s next transfer so I might not even be here!! 😦 I’m praying
that she will be able to go to the temple soon! I know she really
understands the importance of doing temple work, and she is planning
on taking her grandmother’s name to the temple! I’m seriously so
excited for her!!

This week we also met with N… (: we had him teach us the
restoration!! I can’t remember if I mentioned this already or not, but
we are having him teach us everything now!(: he did such a great job
teaching us!! He used the pamphlet, asked us great questions, and
shared his testimony of the restored gospel! It was funny because at
the end of the lesson I asked if he had a commitment for us and he was
all, “Uh…… Make me cookies?” Haha so needless to say, we need to
make some cookies soon! This upcoming week we are going to teach the
Plan of Salvation, and then after that he will teach it to us! I’m so
excited for it! He’s so awesome!! (: it’s so awesome to see people’s
testimonies strengthen, and to hear them talk about how they came to
know all of this is true(:

We have a new investigator named R…, we taught him the restoration
and invited him to be baptized! We are planning on his baptism
happening in July! He works on Sunday’s a lot though, so we are
praying that he can start to get Sunday’s off and that he will come to
church! He is so awesome though and we had the most random lesson with
him on his doorstep because he had friends over and didn’t want us all
to be in his house at the same time, but it was an awesome lesson and
we helped him recognize the spirit, and he really has a desire to know
that the Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus Christ! We
are so excited to help him gain his own testimony of this gospel (:

I just want you all to know that I know that this church is true, and
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, that we did need a
restoration, and as evidence of that, we were given the Book of Mormon
which is another testament of Jesus Christ, it works with the Bible,
and that if we “Believe in Christ [we] will believe in these words,
for they are the words of Christ, and he hath given them unto me; and
they teach all men that they should do good.” (2 Nephi 33:10). That
when we read the Book of Mormon we will know that Christ is our Savior
and Redeemer, our Great Mediator. And if we know Christ, we will know
the Book of Mormon is true when we read it. This gospel is revolved
around love. God loves us, Christ loves us, and we show our love to
them by living this gospel, by making and keeping covenants, and
helping others to know love as well. And when we live the gospel, we
truly will know and feel the pure love of Christ.

I hope you all have a great week and I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Concussions are Lame – Downingtown #14

Hello friends and family!!
It was so great to talk to my wonderful familia yesterday! I love you
all!! (And apologize again that you already heard about my week so you
already heard about the most exciting part of the week).

BUT. It was a crazy week.
So Tuesday started out as an average Tuesday for us! Lunch with a
member, our service that we do every week at Simpson Meadows, having a
member come with us and drive us to different appointments… All
normal things. But after the appointments we were driving in her truck
and Sister Ipson was sitting in the front seat (I was in the back)
holding milk duds that the member had offered us… So the member was
asking us where we wanted to go for dinner, we were stopped at a red
light and the next thing I know milk duds are flying everywhere!!
Super confusing… Then I realized that someone had just rear-ended
us! So I turn around to see what had happened and was so surprised to
see the back windshield shattered and some of the glass on the seat.
My first thought, “Wow, they hit the window which caused the glass to
break, how did I not notice??” Then I remembered we were in a truck,
so the bed of the truck was between us and the truck that hit us so
there’s no way it was the truck that hit us. So then I was like, “Oh,
the impact of them hitting us broke the glass!” So I turned all the
way around to look at the whole windshield and realize that it was
actually my head that broke the glass! So I check my head, and there
was just a little bit of glass in my hair.. So we call the police and
they head over. Sister Ipson and I called our Mission President, but
it went straight to voicemail.. Once the police got there the police
man talks to me for a minute and suggests that an ambulance come and
take a look at me. Okay, no thank you, I would prefer that didn’t
accident2accidentSo we call Sister Anderson (President Anderson’s wife), luckily she
was with President and they both told us to have the ambulance come.
So once the ambulance got there the emt’s checked me and said that I
was fine. When we were all done we left and everything was fine until
I realized that I had a headache, and it wasn’t going away. We had
interviews with President and Sister Anderson on Wednesday and they
made me promise to call them if I still had a headache the next day.

Well, long story short, President Anderson made me go to the emergency
room (not fun), and they concluded that I have a concussion! Yay……
So basically this week has been rough! Haha. Our district leader was
mad that we didn’t tell him until Tuesday evening when he called us.
And our zone leaders called us on Wednesday night asking us how we
were doing, and they were upset because President was the one who told
them about what had happened when they were at their interviews with
him. Haha sorry zone leaders for not telling you…….

This week was basically full of lessons with less active members and
recent converts. I love everyone in this area, it’s so great!!
I can’t remember if I mentioned this before or not.. But we have a
recent convert, P…, who was baptized back in November, and she is
preparing to go to the temple!! We are praying that she will be able
to go this month!! So I will keep you posted on that!! I love her, and
I’m so excited for her! She is awesome!! She’s always asking us for
ways she can help her daughter learn more about the gospel and what
she can do to better teach her, it’s the sweetest thing ever!!

Apparently word travels fast and half of our ward knew about the car
accident by the time Sunday rolled around, and the only people Sister
Ipson and I had told was N… and the bishop! But seriously, everyone
kept asking me if I was okay.. Haha, too funny. And then everyone else
kept saying “Happy Future Mother’s Day!!” to Sister Ipson and I
hahaha…. Too weird.

Basically, it was a weird week, and having a concussion is the lamest
thing ever, and I love being a missionary, and I can’t believe school
is almost out for everyone! So exciting!!

Well, I love you all to the moon and back!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Downingtown #13

Hello friends and family!!
I’m sorry I start all my emails the same way…… But…with that
being said, wow! What a crazy week!!
On Tuesday Sister Ipson and I decided to park our car and walk
everywhere because we had like zero miles left for the month! We had
an area that we wanted to get to to stop by a less active member, so
off we went. We talked to everyone! Crossing streets just because
someone was on the other side, stopping at bus stops and showing
Because He Lives (because those people aren’t going anywhere until the
bus comes) to the people there. It was such a crazy day full of
meeting TONS of people. It’s so crazy all of the people you meet and
the stories you hear and the lives you learn about if you just start a

On Wednesday we had members drive us everywhere, which was such a
blessing because having members come is always a plus! And we didn’t
use any miles all day!! Plus we met with a few less active members
that we haven’t seen in a long time! (Or ever before).

On Thursday we somehow had TWO dinner appointments!! It was so rough,
but at one of the houses we had fruit for dessert! Seriously, that was
the highlight of the day! (Okay, maybe not, but it’s pretty up

On Friday we had dinner with N…, my favorite person!! (: he is
seriously the coolest! We gave him oil and a vial to use when he gives
blessings (thanks mom for sending those!) since he just got the
Melchizedek Priesthood (I’m pretty sure I talk about him and the fact
that he just got the priesthood every week…), but he loved it and
gave us the sweetest card ever! He’s so awesome!!

On Saturday we were on our way to our correlation meeting and Sister
Ipson and I were talking about how we didn’t want sugar again for a
LONG time! So what did we do after our meeting..? Went and got Rita’s
of course… Hahaha. No joke, it happened.

Later in the evening we were walking through our apartment complex on
our way to find this former investigator and we passed by this man who
was working on a truck, so we ask if he needs any help and he’s like,
“yeah, sure!!” So we start helping him (he was replacing the bumper)
and his three friends show up. Needless to say they thought it was
hilarious that we were helping them and even more hilarious when we
started telling them what to do because they had no idea what they
were doing! (Neither did we really, but we knew better than they did
apparently! Haha)

Now, I wish I could say that all of the people that we invited to
church came! But….. No one did. But we sat by N… and E… (the
Elder’s recent convert) and N… just joked with me the whole time and
kept commenting on everyone’s testimonies and how great they were(:
after church we had a lesson with P… (recent convert) and talked
about what needs to be done for her to go to the temple this month!!
I’m so excited for her!! She’s so great, we had her tell us her
conversion story since she was baptized before either of us got there
and neither of us really knew how she gained a testimony of the
church. It was so great to see her light up while talking about how
she came to know the Book of Mormon is true!! I just love being a
missionary!! (:

It got me thinking about the Book of Mormon and the fact that it truly
is another testament of Jesus Christ. And the only way for you to know
that, is to read it and ask God if it is. No amount of others telling
you that will convince you. But I promise you, that if you ask
Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true, if it is in fact
another testament of Jesus Christ, and you have a true desire to know
it is, that He will answer you through the Holy Ghost. So that is my
commitment to you all this week, I don’t care how many times you’ve
asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true, ask again this
week!! I know Heavenly Father will bless you this week if you do ask
again(: and I know that you will come to know its true as you read it
more and more!! I know this for myself, and the Book of Mormon has
brought such great comfort to me, I promise you, it will do the same
for you!!

I hope you all have a great week!
I love you to the moon and back!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (: