Downingtown #16

Hello friends and family!!

Wow, it’s been a CRAZY week.

So last Monday we went to a lady named V…’s house. Background on
V…: about 2 weeks ago we were going to stop by a less active
member who Sister Ipson and I had never met before. We get out of the
car and start walking up to the front door and there’s two women
sitting on the front porch. So we start talking, one of them
introduces herself as V… and we ask if W… is there (the less
active member) but V… tells us that W… hasn’t lived there for
about five months now, that they moved in after she had already left.
So we ask V… if she wants to hear a message about Jesus Christ.
She tells us she’s busy but that we can come back on Friday at 3. So
on Friday we go back and V… tells us she has company over but
that we can come back on Monday at 1. Okay great…. If you’re not
interested then just tell us!! So we go back on Monday and we had a
member, Sister K…, come with us. And wow! V… is awesome!! So
we talked to her and got to know her! She has been baptized into three
different churches, but none of them have been fulfilling enough for
her. She told us that the next one she joins is going to be for real!
So we answer her questions which were amazing questions! She asked us
things like do we believe in the trinity, or what we think happens to
us after we die, why we think we need to be baptized, etc. So we
explained things to her and she’s all, “You know, it’s interesting, I
had been praying and asking God which church I should join and then
you girls showed up…” God answers your prayers everyone!! So we left
her with a Restoration pamphlet, a plan of salvation pamphlet, and a
Book of Mormon. I was a little stressed to give her all of those
things in one day, but it felt right!

So we go back on Thursday and we ask her if she was able to read any
of the things we left her. She’s all, “Oh yes! I loved the two
pamphlets, but I only got to read a little bit of the Book of Mormon.”
We’re all, “That’s okay, how much did you read?” I’m thinking you
know, maybe she got to read 3 or 4 verses… “I’m only on chapter 13
of 1 Nephi.” Wait, what? You’ve read 13 chapters of the Book of Mormon
since Monday?? So we told that was awesome and she told us that
reading the Book of Mormon has helped her to be patient. It is so cool
to see people learn about the gospel and come closer to Christ! We’re
meeting with V… again tomorrow, so we are praying that all goes
well!! (:

On Saturday we stopped by a less active member, P…. We pull up and
see that she’s in the back gardening. We go over and she’s all hello
girls!! I have a bunch of lettuce that I’m growing, would you like
some?” We’re all, sure!! So she begins pulling out different kinds of
lettuce for us which is so so so awesome, but she gave us SO MUCH!!!
Needless to say, Sister Ipson and I will be eating salad for the next
two weeks!! Haha!!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the plan of salvation. The
fact that God has given us such a simple way to return to live with
Him again. And living our lives here on earth is such an important
part of His plan. We are to live righteously and to help others to do
so as well. Because of Christ we will all be perfected, and we will
all have the opportunity to live with our Father in Heaven again. We
just need to take the steps here to return to Him. Living our lives
righteously is extremely important. What can you do this week to help
others know of the plan of salvation?

I love you all to the moon and back and I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:


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