Downingtown #17

Hello friends and family! I’m sorry this is going to be short, I don’t
have a lot of time, and I’m on the train back from Philly, and we’re
not going back to our apartment until tonight, so who knows when this
will actually send!

First of all, congrats to everyone who graduated high school and for
everyone receiving their mission calls!! Especially Geoff Campbell!!!

What a crazy week. We had SO many of our appointments fall through, it
was soo sad!! One highlight though, was we went to the cemetery with
N… to visit his mother’s grave. We talked about the plan of
salvation and temple work. He had someone do baptisms for his mother
so we talked about what that meant for her. It was such a great
experience and I really felt like I could feel his mother’s presence
and that she was letting us know that she had accepted the baptism
ordinance that had been done in her behalf. It’s such a humbling
experience to know about Heavenly Father’s plan for each of us. I’m so
grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and the fact that he has given
us a way to return to live with him again.

I feel like I can never remember what happened during the week once I
sit down to write about it…. We just did a lot of finding and had so
many appointments fall through. Oh! On Friday we had a member, E…,
come out teaching with us, two of the three appointments she was
coming to fell through, but she ended up driving us around all day and
it was so much fun! I love her, and she’s going to byu in the fall!!
I’m so excited for her! She came to our dinner appointment with N…
with us and N… just went on and on about how excited he is to go to
Utah in a couple of weeks!! I’m so excited for him!! He also keeps
telling me it’s about time I leave to go to a new area and he’s so
excited for me to finally leave! Haha how rude. But yet he still tries
to find us and sit by us every Sunday at church… (: oh man, if I get
transferred I will miss him SO much!!!!! Speaking of which, transfer
calls are this Friday!! I don’t want to leave d-town, but I know
that Heavenly Father has great things in store for me and this area,
no matter what happens!! (:

I just love being a missionary and I am eternally grateful for this
time that I have to serve the Lord!! I hope you all have a great

I love you to the moon and back!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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