Susquehanna #1

Hello friends and family!!!!! Wow!!! What a CRAZY week!!! I have like
zero time to email so I apologize in advance.. But…


I LOVE SUSQUEHANNA!!!! This place is so wonderful!!! And I have the
BEST companions!! I’m in a trio with Sister Simmons (my previous
sister training leader), and Sister Brown (fresh from the mtc!!)
Sister Simmons and I are training Sister Brown and it is CRAZY!! This
area just barely had Elders serving here so we don’t know anyone since
we’re all new to the area! We’re just trying to figure things out!! We
are serving in the tiniest branch!! Our church building for the next
few months is the tiniest little house on the prairie church building,
it’s crazy!!! We got here on Wednesday and had dinner with the branch
mission leader who is AMAZING!!! He filled us in on all of the
investigators and people being taught! It was so great!!!


A few days later (or maybe the next day, I can’t remember!!) we met
with the D… family! They have a son who joined the church two
years ago and has now been on his mission for almost a year!! WOW!!
They are investigating the church, but are nervous to make the next
step and commit to something so big like baptism, but we are going to
work with them on that! Their son told them not to wait for him to
come home for them to join the church which I admire him for saying
that! They are so awesome!!

We’ve just been trying to meet everyone (literally everyone because
it’s such a small town), and invite them all to learn about the
gospel!! We have so much potential in this area and I just love it

In September the Aaronic Priesthood Restoration Site will be dedicated
and I am SO excited for it!! Sister Brown is going to be serving in
the visitors center along with a few other sister missionaries who
will be coming in within the next few transfers!! It’s all just
madness and we don’t even know what’s going to be going on and I am so
excited for what’s coming up!! I am just praying that I will be able
to serve in this area for a long time!! Ah I just love it so much!!

Well I’m sorry this is so short, but I love you all to the moon and back!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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