Susquehanna #5

Hello friends and family! I don’t have a lot of time this week because we had to go help set up things at the church and we went to a member’s house to make chocolate chip cookies! But this week flew by!!

We went to golden retraining this week and it was so amazing!! It’s always the best to be uplifted by our leaders at those meetings! It was so fun to see other missionaries, the only downside was that it was 3 hours away in Nazareth!! Luckily we had the couple missionaries in Montrose drive us so they saved us SO many miles!!

We had so many of our appointments cancel this week which was really sad! But we got to find a bunch of new people to teach because of it! I’m so excited for this upcoming week and to be able to teach so many amazing people!!!!

M… is really gaining a testimony of the gospel! She shares her testimony every time we go over to teach her and it’s so amazing, she’s basically already living everything we’ve taught her!! She is so prepared and I just love her so so so much!! She is the best! (:

We had a lesson with the D… family this week! I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about them before, but they are investigating the church and have been for awhile. They have a son who’s been out on a mission for almost a year. They are an amazing family!! They haven’t been keeping their commitments though, and we felt as though every time we go over we talk about the same thing. So we asked them what they are expecting out of us coming over and what we can do to help change things. S…, the mom, talked about how since reading her sons email from this past week she’s really had a desire to learn more and try and figure out if this is for her. That was a miracle in and of itself!! D…, the son, had a friend over, M…, and he participated in the lesson with us. Towards the end of the lesson I felt like we should show the music video Come unto Christ. Afterwards the spirit was so strong and we all shared our thoughts and feelings about the video and about Christ. Sister Simmons asked V…, the dad, what he thought of the video, but M… thought she had asked him so he responded with, “I don’t really know..” I could tell that he was really feeling the spirit and that he was thinking hard about what we had said. M… never did get the chance to answer the question because V… started talking right after, but I know that he felt the spirit testifying of truth to him! I gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon afterwards, and I am just praying that he will read it and we will be able to meet with him again soon! The D… (and M…) are all going out of town this week so we won’t be able to meet with them, but I can’t wait until we do meet with them again!

I’m sorry this is so short, but I’m about out of time! One thing that I’ve been doing since I got to Susquehanna is studying about Joseph Smith. My testimony of the Priesthood and of the Restoration has grown so much. Joseph Smith is becoming a close friend of mine, and I know that if I had been living on the earth when he was here that I would have stood by him in defending this church and the Book of Mormon. I remember one year for youth conference we went on trek as a ward and afterwards I just kept thinking that if the prophet were to ask me to do something like move across the country I really would do it. But as time went on I didn’t really think about it any more, and I don’t know if I still thought that same thing. But I know that from reading the Book of Mormon and testifying of it and of living prophets and of the Priesthood and this restored gospel, that I will do what the prophet asks of me. I’m so grateful for the Book of Mormon, I know that it is evidence that the gospel has been restored and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. I know that everyone can come to know this for themselves as well, just by reading it.

I hope you have a great week!

I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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