6 weeks down in THE Susquehanna!!

Wow. What an insane week. On Monday we had an amazing lesson with a
less active member, J…. He is so cool!! (I’ve mentioned him before)
He’s been struggling to believe that there is a God, and that He cares
for J…. So we decided to talk about Heavenly Father in our lesson.
We showed a video and the man in the video had a different
circumstance than J… is having, but it was the perfect thing to
show, the spirit was so strong and J… was getting teary-eyed when
the man in the video was talking about how he came to know that there
is a God and He does love each of us. After the video we talked a
little and the members that were with us shared their testimonies of
Heavenly Father, and I just kept getting the feeling that I should
tell J… that there is a God and that He loves him and wants what’s
best for him. But as soon as the member was done talking my companions
started talking and the conversation got a little off track from what
I wanted to say so I decided I wasn’t going to say it anymore, but I
just kept feeling like I needed to. So I simply told J… that often
times Heavenly Father answers our prayers through other people, and I
don’t have the answers to everything, but I do know that God exists
and that He loves him and He wants what’s best for him and that’s why
he’s been given the gospel. Both J… and I had tears in our eyes and
I could feel so much love from Heavenly Father for J…! I really do
know that Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of us, and
that’s why He sent Christ to the earth to atone for our sins and to be
the example for us, so that we can return to live with Him again. I’m
so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts us with His children, to help
them and make them feel His love.

On Wednesday we went to see M…! (The investigator who had a
baptismal date for the 25) We taught about tithing and fast offerings
and M…’s daughter (she lives with her daughter) had a complete
blow out about what we were teaching. She’s never listening to the
lessons, in fact, usually we have them outside, but she heard part of
the lesson and listened in for a good amount of time before she
started getting upset. She was so upset that we pay tithing, it was so
sad to hear someone say such mean things. Sister Simmons and I
literally both started crying, but good thing Sister Brown was there
and M…, the member who came with us. Sister Brown bore such a
strong testimony and Misty talked about how things kept going wrong
right before her baptism but it was so worth it, and M…
apologized over and over for what happened, but we cut the lesson
short and left and rescheduled to have the lesson the next day at a
member’s house. Well M… wasn’t doing well the next day and had to
go to the hospital for a few days so we weren’t able to meet with her
or get in contact with her. It was the worst! Plus throughout the rest
of the week we had ten of our lessons cancel and members who were
supposed to come to lessons just didn’t show up and didn’t get back to
us until after the lesson was over. It was so frustrating! Then this
morning M… FINALLY called us back!! But she told us that she is
moving to Florida on Thursday to live with her brother. We asked if we
could come and see her tonight and she said she still didn’t feel well
and when we asked if we could come another time before Thursday she
said she didn’t know. I am so devastated that she is moving! I love
her so much and I don’t want her to lose contact with the church!!
We’re going to get her new address and have the missionaries in
Florida go visit her though. I am just praying that they will be able
to continue to teach her!! I really don’t even know how to express how
sad I am about the whole situation, it’s been so hard though!!

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week we had Hometown
Days, the carnival that goes on every year in Susquehanna! We had a
booth set up and got to talk about the new church and visitors center!
Plus two senior couple missionaries who will be in the visitors center
arrived this week and we met them at Hometown days!! It was so fun to
talk to everyone passing by and just share my testimony with each of
them! We have so many new potential investigators and so many people
who are going to come and visit when the church is done!!

Also this week was transfer calls!! (No surprise here) all three of us
are staying in Susquehanna!! We’ve known since the beginning of the
transfer that the three of us would only be together one transfer and
that they would be adding a 4th person into our apartment. So on
Friday we called President Anderson to ask him what we are supposed to
do with our house to prepare for the new missionary. It was so strange
because President starts off with, “as you know, another missionary
will be joining you next transfer.” Then when we asked him what we
should do he didn’t really give us a direct answer on how to prepare.
Towards the end of the call he’s all, “Sister Gomm you will be-well,
maybe I should wait.” And wouldn’t tell us anything else! So during
transfer calls none of us were surprised that we would all be staying.
On Saturday the assistants called us and told Sister Simmons to ‘make
herself moveable’ but she doesn’t have to bring her stuff to
transfers, but they wouldn’t tell us anything else. So now we still
don’t know if she will be in our house or in another house that’s
still in our area or anything… It’s all been so confusing!! I’m just
so grateful that I get to be a missionary and I am staying in
Susquehanna for at least another six weeks!! I LOVE it here!!! It’s so
much fun!!

Well, I’m about out of time, but I love you all to the moon and back!!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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