6 months! – Susquehanna #8

Hello everyone!!

This is going to be short, sorry!!

But wow! What a crazy week! Being a missionary is so hard but so rewarding!! We had so many appointments fall through and so many uninterested people, but we’ve also seen so many miracles this week!

Also, side note, I’ve officially been in the ppm for 6 months!!!!

We met the most amazing lady named F… this week. Wow. She is the best! We found her while tracking a street a few streets up from our house and we started talking and she had so many questions and such a desire to know more! We went over a few days later and taught the restoration and she LOVED it!! She told us some miracle stories that have happened in her life and how she knows God answers prayers. She also accepted the invitation to be baptized!!!! I am so so so excited for her!! The only problem is that I wasn’t thinking and the date we set is actually the day that the priesthood restoration site is being dedicated! Oops! So we are going to move the date up a week. She is so amazing, I just love her so so much! Everything we tell her she thinks is so cool and she repeatedly says that it sounds like the truth! I love her(:

So last week our mission president suggested that we call an elder who had been serving in our area before us to ask him how we could help this family that was recently baptized who haven’t been coming to church very much and who haven’t gone to the temple to do baptisms for the dead yet. So we call Elder Mackay and he was so surprised to hear us on the phone. He gave us some great advice on how to help this family and he told us that the thing that worked best for them was to just stop by their house randomly and meet with them there (the family likes to meet at the church usually); which would be awesome except for the fact that they just (temporarily) moved one street outside of our branch…. And one street outside of our mission boundaries. ONE!! So we decide to try and meet this family at the church one more time before we try and figure out what to do. Well, Thursday rolls around and our appointment fell through! It was devastating for me! I wanted to meet with them SO badly!! So Sister Brown and I thought about it and discussed it and even prayed about it, and we both came to the conclusion that we needed to call President Anderson and ask him if we could go out of our mission boundaries and meet with them. The family is planning on moving back into our branch soon so they are just going to keep coming here in the mean time. So we call President Anderson and he answers but once we said we just had a question for him he asked if he could call us back later. So all night we’re hoping he will return our call but he never did! So the next morning we texted him and told him to call us if he gets a chance. Right after we send that he calls us! Whoo! So I explain the situation to President and he’s all, “Well Sister Gomm, if it was 20 miles outside of the mission boundaries I would say no way, but if it’s only a street or two I’d say you’d be stupid not to go.” Hahaha!! Oh I love President Anderson!! So we FINALLY got to meet with T… and K…!! It was funny because the senior missionary couple that came to the lesson with us (and drove us) made a bigger deal about us leaving the mission boundaries than we did. Too funny! But T… and K… are the BEST!!!!! We are preparing them to go to the temple on August 29!!! I love them so much and I am so excited for them to go!!

I just love this gospel so much! And I’m so grateful that I get to help people know about it!!

I’m sorry, but that is all I have time for!! I love you all to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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