Hi! – Susquehanna #14

Hello friends and family!

Wow. What an interesting week! I have officially come to the conclusion that satan is very aware of when the work is progressing and great things are about to happen, because boy is he working hard!!! Sister Larsen and I only taught one lesson this week. So many trials and tribulations have come upon the people in this area, I know it’s only because many miracles and amazing things are about to happen!

This week Sister Robison and I went on exchanges together so that the two of us could go to zone training. None of the other visitor center sisters could go because they were all at the site, but our mission president wanted Sister Robison and I to go so that we could teach the things we learned from zone training to the vc sisters. Zone training was so good and Sister Robison and I talked every single second we could the night before, on the drive down, and the drive back. I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much in my entire life!

Saturday was a really good day!! C…, a girl I taught for a transfer before they split our area got baptized!! The visitor center director, Elder Walker gave all of us who taught her permission to leave the site for a few hours to go to her baptism! It was so amazing and so great to see her be baptized! I’m so happy that she made this decision for herself and that she can be an example to her siblings! She is the cutest little girl and I just love her(:

Yesterday we got to give tours to a group of people who are studying about the history of the church. It was so fun and we had the cutest old people in our group! It was so fun! It’s so great to be able to help the people here come closer to Christ and remember why they joined the church in the first place. We also gave a tour to these people who were just in the area and had heard about the visitor center and decided to check it out. It was so cool to hear them talk about the spirit and discover for themselves what they were feeling was true! I just love being a missionary. (:

This week is the dedication of the visitor center and they are going to be broadcasting the dedication online at lds.org this Saturday!! Everyone should listen in, President Nelson will be there and Bishop Stevenson and other general authorities! It’s going to be so amazing!

This upcoming week we have a lot of great things planned and I am looking forward to all that is going to happen! I hope you all have an amazing week! God bless!

I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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