I love to see the Temple – Susquehanna #16

Hello friends and family!!

I don’t have a lot of time or a lot to say this week, it’s been crazy
though! N… made fun of me for always talking about how many of our
appointments always fall through, but it happens every week so I feel
like I need to say it every week!! (; (I loooove you N…!!!)

A miracle that happened this week was at church! We didn’t have anyone
planning on coming to church that we knew of… We had meetings in the
morning and afterwards we walked into the chapel and there was a woman
named R… standing there! Her daughter has been a member for a year,
but R… hasn’t been ready to take the lessons because she wants the
approval of her husband. We went straight over to her and started
talking to her and she told us that her husband has been asking so
many questions ever since their daughter brought them to the
Priesthood Restoration Site. He has also been searching things on
lds.org and he’s been learning a lot from there. They were talking
about it and both of them want to start taking the lessons together!!!
It’s crazy, I know that his heart is being softened by the Lord and
both of them are being prepared to accept the gospel, I am SO excited
to start teaching them!!

We had zone conference yesterday and it was SO good! I just love
talking about the Book of Mormon and the truths it holds!

Today was a special, special day! Sister Johnstone and I went to the
temple today with N…!!! He has been baptized for a year now and
President Anderson gave me permission to go to the temple with them
because Sister Johnstone’s companion when he got baptized is home now.
Wow. The temple is amazing! I love it. We went to the Palmyra temple
and Brother B…, the ward mission leader in Downingtown, was
N…’ escort! It was such a neat experience to be here with N… and
see him make more covenants with Heavenly Father. I’m so so so
grateful for the temple and I love this gospel!

That’s all I have for this week, I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Gomm (:

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