(: Susquehanna #20

Hello friends and family!

Wow. What a crazy week!

We got to give tours all day Tuesday to missionaries!! 1/4 of the
mission came in the morning, and another fourth came in the afternoon.
It was so so so fun to see so many familiar faces! I got to see Sister
Callaway, my mtc companion. When they all first showed up we went to
the chapel and had a meeting. During Elder Walker’s talk he talked
about a ripple effect, and how we all come here and have the
experiences that we have, and we go and share those with others and
they come and share their experiences with others, and pretty soon the
whole world is filled with the spirit and the knowledge of the
restoration of the priesthood. Elder Walker used us as an example and
had one of the visitors’ center companionships stand and start singing
the hymn Abide With Me. As they sang through the first verse the rest
of the visitors’ center sisters stood up and walked to the front,
joining in the song. By the end the spirit was filling the room. When
we were done Elder Walker had everyone in the room stand and sing the
first verse again with us. Since I’ve been here I’ve been thinking and
studying a lot about Ministering Angels. As we sang I think there were
Ministering Angels around us. While singing I was standing right in
front of Sister Callaway who was on the front row. As we made eye
contact I could see tears in her eyes. Suddenly I pictured myself in a
small classroom back in Provo Utah a short nine months ago. Sitting
next to Sister Callaway, who I barely knew. With shiny name tags with
two names on them. With eyes that were probably the size of golf
balls. I thought about the things that I had known to be true then. I
knew this church was true, I knew the Book of Mormon was true, and I
knew I needed to share this with others. I thought of who I was then
and then thought of who I am now. How the spirit has softened my heart
so I could change. The Lord has humbled me so I could repent. God has
answered me so I can know He is there. I thought of many of the
experiences I’ve had since January and of the many times the spirit
prompted me to do something. Then I thought about the next nine
months. What am I going to do to help others? How am I going to
testify to them? Why am I even talking to everyone I possibly can?
Then I thought of our Savior. I thought of everything He did for us. I
thought of the many times I’ve sat in someone’s living room and told
them that if they were the only person who lived on the earth that
Christ still would have done everything He did. Just for them. And I
realized that this applies to me too. His grace is sufficient for all
men. How great is our call to share the gospel with others! I’m so
grateful that I have nine more months to be here and to love these
people as Christ loves them. To share with them the fullness of truth.
To testify of the prophet of the restoration. To help them know why
this even applies to them at all.

On Thursday we had such an amazing district meeting! We split into two
groups and our district leader gave us all a list of questions and we
had to find answers to those questions from the Book of Mormon. As we
went through the list I realized how it’s true, the Book of Mormon
does answer all of our questions. It helps us know Christ and know how
to return to live with God again. If you’re looking for answers to
your questions, I promise you will find answers in the Book of Mormon.
On Thursday we also had thanksgiving dinner at the Slater’s. Yes, they
are aware that thanksgiving is next month…but Jay told us that he
thinks thanksgiving dinner shouldn’t only be allowed on thanksgiving,
so he invited us over! It was so fun and both Misty and Jay’s parents
were there too. It was so good!

On Friday we went on exchanges. I went with Sister Harvey. Wow. Sister
Harvey is a spiritual GIANT. She is amazing! The tours that we gave at
the visitors’ center were so full of the spirit because she testified
and applied everything to the people that were there. It was on one of
those tours that it suddenly hit me. And I’m embarrassed that it’s
taken me this long to realize this. But when Sister Harvey was talking
I suddenly realized that all of these things really happened. John the
Baptist really conferred the Aaronic Priesthood back to the earth.
Peter, James, and John all conferred the Melchizedek Priesthood. The
prophet Joseph Smith really lived. He really translated the Book of
Mormon. I’ve known this my whole life, but I was just reminded that
these aren’t made up events. They actually happened. We actually have
the priesthood. We really do have the Book of Mormon that truly is
another testament of Jesus Christ. This is all true. Joseph Smith was
a prophet of God. I’m so grateful I get to testify of all of this and
that I can help others know of this truth.

There is a lot of evidence that all of this is true. I talk about this
evidence every single day. But what difference does the evidence make
if you don’t have faith? None of this matters if you don’t apply it to
yourself and allow it to change you. Brad Wilcox gave a talk called
His Grace is Sufficient. Something I love from that talk is he talks
about how people believe that they just accept Christ as our Savior
and they are saved by grace. The point is not that we are saved by
grace, but that we are changed by grace. Yes, Christ performed the
Atonement for every one of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do
anything. We still have to humble ourselves and apply Christ’s gospel
to our lives. Have you been changed by grace?

I’ve learned a lot this week, and I know I’ll continue to learn more.
I’m so grateful for this gospel and for all of the blessings and
miracles we receive and see from having it in our lives. I hope you
all have a wonderful week!

I love you to the moon and back.


Sister Gomm (:


Hello!!! – Susquehanna #19

Hello friends and family!

What an interesting week! We met with our investigator K… this week!
We taught her the restoration, and it went pretty well! The best part
was when we asked her about the scriptures we had committed her to
read. She loved Alma 32:21 so much that she had to read it to us. Once
she was done reading it she’s all, “In fact, I love this scripture so
much, I would get a tattoo of it!” Hahaha! Totally caught off guard
and I had no idea what to say…. I think I just said, “Isn’t that
such a good scripture?? It’s so important to have faith…” Haha,
needless to say…. K… might have a tattoo of Alma 32:21 sometime
soon…… All joking aside though, I am really praying for K… that
she continues to read from the Book of Mormon and that she gains a
testimony of it and a desire to act on the faith she gains from
reading it. I don’t know where things are going to go with her, but I
have faith she will progress!! We’re meeting with her again on

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Brown! It was fun, just like
old times…. (8 weeks ago…) haha! But we went to visit the S…’s
and it was so great!! We shared Because He Lives and read a scripture
from the Book of Mormon. Sister Brown talked about a talk from general
conference and committed them to read it and the spirit was so so so
strong! It was one of the best lessons I’ve ever had with them which
was so great because I’ve really been trying to figure out what to do
with them and how to help them.. I think things will be looking up
from here!

On Saturday we went and saw R… and D…. Their daughter is L…,
the recent convert who is at byui (I know I’ve mentioned L…
before, and I think I mentioned R… not too long ago). But we talked
with R… and she is so so so awesome. She is so ready for the gospel
to be in her life, she’s just waiting for her husband! D… was there
when we went over, but he didn’t talk to us very much. R… came to
church though, and we are going over sometime this week to help her
with caramel apples for her reading class she teaches at the
elementary school. I’m so excited to get to know her better! I’m just
praying her husband’s heart will continue to be softened and he will
start taking the missionary lessons! I just love them so much!

The visitors’ center was SO busy this weekend! Everyone out west had
fall break (obviously, since that’s where basically all of you who
read this are), and they all decided to come here! It was seriously
insane, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like next summer,
especially around the time of the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It’s going to
be so fun!

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about this week is having a sense
of urgency. In the video we show at the visitors’ center you can tell
how Oliver Cowdery is so anxious to to get to Harmony and help however
he can with the restoration of the gospel. Samuel, Joseph’s brother,
even calls Oliver a white-tailed deer because he basically runs there
from Palmyra because he is so excited to meet Joseph. I think Oliver
is such a great example of acting on promptings we receive; and acting
quickly. God’s timing is often so important, and things could have
turned out differently if Oliver had waited. But he didn’t. He left
right away. He didn’t even give Satan any time to persuade him
otherwise. I think that’s something we can all apply to ourselves too.
Oliver acted as soon as he received his prompting. How often do we
wait too long to do what the Holy Ghost tells us to do? How often do
we ignore those promptings? What if Oliver had ignored those
promptings or waited too long and Satan had convinced him to stay in
Palmyra and not make the 135 mile journey here? What if Joseph didn’t
act on the prompting he received when they were translating about
baptism? What if they never followed the Holy Ghost to ask how to
return to live with God? What if we don’t talk to someone at the
grocery store when we feel like we should? What if we don’t try the
last door at 8:45 when we’re tired and cold, but we know the spirit is
prompting us to go there? How can you create a sense of urgency for
the gospel in your life? Who can you share it with? When will you
share it with them? Will you do as Christ did and talk to everyone,
even when you’re tired and in a hurry? We wouldn’t have the gospel
today if people didn’t act on the promptings they were receiving. It’s
an amazing blessing to have a member of the godhead directing and
guiding us every moment of every day if we let it. What will you do to
recognize and act on those promptings?

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Two most frequently asked questions – Susquehanna #18

Where are you from? How long have you been out?

If I had a dollar for every time someone rolled their eyes at me at
the visitors’ center, I would have a lot of dollars.

Hola friends and family!

First of all, I just want to say congratulations to Abbey Harward on
her mission call! I met some people from your ward this week and they
told me you just recently got your call, I’m so excited for you!

We’ve had an interesting couple of weeks here in Susquehanna! But
first things first, all 12 of us vc sisters are staying, which is not
a surprise because we all were already told we would be, but I am so,
so, so excited to spend another transfer here!! This place has my

This past week we had a lesson with a family who’s been taking the
lessons for awhile now. They are just nervous to commit to anything,
and they don’t really know if it’s all true. We taught about the
prophet and they said they believe there is a prophet today and it all
made sense. I was so confused on what to do with them then, so I asked
why they keep inviting the missionaries over. They told us that they
feel good when the missionaries are there. Then Brother H…, the
member that came with us shared his testimony and told this family
that they can’t just keep having the missionaries over, that that’s
not enough, and if that’s all their going to do then the missionaries
aren’t going to come over anymore. It was crazy and so necessary for
Brother H… to be there and tell them that! We invited them to
church and to pray about what they were going to do from here. Sadly
though, they did not come to church. It’s crazy, oftentimes you do all
that you can, but people can still choose for themselves how they want
their lives to go.

On Friday we met with a potential investigator we had who was a
referral from the visitors’ center sisters from when they were finding
in our area. This woman’s name is K…. We met her a few weeks ago but
she had to cancel our appointment but we finally got to meet with her!
We helped her make some signs for homecoming and got to know her! She
wanted to know what the difference between the church she goes to now
and our church is. At first she stopped there and said that that was
her only interest; but as we kept talking she told us that she didn’t
necessarily believe everything her church believes in. We then showed
her the Because He Lives video and introduced the Book of Mormon. The
spirit was so strong and she was so excited to learn more! Then she
told us that she had been having a hard time and she prayed and asked
God what she should do to make her life better, she needed some
answers. Then the very next day missionaries knocked on her door. She
really knew this was an answer to her prayers and she has such a
sincere heart about all of this! I’m so excited to start teaching her
and see her progress!!

On Sunday we FINALLY met for the first time in our new building!!! It
was so great to see our little branch sitting in the chapel!

Being at a visitors’ center there are two questions that everyone
asks. “Where are you from, Sister?” Cue eye roll. Once I respond with
Provo, Utah everyone responds with, “oh, how original.” Or, “Of course
you are.” Let’s forget the fact that most of the people asking me this
are also from Utah. But this got me thinking. Does God care where you
are from? Does it matter to Him that my family decided to move to
Provo? I am constantly telling people every day that it doesn’t matter
who you are or were, God still cares about you and Christ’s Atonement
still reaches you. The next infamous question, “How long have you been
on your mission?” I’ve also been thinking about this a lot this week.
What have I learned since being on my mission? What have I learned in
the past eight months? What have I shared with others in the past
eight months? I’ve learned more about the gospel than I have in
nineteen years; I’ve used the Atonement more than I have in my entire
life; I’ve read more from the Book of Mormon, pointed out the spirit,
and prayed more than I ever have before. I’ve also never had such a
great desire to help others. I want them all to hear the message of
the restoration. I want everyone to make covenants with God and to
find comfort in this life. It doesn’t matter where you are coming
from, or how long you’ve been here. Heavenly Father is just happy that
you’re here. This work is real, the Book of Mormon is true!

I’m running out of time, but I love you all to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Susquehanna #17

Hello everyone!

Wow. What a crazy week! Sister Larsen and I never seem to have time
for anything, it’s crazy!

One night this week Sister Larsen and I were at the gas station
getting gas for our truck and we always go in and say hello to the
elders quorum president because he works there! So afterwards we go in
to say hello and ask how his day was and everything and there were two
important things that we needed to ask him about. As the conversation
kept going I kept having the thought that we should just leave. I was
very puzzled by this because we hadn’t asked him either of our two
questions yet! Without asking our questions though we said goodbye and
got going. Sister Larsen and I both mentioned how strange it was that
we both had the same thought and walked back to the car. There was a
car on the other side using the other pump and as we got closer I
thought about zone conference earlier that week and how President
Anderson had talked about how we need to talk to everyone. As we got
closer I couldn’t find anyone at the car and opened my door to get in.
Right at the last minute I saw someone and said hello and then
recognized that I knew her! It was one of our long lost investigators
S…! We’ve been trying to get back in contact with her but keep
missing her and the number we had for her wasn’t the right one. So we
start talking to her and ask if we can have her number again. So she
gives us her number and then also gave us her cell phone number too!
She was surprised to see us, especially because she was just getting
gas and going right back home! It was too perfect how the timing all
worked out(; now if we can just talk to the elders quorum president
and ask him our questions……(;

This week was pretty bittersweet. None of our recent converts that
we’ve been working with watched conference this weekend… And so many
of the talks were things I know they needed to hear! But hey, that’s
why we have the Internet and they can look them up later! But we did
have 3 investigators watch at least one session of conference! A…,
a woman Sister Brown and I met awhile ago came! Sister Larsen and I
had had a lesson with her on Thursday and she is the coolest! She
likes to learn about a lot of religions, but doesn’t really know what
she believes. She came to the first session on Sunday. She enjoyed it,
but mentioned that it was “a lot more touchy-feely than I imagined”
hahaha! I guess that’s one way to put that you were feeling the
spirit(; she’s coming to the visitors center later this week for a
tour and we are having another lesson later this week as well, we’ll
see how it goes!!

Something I’ve really come to love on my mission is finding!! I’ve
done a lot of it too! I just love talking to people and getting to
know them and learning a little bit of their story and testifying of
truth to them. Oftentimes you don’t have very much time to talk to
people, so I’ve learned to testify right away. I love sharing what I
know to be true. It’s crazy how fast and simply you can touch the
hearts of others. I’m so grateful for the spirit that helps us when we
are testifying to people. Sister Larsen and I have made it a goal to
not just talk to everyone, but to talk about the gospel with everyone.
We went to a bible study class at the Methodist church and it was so
interesting to hear them talk about what they believe. It made me sad
that none of them felt like they knew they could achieve living in
God’s presence again. That’s why I’m so grateful for our knowledge of
the plan of salvation. That we can know how and what to do to be able
to live with our Heavenly Father again. I’m so grateful for this

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (: