Susquehanna #17

Hello everyone!

Wow. What a crazy week! Sister Larsen and I never seem to have time
for anything, it’s crazy!

One night this week Sister Larsen and I were at the gas station
getting gas for our truck and we always go in and say hello to the
elders quorum president because he works there! So afterwards we go in
to say hello and ask how his day was and everything and there were two
important things that we needed to ask him about. As the conversation
kept going I kept having the thought that we should just leave. I was
very puzzled by this because we hadn’t asked him either of our two
questions yet! Without asking our questions though we said goodbye and
got going. Sister Larsen and I both mentioned how strange it was that
we both had the same thought and walked back to the car. There was a
car on the other side using the other pump and as we got closer I
thought about zone conference earlier that week and how President
Anderson had talked about how we need to talk to everyone. As we got
closer I couldn’t find anyone at the car and opened my door to get in.
Right at the last minute I saw someone and said hello and then
recognized that I knew her! It was one of our long lost investigators
S…! We’ve been trying to get back in contact with her but keep
missing her and the number we had for her wasn’t the right one. So we
start talking to her and ask if we can have her number again. So she
gives us her number and then also gave us her cell phone number too!
She was surprised to see us, especially because she was just getting
gas and going right back home! It was too perfect how the timing all
worked out(; now if we can just talk to the elders quorum president
and ask him our questions……(;

This week was pretty bittersweet. None of our recent converts that
we’ve been working with watched conference this weekend… And so many
of the talks were things I know they needed to hear! But hey, that’s
why we have the Internet and they can look them up later! But we did
have 3 investigators watch at least one session of conference! A…,
a woman Sister Brown and I met awhile ago came! Sister Larsen and I
had had a lesson with her on Thursday and she is the coolest! She
likes to learn about a lot of religions, but doesn’t really know what
she believes. She came to the first session on Sunday. She enjoyed it,
but mentioned that it was “a lot more touchy-feely than I imagined”
hahaha! I guess that’s one way to put that you were feeling the
spirit(; she’s coming to the visitors center later this week for a
tour and we are having another lesson later this week as well, we’ll
see how it goes!!

Something I’ve really come to love on my mission is finding!! I’ve
done a lot of it too! I just love talking to people and getting to
know them and learning a little bit of their story and testifying of
truth to them. Oftentimes you don’t have very much time to talk to
people, so I’ve learned to testify right away. I love sharing what I
know to be true. It’s crazy how fast and simply you can touch the
hearts of others. I’m so grateful for the spirit that helps us when we
are testifying to people. Sister Larsen and I have made it a goal to
not just talk to everyone, but to talk about the gospel with everyone.
We went to a bible study class at the Methodist church and it was so
interesting to hear them talk about what they believe. It made me sad
that none of them felt like they knew they could achieve living in
God’s presence again. That’s why I’m so grateful for our knowledge of
the plan of salvation. That we can know how and what to do to be able
to live with our Heavenly Father again. I’m so grateful for this

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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