Two most frequently asked questions – Susquehanna #18

Where are you from? How long have you been out?

If I had a dollar for every time someone rolled their eyes at me at
the visitors’ center, I would have a lot of dollars.

Hola friends and family!

First of all, I just want to say congratulations to Abbey Harward on
her mission call! I met some people from your ward this week and they
told me you just recently got your call, I’m so excited for you!

We’ve had an interesting couple of weeks here in Susquehanna! But
first things first, all 12 of us vc sisters are staying, which is not
a surprise because we all were already told we would be, but I am so,
so, so excited to spend another transfer here!! This place has my

This past week we had a lesson with a family who’s been taking the
lessons for awhile now. They are just nervous to commit to anything,
and they don’t really know if it’s all true. We taught about the
prophet and they said they believe there is a prophet today and it all
made sense. I was so confused on what to do with them then, so I asked
why they keep inviting the missionaries over. They told us that they
feel good when the missionaries are there. Then Brother H…, the
member that came with us shared his testimony and told this family
that they can’t just keep having the missionaries over, that that’s
not enough, and if that’s all their going to do then the missionaries
aren’t going to come over anymore. It was crazy and so necessary for
Brother H… to be there and tell them that! We invited them to
church and to pray about what they were going to do from here. Sadly
though, they did not come to church. It’s crazy, oftentimes you do all
that you can, but people can still choose for themselves how they want
their lives to go.

On Friday we met with a potential investigator we had who was a
referral from the visitors’ center sisters from when they were finding
in our area. This woman’s name is K…. We met her a few weeks ago but
she had to cancel our appointment but we finally got to meet with her!
We helped her make some signs for homecoming and got to know her! She
wanted to know what the difference between the church she goes to now
and our church is. At first she stopped there and said that that was
her only interest; but as we kept talking she told us that she didn’t
necessarily believe everything her church believes in. We then showed
her the Because He Lives video and introduced the Book of Mormon. The
spirit was so strong and she was so excited to learn more! Then she
told us that she had been having a hard time and she prayed and asked
God what she should do to make her life better, she needed some
answers. Then the very next day missionaries knocked on her door. She
really knew this was an answer to her prayers and she has such a
sincere heart about all of this! I’m so excited to start teaching her
and see her progress!!

On Sunday we FINALLY met for the first time in our new building!!! It
was so great to see our little branch sitting in the chapel!

Being at a visitors’ center there are two questions that everyone
asks. “Where are you from, Sister?” Cue eye roll. Once I respond with
Provo, Utah everyone responds with, “oh, how original.” Or, “Of course
you are.” Let’s forget the fact that most of the people asking me this
are also from Utah. But this got me thinking. Does God care where you
are from? Does it matter to Him that my family decided to move to
Provo? I am constantly telling people every day that it doesn’t matter
who you are or were, God still cares about you and Christ’s Atonement
still reaches you. The next infamous question, “How long have you been
on your mission?” I’ve also been thinking about this a lot this week.
What have I learned since being on my mission? What have I learned in
the past eight months? What have I shared with others in the past
eight months? I’ve learned more about the gospel than I have in
nineteen years; I’ve used the Atonement more than I have in my entire
life; I’ve read more from the Book of Mormon, pointed out the spirit,
and prayed more than I ever have before. I’ve also never had such a
great desire to help others. I want them all to hear the message of
the restoration. I want everyone to make covenants with God and to
find comfort in this life. It doesn’t matter where you are coming
from, or how long you’ve been here. Heavenly Father is just happy that
you’re here. This work is real, the Book of Mormon is true!

I’m running out of time, but I love you all to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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