(: Susquehanna #20

Hello friends and family!

Wow. What a crazy week!

We got to give tours all day Tuesday to missionaries!! 1/4 of the
mission came in the morning, and another fourth came in the afternoon.
It was so so so fun to see so many familiar faces! I got to see Sister
Callaway, my mtc companion. When they all first showed up we went to
the chapel and had a meeting. During Elder Walker’s talk he talked
about a ripple effect, and how we all come here and have the
experiences that we have, and we go and share those with others and
they come and share their experiences with others, and pretty soon the
whole world is filled with the spirit and the knowledge of the
restoration of the priesthood. Elder Walker used us as an example and
had one of the visitors’ center companionships stand and start singing
the hymn Abide With Me. As they sang through the first verse the rest
of the visitors’ center sisters stood up and walked to the front,
joining in the song. By the end the spirit was filling the room. When
we were done Elder Walker had everyone in the room stand and sing the
first verse again with us. Since I’ve been here I’ve been thinking and
studying a lot about Ministering Angels. As we sang I think there were
Ministering Angels around us. While singing I was standing right in
front of Sister Callaway who was on the front row. As we made eye
contact I could see tears in her eyes. Suddenly I pictured myself in a
small classroom back in Provo Utah a short nine months ago. Sitting
next to Sister Callaway, who I barely knew. With shiny name tags with
two names on them. With eyes that were probably the size of golf
balls. I thought about the things that I had known to be true then. I
knew this church was true, I knew the Book of Mormon was true, and I
knew I needed to share this with others. I thought of who I was then
and then thought of who I am now. How the spirit has softened my heart
so I could change. The Lord has humbled me so I could repent. God has
answered me so I can know He is there. I thought of many of the
experiences I’ve had since January and of the many times the spirit
prompted me to do something. Then I thought about the next nine
months. What am I going to do to help others? How am I going to
testify to them? Why am I even talking to everyone I possibly can?
Then I thought of our Savior. I thought of everything He did for us. I
thought of the many times I’ve sat in someone’s living room and told
them that if they were the only person who lived on the earth that
Christ still would have done everything He did. Just for them. And I
realized that this applies to me too. His grace is sufficient for all
men. How great is our call to share the gospel with others! I’m so
grateful that I have nine more months to be here and to love these
people as Christ loves them. To share with them the fullness of truth.
To testify of the prophet of the restoration. To help them know why
this even applies to them at all.

On Thursday we had such an amazing district meeting! We split into two
groups and our district leader gave us all a list of questions and we
had to find answers to those questions from the Book of Mormon. As we
went through the list I realized how it’s true, the Book of Mormon
does answer all of our questions. It helps us know Christ and know how
to return to live with God again. If you’re looking for answers to
your questions, I promise you will find answers in the Book of Mormon.
On Thursday we also had thanksgiving dinner at the Slater’s. Yes, they
are aware that thanksgiving is next month…but Jay told us that he
thinks thanksgiving dinner shouldn’t only be allowed on thanksgiving,
so he invited us over! It was so fun and both Misty and Jay’s parents
were there too. It was so good!

On Friday we went on exchanges. I went with Sister Harvey. Wow. Sister
Harvey is a spiritual GIANT. She is amazing! The tours that we gave at
the visitors’ center were so full of the spirit because she testified
and applied everything to the people that were there. It was on one of
those tours that it suddenly hit me. And I’m embarrassed that it’s
taken me this long to realize this. But when Sister Harvey was talking
I suddenly realized that all of these things really happened. John the
Baptist really conferred the Aaronic Priesthood back to the earth.
Peter, James, and John all conferred the Melchizedek Priesthood. The
prophet Joseph Smith really lived. He really translated the Book of
Mormon. I’ve known this my whole life, but I was just reminded that
these aren’t made up events. They actually happened. We actually have
the priesthood. We really do have the Book of Mormon that truly is
another testament of Jesus Christ. This is all true. Joseph Smith was
a prophet of God. I’m so grateful I get to testify of all of this and
that I can help others know of this truth.

There is a lot of evidence that all of this is true. I talk about this
evidence every single day. But what difference does the evidence make
if you don’t have faith? None of this matters if you don’t apply it to
yourself and allow it to change you. Brad Wilcox gave a talk called
His Grace is Sufficient. Something I love from that talk is he talks
about how people believe that they just accept Christ as our Savior
and they are saved by grace. The point is not that we are saved by
grace, but that we are changed by grace. Yes, Christ performed the
Atonement for every one of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do
anything. We still have to humble ourselves and apply Christ’s gospel
to our lives. Have you been changed by grace?

I’ve learned a lot this week, and I know I’ll continue to learn more.
I’m so grateful for this gospel and for all of the blessings and
miracles we receive and see from having it in our lives. I hope you
all have a wonderful week!

I love you to the moon and back.


Sister Gomm (:

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