Susquehanna #22

Hello friends and family!!

I hope you are all well! We had a lesson with an inactive man and his
girlfriend this week, I can’t remember if I talked about them or not,
but they are so cool!!! We just got to know them and talked about the
Book of Mormon and eternal families. Wow. They are so cute! They have
the two cutest boys, and they were showing us their dance moves! It
was so cute. Something President Anderson has asked all of us to do is
sing a hymn before each lesson to better invite the spirit. I was
nervous to do this because I didn’t want it to be awkward! But Sister
Larsen and I did it anyways; we sang I am a Child of God. It was so
cool to feel the spirit fill the room while we were singing. Any
uncomfortable feelings I had were quickly replaced by the spirit when
we started singing. It was great to see how that just set the tone for
the rest of our visit with them. They are the cutest family! I can’t
wait to teach them more!

Remember last week how we weren’t ‘in and safe’ until 10 one night?
Well…. The same thing happened again!! We weren’t as late this
time… But we apparently didn’t learn our lesson the first time! We
made it a goal to be in on time every day!

We finally got back in touch with the D… family again this week.
They’ve been having a lot going on with their family, but we are
seeing them this Friday! I love them so so so much! We’re sending them
a scripture reference every day and they told us they really like when
they do that because every time without fail the scripture helps them
with something that they’ve been going through. It’s so cool to see
how the gospel can affect your life if you are willing to let it.
Heavenly Father wants to bless each and every one of us. When we do
what He asks, He blesses us more!! I am so grateful that the D…
family understands that and I’m so grateful we can all strengthen each
other’s faith when we meet. They are such great examples of faith,
I’ve learned so much from them!

We had two investigators show up to church on Sunday! One of them was
R…, L…’s mom. R… has been coming consistently, and I am
praying and praying that we will be able to teach her the lessons
soon! She is so amazing, I just love her so so much! She already knows
the gospel is true, she just wants her husband to take the lessons
with her. Wow. They are an amazing family!

On Sunday we gave a tour to my mom’s friend from high school! What a
cool family! It was so fun to hear their testimonies, plus their kids
are the cutest! I have felt the spirit so much while giving tours at
the visitors’ center. There are so many people who are truly converted
to the gospel. There have been some amazing experiences within the
walls of these homes. All of them had one thing in common. The Holy
Ghost. The spirit is continually testifying of truth here. It’s funny,
so many people mention how they could tell they were getting close
because they could feel the spirit get stronger and stronger while
driving on the highway (or dirt road, depending on which direction
they’re coming from:). There are some local people who keep coming
back because they think it is so peaceful here. The spirit is so
strong here; but half the time I don’t even notice. I notice while
sharing my testimony or while someone in the room is reading a
scripture, but I don’t notice it while I’m driving there. I don’t
notice it while I’m waiting for someone to show up so I can show them
around here. I prayed that I would be more aware of the spirit this
week, and wow. Heavenly Father answers prayers. Twice just this past
week a family has walked in and the spirit filled the room. One time
while watching the video it was unmistakable that someone’s life was
changing while they were watching the film because the spirit was
radiating through the entire room. I knew I was feeling the spirit so
strongly because someone else was coming to realize that this gospel
is true. While showing a family around the spirit was undeniable just
while walking on the trail in between the Hale and Smith homes. The
spirit was so strong on Sunday when we sang for Sister Anderson and
her daughters who came to visit for Sister Anderson’s birthday. Since
praying to be able to better recognize the spirit here, it has changed
significantly for me. The spirit is everywhere. It’s everywhere
because these things are true. The Book of Mormon really was
translated by the power of God here, the authority to baptize was
restored to the earth here, God has shown His love by giving us
revelations that have helped in restoring the gospel. The spirit
testifies of the truth. And all of this really did happen. The spirit
testifies that to everyone who learns about it, whether they recognize
it or not, it’s still true.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you to the moon and back.

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

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