Short one this week, sorry mom! – Bethlehem #2

Friends and family!!

I mentioned last week that we were working with a less active man, who
wants to gain a testimony… Wow. He is so awesome! We met with him a
couple of times this past week and he is so funny. We watched the
Christmas Devotional with him last night. He loved it!! He is
progressing so well, it’s so great to see his testimony be

We are just really trying to help this little (actually huge) town of
Bethlehem find the gospel! We have literally no one that we are
teaching right now, so we have been doing TONS of finding! We were
going through the people in our area book during lunch one day and
found someone named D…. He is a potential investigator that the
sisters met but have never actually taught. We decided to go and see
him and when we knocked on the door a woman answered. She was not
happy that we were there at first but once we got talking she went and
got D…. D… came out and E… (the woman) sat on the porch. She
ignored us and we started the conversation with D…. D… told us
that he would love for us to come and teach him and all the sudden
E… is all, “You know, I’m really interested too. Plus, I’ve always
thought it would be cool to go on one of these mission things.” We
told them that they could go as a couple, but they would have to get
married first. E… lit up and showed us her hand with a ring on her
ring finger, “Hey, we’re working on it!!” We set up a return
appointment with them, and we are seeing them later this week! This
was literally an answer to my prayers! I can’t wait to start teaching
them! They are the cutest!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the things I’ve learned since I
started my mission. I went back and wrote down all of the commitments
I’ve been given that I still haven’t done throughout my mission. I
can’t remember if I wrote about this already or not, but it’s my goal
to make myself a “progressing missionary” by fulfilling all of the
commitments I’ve been given. It hasn’t been easy, in fact it’s kind of
overwhelming looking at my list and seeing all of the things I haven’t
done! But it has made the biggest difference so far. My faith has been
strengthened and my love for the gospel has increased sooo much! I’m
so grateful for it, and for Jesus Christ and for all He has done for
each of us.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you to the moon and back!!

Sister Gomm (:

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