Christmas as a missionary >

Friends and family!!

Wow. Being a missionary at Christmas is the best thing in the entire
world! On Tuesday we had our Christmas zone conference! It was SO
good!!! Plus I got to see cute Sister Larsen πŸ™‚ we had a talent show
after zone conference and us and south side sang O Little Town of
Bethlehem. We thought it was fitting πŸ™‚ all of us visitors’ center
sisters who were there sang Savior, Redeemer of my Soul. Which is a
song we sang back at the site for our thanksgiving concert. It was so
fun to sing with (almost) everyone again!

Our investigator, B… (I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned him or
not), didn’t come to church again 😦 but we had two AMAZING lessons
with him this week! And he said he is going to come this week! He is
so funny. During one of our lessons he said, “If I’m going to learn
about this, I wanna be all in. I wanna give it a hunnit percent!”
It’s crazy how well the members that have come with us have connected
with him! Seriously people, go teaching with the missionaries!!

Thursday was such a great day!!! We had district meeting. Then our
neighbor who is Catholic but LOVES the missionaries, took us out to
lunch! It was so fun! After that, we went and visited people. In the
evening we had a dinner appointment with a family that is so awesome!!
We had polish food for dinner which was SO good!!!! After that we read
Luke 2 with them and showed A Savior is Born. The spirit was so strong
and the wife was crying and all three of the boys were sitting so
reverently. They are so cute. We committed them to share their
testimonies of the Savior with someone this week. After that the wife
suggested we go caroling! Which was perfect because that’s what we had
planned to do for the evening anyways! So we went down the street to a
less active members house and sang for them. Right after that the
husband and wife shared their testimonies of the Savior and invited
them to come to church again! It was so great I love the people here!

On Christmas we visited members and ate WAY too much food!! Wow. Shout
out to my little brother (who’s actually taller than me) on getting
his MISSION CALL!!!!!! Whoot!! I’m so unbelievably excited for you
Landon! You are going to LOVE your mission!! Thanks for reading it to
me before reading it to the rest of the world(: best Christmas present

I’ve been thinking a lot about this past year (And still haven’t set
New Years resolutions…. Oops), and all the things I’ve learned. I’m
so grateful that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I have changed
who I was last January first. Since then I’ve had many, many life
changing experiences. I think the thing that’s changed the most is my
faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ. I didn’t even know what the gospel
was a year ago! I barely had a testimony of the Book of Mormon! I
definitely, definitely, definitely didn’t understand Christ’s
Atonement. I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned and the
experiences I’ve had to help me strengthen my faith and my testimony
in the Lord. Here’s to another year, and lifetime of serving Him!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week and New Years!

Love you to the moon and back πŸ™‚
Sister Gomm


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