I found the snow we were looking for in December! – Bethlehem #9

Hello friends and family!

This week was crazy. Sooo many of our appointments fell through! We
literally had three lessons in one day that were cancelled. 😦 but it
was still a great week!

We had interviews with President and Sister Anderson on Tuesday!
Interviews are ALWAYS the best:) on Wednesday we had district meeting
and right after that we had a worldwide missionary broadcast that was
SO good! They talked about repentance and baptism. I really loved one
part, someone had said, “Don’t jump from faith to baptism and skip
repentance.” I could not agree with this statement more. How important
is someone’s baptism if they haven’t repented? Another thing from the
broadcast that I loved was a scripture that was mentioned in 2 Nephi
33:1. I feel like this scripture was kind of a theme for Sister Larsen
and I back in Susquehanna because we always knew we were inviting the
spirit, especially at such a sacred place like the Priesthood
Restoration Site. But people were only going to feel the same
excitement we felt if they allowed the Spirit in. The same applies to
us everywhere. We need to invite the Spirit in, and we also need to do
do all we can to allow the spirit to be with us.

On Tuesday we went to see a man we had found in the area book as a
former investigator. The only reason why he was a former was because
the missionaries a while back had lost contact with him. So we went to
meet him and at first when he answered he told us he wasn’t
interested. We kept talking and asked him why he didn’t want to meet
with us anymore and he thought for a second then said, “Actually, you
can come back and teach me more, I would like that.” We testified that
the gospel would bless him so much and give him peace in his life. He
told us he would really like that and was looking forward to our

We went back on Friday for our lesson and he accepted a baptismal
date! He told us that he thinks the Book of Mormon is true and he even
wrote down his baptismal date on a piece of paper so he can remember
it! It was so great and I’m so grateful for the spirit that helps us
ask inspired questions and teaches others the truth!

Right after that lesson we were late to a lesson with Brother
H…. So we get in the car to call him and tell him we’re on our
way and the member who was supposed to come with us had cancelled!! So
we frantically scrambled around and then we realized that a member
lived super close to where we were. So we drove to her house and she
was so excited to see us (she’s the cutest), we explained the
situation and without another word she’s all, “Let me get my coat and
let’s go!” Wow. She is Heaven-sent. While at the lesson with Brother
H… we called the bishop so he could tell Brother H… the
big news: he’s getting the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday!!!!!!
Whoot!!!!!! After that we went straight to a dinner appointment. After
that we went to our correlation meeting with our new ward mission
leader!! Best day ever!!!! Our new ward mission leader is a convert!
He’s been a member for about 8 years now and he is so ready to fulfill
his calling! It is so exciting to see the Spirit working throughout so
many different people’s lives in so many different ways!

We changed our weekly planning day to Saturday this week because of
the crazy snow storm!! We got around 2 and a half feet of snow! We had
so many people making sure we were okay; our neighbor kept calling us
and checking up on us, then finally one of the times he called us he
said, “You know, I should’ve thought this through. You two already
know what you’re doing in this weather because you’re both from Utah!
You must feel right at home.” Finally someone gets it! Needless to
say, there is snow everywhere!! They don’t really know what to do with
the snow that they plowed off of the roads…there are just huge piles
of snow EVERYWHERE! We went out and shoveled basically all weekend! We
had to get our car out from under a massive pile and we got all of our
neighbor’s cars out too. Seriously, so much shoveling! We couldn’t
drive at all on Saturday and half of Sunday. Church was cancelled and
We just wanted to cry because B… and R… were both going to come
this week! 😦 The roads are driveable now, but we still can’t really
drive anywhere to go proselyting because there’s nowhere to park! It’s
always an adventure here!

To end, something funny that happened this week! Brother H…
called us to set up a time to have a lesson this week and to tell us
that the south side sisters had taught about the Ten Commandments at
the dinner appointment he had with them, which he was surprised about
because we had briefly went over the Ten Commandments in our last
lesson and he wanted to know if we had told them to teach that, which
we hadn’t (thank you areabook and amazing Sisters Ashcraft and Agado
who thought to look there and help us out!). While during this same
phone call Brother H… accidentally takes the Lord’s name in
vain (Old habit he has almost gotten rid of), and Sister Brunsdale
says, “Brother H…! What’s the third commandment?” Brother
H… thinks for a second then says, “Oh yeah. I always break that
one.” Then moves right on to the next thing he was saying. Too funny.
He also wants to have a word with our mission president to talk about
all of these “rules” we have as missionaries. Haha!

Wow. Another thing… A year ago this past week I went into the mtc!!!
I can’t believe it’s been that long!!!! I still sometimes want to tell
people I’ve only been on my mission for six months. Sometimes because
I forget how long it’s been, sometimes because that’s how long it
feels like it’s been, and sometimes because that’s how long I wish it
has been. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the things I’ve
learned the past year (I don’t know why I always talk about how ‘I’ve
been thinking a lot about’); and all of the things I have yet to learn
in the next six months. I pray that I will be able to glorify my
Heavenly Father and to do His will continually. I see people making
Him proud every single day, but I also see people doing things that I
know are breaking His heart every single day. I want to be like Alma
and Amulek and share the gospel with everyone. I want to bring joy to
others that I know they can only receive through the gospel of Jesus
Christ. Six months is such a small amount of time, but luckily after
this, even though I won’t be wearing a name tag, I can still share the
gospel with everyone I meet! I know this is the only way to eternal,
everlasting happiness! I’m so grateful to be here sharing it with

I hope you have an amazing week!
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

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