The Phone Call Miracle! – Bethlehem #14

Hello friends and family!

We had a CRAZY week!! And so many miracles!!

A joke that Sister Brunsdale and I have going on every time we check
the phone, we ask each other, “Did anyone call or text us asking if
they could get baptized?” One morning I asked this and after seeing
that no one had called or texted us I said, “One of these days that’s
going to happen, I just know it!”

Last week at 11:30  p.m. our phone started going off. Sister Brunsdale
turned it off and I asked her if someone was calling us. She replied,
“No, it was an alarm.” We went back to bed and forgot about it. A few
days after that Sister Brunsdale is all, “I’m going to delete that
alarm from a few days ago so that doesn’t happen again.” So she looks
through the alarms and it’s nowhere to be found! We decide to look
through our missed calls and see that we have a missed call from a
former investigator named B…, from 11:30 p.m.! So we look at her
teaching record and it says that the sisters had taught her back in
September but before their second appointment she had called them to
tell them no thanks and she wanted to stay going to the church she had
just joined. We called her back but she didn’t answer. We assumed it
had probably been a mistake since she hadn’t tried to get in contact
with us since, and we forgot about it for the rest of the day. For the
next couple of days I could not stop thinking about B…! Finally I
told Sister Brunsdale that I had been thinking about B… a lot and
thought we should call her. Sister Brunsdale had the same thoughts so
we decided to give her a call. She didn’t answer again, so we left a
message. A few hours later we went back to our car and asked the
infamous, “Did anyone call or text us?” We checked the phone and saw
that we had a missed call and a voicemail from B…! In the
voicemail B… says, “Hi, this is B…, I had talked to you back
in the summertime and told you I had just been baptized into a church
and you asked me if I wanted to be baptized into Christ’s church, and
I decided that I do.” Wait, what? Disbelieving that this is real we
called B… back and set up a time to meet with her.

On Saturday we went to her house for the lesson. Wow, she is the
cutest thing ever!! Before we even sang the opening hymn or anything
she’s all, “Yeah, I want to be baptized. I want to be a Mormon.” She
didn’t even take a moments hesitation to say yes when we invited her
to be baptized! She’s so excited to read the Book of Mormon! She is
the cutest thing ever! She has a baptismal date of April 10! as if
this story isn’t already completely insane, we went to the church
yesterday for ward council, we had gotten there early so we were just
sitting in the hall waiting. The ward that starts at 9 was in the
middle of sacrament meeting and all the sudden this man comes out of
the chapel and walks down the hall towards us (really towards the
doors, but he stopped to say hello to us). He asks us our names and
where we’re from, tells us he’s from Idaho, then makes a connection
with both of us because we’re both from Utah (you know, the usual),
then he says, “I can just feel it, you are going to have a baptism
soon.” He repeats this two more times and with each time gets more and
more teary-eyed. Then without another word he walks out the main
doors, gets in his car and drives away. Sister Brunsdale and I look at
each other and start laughing with how ridiculous and crazy this all

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about change! Change is such an
important thing, especially when learning about the gospel. To repent
is to change. How wonderful is the change in someone who is accepting
the gospel? In this area getting to see the changes that the new ward
mission leader is going through as he fulfills his calling, the change
of the other leaders, the change of those we have taught, the change
of this area, and the change that I’ve gone through since being here.
Relying on Heavenly Father is essential in missionary work, and life
in general. The power of prayer is real! Heavenly Father answered so
many of our prayers this week by providing CRAZY miracles that I’m
pretty sure our district leader still doesn’t believe….

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm


Bethlehem #13

Hello everyone!
Wow. This week was rough! We had to drop two of our investigators.. 😦 B… wanted to teach us more about what he thought about the Bible than he wanted to actually learn and come to know this gospel is true. He told us we need to be more humble and we need to listen because God anointed him to preach the Bible. Basically just a sad situation! Then R… (our investigator with a date) told us he doesn’t want to change and he wants to stick with his church. 
Now we’re doing all we can to find people to teach! We’re going finding all the time and talking to everyone we can! We’ve actually seen some miracles from this! Twice we went to see a potential investigator and they set up appointments with us right away. They both remembered how they felt when they had first met the missionaries and were happy to see us and set up a time for us to come back! 
We had dinner with R… and her family this week! She is the woman who just got baptized last week! (The south side sisters are the ones teaching her). Wow. They are amazing!! R… is already being a member missionary and sharing the gospel with her family! I know it’s only a matter of time before her whole family accepts the gospel! She had us explain baptisms for the dead to her husband and she kept telling him that he better get planning for a third wedding because they’re going to get married in the temple one day! (The renewed their wedding vows about a year ago, hence the need for a third wedding). 
This week we also had a lesson with Brother H…. We’ve been trying to help him gain a testimony of the Savior and understand why we go to church, etc. We shared the bible video of Christ being scourged and crucified, then shared Alma 7:11-12. We talked about the Savior and His Atonement and the Spirit was so strong! The couple we brought with us was perfect too! They shared their testimonies and why they know it is essential for us to have a Savior. Testifying of the Atonement of Jesus Christ has really strengthened my testimony of this. Being able to testify every day of who Christ is, and all that He did for us is the greatest thing. I know being a missionary is one of the best ways to better understand Christ’s Atonement. 
This week we also had a lesson with our investigator, C…. We got onto the subject of prayer and she talked about how she likes praying to the saints because she believes their faith will help God hear her prayer. It really put things into perspective for me as to why one of the first things we want people to understand is that God is our loving Heavenly Father. If you don’t believe this, why should you believe He cares about you and He answers your prayers? It’s such an important thing to understand and it will help you so much! Once you know that you have a loving Savior who paid the price for your sins, and you understand that God loves you and wants to hear from you, it will make your life so much easier!! That’s why we close in the name of Jesus Christ. Wow. Prayer is such an amazing thing.
I love you to the moon and back and I hope you have an amazing week!
Sister Gomm 

There will still be souls to save on Tuesday – Bethlehem #12

Hello friends and family!

First things first, Sister Brunsdale and I are staying together for
another transfer!! Whoot!! Seven more weeks in Bethlehem!

This week was interesting! We had lots of appointments fall through,
lots of finding, and lots of cold!! One particular night when it was
super cold with a windchill of -19 degrees a man answered his door who
immediately began chastising us for being outside when it was so cold
and told us, “You better go home right now! You know, there will still
be souls to save on Tuesday!” He told us we could come back on Tuesday
and talk to him then 😂

We taught one of our investigators the law of chastity this week and
he told us he doesn’t see the importance of it. So we’re working with
him to better understand it and commit to living it! None of our
investigators came to church this week which was SO sad because two of
the south side sisters investigators got baptized and none of our
investigators were there to see it! But Sunday was still an amazing
day and R…’s and S…’s baptism was WONDERFUL!!! They are so cute!
And I gave them ctr rings and they were so excited! They’re so
awesome, and they’re having us over for dinner this week! Whoot!

Cute Sister Agado is getting transferred:( she’s going up to Great
Bend!! Whoot! (Which is the other area in the Susquehanna branch).
It’s crazy how people come to be like family out here! (I’ll see you
soon Sister Agado!:)

This week Sister Brunsdale and I keep sharing the same thing at all of
our dinner appointments because we love it so much! We’ve been sharing
the Bible video “Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me” and 2
Nephi 26:24. It’s been so tender to hear everyone, old and young, talk
about ways they have felt the Savior show His love for them. We’ve
showed it to families with young kids who have the most sincere
comments of how they know that Christ loves them. We’ve also showed it
to older couples who have felt Christ’s love because of things that
have happened in their families. It’s been a wonderful experience to
have people tell us about times they felt and knew that Christ loved
them, and what they are going to do to help others know and feel that
too. It’s had me thinking, how have I felt Christ’s love? And what
have I done about it? I have felt Christ’s and Heavenly Father’s love
when I talk to other people and feel how much They love them. I’ve
felt it while reading the scriptures and hearing testimonies of
prophets and understanding from them that Christ and Heavenly Father
love me so much. I’ve felt it when I recognize a prayer being
answered, even when my companion mentions that she wants cookies (not
sure if she actually prayed for them or not) and everyone and their
dog has given us Girl Scout cookies this week (even though that is not
a positive one….at least my companion is enjoying it!:) I’ve felt
Christ’s and Heavenly Father’s love when I’m still happy even after
every door has been closed in our face, if they even answered at all.
I’ve felt Their love while dwelling on things such as the Plan of
Salvation, repentance, grace, the sacrament, etc. I know that Christ
loves us so much, there’s no way He could have performed the Atonement
if He didn’t love us. I just love the gospel so much!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

Bethlehem #11


Wow. What a crazy week! On Monday night we went to a members house for
dinner and afterwards the father gave us a presentation on the Book of
Mormon! He does this presentation at fire sides and things and it was
AMAZING!!!! I learned SO much! It was so cool! PS dad, how come you
never told me those weights you got from Guatemala explain Alma
chapter 11 and why that is even important?? (Okay you most likely did
tell me…being a missionary has given me an actual interest in
anything and everything gospel related, don’t judge. I’m sorry I
didn’t listen to you before).

We met with R… twice this week and he came to church!!!!!!! He is
so great!! It’s interesting because we have the same concerns with him
that we had had with Marilyn when we were teaching her. We’re trying
to make sure he’s not just doing this because he has someone who keeps
following up with him, but because he wants to and because he knows
it’s true. He’s doing great though! We’re so excited for him!

On Thursday we had zone training and it was SO good!!!!! We had an
amazing role play. I was with two elders and we role played a
situation where your investigator told you they didn’t want to meet
with you anymore because of a certain concern, but they had agreed to
meet with you one last time. We were supposed to help them feel
Heavenly Father’s love in such a way that they would want to keep
meeting with us. I started as the investigator and my concern was I
felt like I couldn’t trust God anymore because one of my family
members had passed away. During the role play the Spirit was so so
strong. Elder Christensen shared a personal experience and instantly I
could feel the Spirit envelop itself around us. So much so in fact
that both Elder Christensen and I started crying! I’ve never cried in
a role play but it was amazing because my concern wasn’t a concern I
actually have, it wasn’t even something anyone we’re teaching has, but
the Spirit was so strong because the things they were teaching are
true. I know everything they said can bring people so much happiness!
I’m so grateful for the gospel! It truly does bring so much joy!! The
other two role plays were amazing as well. I could not only feel the
Spirit so strongly because of what was going on in my role play, but
because of what was going on in other people’s role plays. I could
tell they were feeling the Spirit just as strongly as I was because of
whatever was going on in their situation.

At church Brother H… blessed the sacrament for the first
time!!!! It’s amazing how much happiness you experience in missionary
work!! The theme of fast and testimony meeting was God is our loving
Heavenly Father. Almost everyone testified of this wonderful truth.
I’m so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows me by name and
who wants what’s best for each of His children. I know I am a daughter
of God and He has a plan for me. I love being a missionary and getting
to testify of this every day! I know I say that every week, but every
week I come to love these people more and more, I come to love the
gospel more, I come to love my Heavenly Father and my Savior more. I’m
so excited for all the miracles Heavenly Father has in store for the
people here this week!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

Hello! – Bethlehem #10


Wow. What a week! SO many ups and downs!! We started the week with
golden retraining in Broomall! Whoot! Lots of miles, but so worth it
to feel the spirit and get excited about being a missionary! Plus they
changed some things in the meeting for the new year! I especially
loved something one of the assistants said. He was talking about faith
and hope. “Faith comes from action. Hope comes from repentance.” I’ve
been reflecting on that a lot. How much hope do I have? How often am I
repenting? How frequently do I testify of the Atonement of Jesus
Christ? Another thing that has been said at every golden retraining
that I’ve been to, but I can’t remember who the quote comes from is,
“The pain of hard work is less than the pain of regret.” How sad would
it be to serve a full-time mission and come home and regret some
things that you either did or didn’t do. This has caused me to really
ponder what I’m going to commit to the Lord to do so that I have no
regrets by the time I leave here.

On Wednesday we went on exchanges!! I went with Sister Jensen and she
is the cutest thing ever! We talked SO much and got some great advice
from one another! She’s the cutest! On Thursday we taught the law of
chastity to Brother H…! Whoot! It actually went a lot better
than we thought it would!! He’s always getting off topic and has crazy
reactions to this because even though he’s a member, he doesn’t
remember a lot of this stuff. So we were grateful that it went well!
On Friday we taught our investigator, R… the plan of salvation. We
didn’t make it past our life on earth because he had SO many
questions! It was so good though because he really has a desire to
learn what we believe! We’re still working towards his baptism being
on March 5, so we’re praying he progresses from here on out! On
Wednesday night Sister Brunsdale and I were out finding, and we were
walking down this street. The further we walked the more I could feel
the spirit leaving. We kept walking and finally I just stopped. I felt
like we couldn’t go forward any more. I don’t know what would have
happened if we had kept going, but I’m grateful the spirit is always
looking out for us!

On Saturday we had a lesson with B… at our ward mission leader’s
home. Wow. What an AMAZING lesson!! So we got there a few minutes
before B… did, and when B… showed up he had a friend with him.
We were just praying to know if we should still teach the law of
chastity, but after a few minutes it just felt right so we went along
with our plans! That was one of the most spiritual lessons I’ve ever
had! We had given B… a law of chastity pamphlet to read before the
lesson and he had read it and understood it well. In fact, he helped
us teach his friend about it. B… wants to pray about the law of
chastity so he can decide if him and his girlfriend can get married or
what exactly he is going to do there.

We were so excited Saturday night because of everything that had
happened! But then neither B… nor R… came to church!! So
frustrating! They both had good reasons, but I’m still so frustrated
with how hard Satan works to tempt people to make poor decisions.
Something great that happened at church though! There is a member who
brings his girlfriend to church almost every week. So we were talking
to her and then out of nowhere I blurted, “K…, how come you
haven’t taken the missionary lessons yet?” K… thought about it and
said, “Well. I don’t know. We’d have to do the lessons at B…’s
house, but I have a cold so it would have to be next week.” I was so
surprised and so grateful the spirit was working with us and her so we
could ask her and get closer to bringing more of Heavenly Father’s
children into the fold! We will hopefully be meeting with her next
week once she gets feeling better! It’s so crazy how so many good and
bad things can happen in one day!

After church Brother H… received the Aaronic Priesthood!!!!!!!!
Yay!!!!! It was so great!!!! Next week he’s going to bless the
sacrament! Wow. It was one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever heard!
In the blessing Brother H… was told that these missionaries
were sent to him specifically to help him, they are like angels and
Heavenly Father knows they’ve helped him progress in the gospel. Wow!
So much love for these people and the gospel and a loving Heavenly
Father! I say this just about every other week, but I’m so grateful
for the ministering of angels. I’m grateful that they help us
constantly. It’s so amazing that somehow we as God’s children are
lucky enough to be like a ministering angel for someone else. How
great is our calling!

This week was crazy, but I’m grateful for every second of it! We saw
so many miracles! I’m so grateful for this gospel! I hope you have an
amazing week! I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm