Hello! – Bethlehem #10


Wow. What a week! SO many ups and downs!! We started the week with
golden retraining in Broomall! Whoot! Lots of miles, but so worth it
to feel the spirit and get excited about being a missionary! Plus they
changed some things in the meeting for the new year! I especially
loved something one of the assistants said. He was talking about faith
and hope. “Faith comes from action. Hope comes from repentance.” I’ve
been reflecting on that a lot. How much hope do I have? How often am I
repenting? How frequently do I testify of the Atonement of Jesus
Christ? Another thing that has been said at every golden retraining
that I’ve been to, but I can’t remember who the quote comes from is,
“The pain of hard work is less than the pain of regret.” How sad would
it be to serve a full-time mission and come home and regret some
things that you either did or didn’t do. This has caused me to really
ponder what I’m going to commit to the Lord to do so that I have no
regrets by the time I leave here.

On Wednesday we went on exchanges!! I went with Sister Jensen and she
is the cutest thing ever! We talked SO much and got some great advice
from one another! She’s the cutest! On Thursday we taught the law of
chastity to Brother H…! Whoot! It actually went a lot better
than we thought it would!! He’s always getting off topic and has crazy
reactions to this because even though he’s a member, he doesn’t
remember a lot of this stuff. So we were grateful that it went well!
On Friday we taught our investigator, R… the plan of salvation. We
didn’t make it past our life on earth because he had SO many
questions! It was so good though because he really has a desire to
learn what we believe! We’re still working towards his baptism being
on March 5, so we’re praying he progresses from here on out! On
Wednesday night Sister Brunsdale and I were out finding, and we were
walking down this street. The further we walked the more I could feel
the spirit leaving. We kept walking and finally I just stopped. I felt
like we couldn’t go forward any more. I don’t know what would have
happened if we had kept going, but I’m grateful the spirit is always
looking out for us!

On Saturday we had a lesson with B… at our ward mission leader’s
home. Wow. What an AMAZING lesson!! So we got there a few minutes
before B… did, and when B… showed up he had a friend with him.
We were just praying to know if we should still teach the law of
chastity, but after a few minutes it just felt right so we went along
with our plans! That was one of the most spiritual lessons I’ve ever
had! We had given B… a law of chastity pamphlet to read before the
lesson and he had read it and understood it well. In fact, he helped
us teach his friend about it. B… wants to pray about the law of
chastity so he can decide if him and his girlfriend can get married or
what exactly he is going to do there.

We were so excited Saturday night because of everything that had
happened! But then neither B… nor R… came to church!! So
frustrating! They both had good reasons, but I’m still so frustrated
with how hard Satan works to tempt people to make poor decisions.
Something great that happened at church though! There is a member who
brings his girlfriend to church almost every week. So we were talking
to her and then out of nowhere I blurted, “K…, how come you
haven’t taken the missionary lessons yet?” K… thought about it and
said, “Well. I don’t know. We’d have to do the lessons at B…’s
house, but I have a cold so it would have to be next week.” I was so
surprised and so grateful the spirit was working with us and her so we
could ask her and get closer to bringing more of Heavenly Father’s
children into the fold! We will hopefully be meeting with her next
week once she gets feeling better! It’s so crazy how so many good and
bad things can happen in one day!

After church Brother H… received the Aaronic Priesthood!!!!!!!!
Yay!!!!! It was so great!!!! Next week he’s going to bless the
sacrament! Wow. It was one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever heard!
In the blessing Brother H… was told that these missionaries
were sent to him specifically to help him, they are like angels and
Heavenly Father knows they’ve helped him progress in the gospel. Wow!
So much love for these people and the gospel and a loving Heavenly
Father! I say this just about every other week, but I’m so grateful
for the ministering of angels. I’m grateful that they help us
constantly. It’s so amazing that somehow we as God’s children are
lucky enough to be like a ministering angel for someone else. How
great is our calling!

This week was crazy, but I’m grateful for every second of it! We saw
so many miracles! I’m so grateful for this gospel! I hope you have an
amazing week! I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm


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