Bethlehem #11


Wow. What a crazy week! On Monday night we went to a members house for
dinner and afterwards the father gave us a presentation on the Book of
Mormon! He does this presentation at fire sides and things and it was
AMAZING!!!! I learned SO much! It was so cool! PS dad, how come you
never told me those weights you got from Guatemala explain Alma
chapter 11 and why that is even important?? (Okay you most likely did
tell me…being a missionary has given me an actual interest in
anything and everything gospel related, don’t judge. I’m sorry I
didn’t listen to you before).

We met with R… twice this week and he came to church!!!!!!! He is
so great!! It’s interesting because we have the same concerns with him
that we had had with Marilyn when we were teaching her. We’re trying
to make sure he’s not just doing this because he has someone who keeps
following up with him, but because he wants to and because he knows
it’s true. He’s doing great though! We’re so excited for him!

On Thursday we had zone training and it was SO good!!!!! We had an
amazing role play. I was with two elders and we role played a
situation where your investigator told you they didn’t want to meet
with you anymore because of a certain concern, but they had agreed to
meet with you one last time. We were supposed to help them feel
Heavenly Father’s love in such a way that they would want to keep
meeting with us. I started as the investigator and my concern was I
felt like I couldn’t trust God anymore because one of my family
members had passed away. During the role play the Spirit was so so
strong. Elder Christensen shared a personal experience and instantly I
could feel the Spirit envelop itself around us. So much so in fact
that both Elder Christensen and I started crying! I’ve never cried in
a role play but it was amazing because my concern wasn’t a concern I
actually have, it wasn’t even something anyone we’re teaching has, but
the Spirit was so strong because the things they were teaching are
true. I know everything they said can bring people so much happiness!
I’m so grateful for the gospel! It truly does bring so much joy!! The
other two role plays were amazing as well. I could not only feel the
Spirit so strongly because of what was going on in my role play, but
because of what was going on in other people’s role plays. I could
tell they were feeling the Spirit just as strongly as I was because of
whatever was going on in their situation.

At church Brother H… blessed the sacrament for the first
time!!!! It’s amazing how much happiness you experience in missionary
work!! The theme of fast and testimony meeting was God is our loving
Heavenly Father. Almost everyone testified of this wonderful truth.
I’m so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows me by name and
who wants what’s best for each of His children. I know I am a daughter
of God and He has a plan for me. I love being a missionary and getting
to testify of this every day! I know I say that every week, but every
week I come to love these people more and more, I come to love the
gospel more, I come to love my Heavenly Father and my Savior more. I’m
so excited for all the miracles Heavenly Father has in store for the
people here this week!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

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