There will still be souls to save on Tuesday – Bethlehem #12

Hello friends and family!

First things first, Sister Brunsdale and I are staying together for
another transfer!! Whoot!! Seven more weeks in Bethlehem!

This week was interesting! We had lots of appointments fall through,
lots of finding, and lots of cold!! One particular night when it was
super cold with a windchill of -19 degrees a man answered his door who
immediately began chastising us for being outside when it was so cold
and told us, “You better go home right now! You know, there will still
be souls to save on Tuesday!” He told us we could come back on Tuesday
and talk to him then 😂

We taught one of our investigators the law of chastity this week and
he told us he doesn’t see the importance of it. So we’re working with
him to better understand it and commit to living it! None of our
investigators came to church this week which was SO sad because two of
the south side sisters investigators got baptized and none of our
investigators were there to see it! But Sunday was still an amazing
day and R…’s and S…’s baptism was WONDERFUL!!! They are so cute!
And I gave them ctr rings and they were so excited! They’re so
awesome, and they’re having us over for dinner this week! Whoot!

Cute Sister Agado is getting transferred:( she’s going up to Great
Bend!! Whoot! (Which is the other area in the Susquehanna branch).
It’s crazy how people come to be like family out here! (I’ll see you
soon Sister Agado!:)

This week Sister Brunsdale and I keep sharing the same thing at all of
our dinner appointments because we love it so much! We’ve been sharing
the Bible video “Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me” and 2
Nephi 26:24. It’s been so tender to hear everyone, old and young, talk
about ways they have felt the Savior show His love for them. We’ve
showed it to families with young kids who have the most sincere
comments of how they know that Christ loves them. We’ve also showed it
to older couples who have felt Christ’s love because of things that
have happened in their families. It’s been a wonderful experience to
have people tell us about times they felt and knew that Christ loved
them, and what they are going to do to help others know and feel that
too. It’s had me thinking, how have I felt Christ’s love? And what
have I done about it? I have felt Christ’s and Heavenly Father’s love
when I talk to other people and feel how much They love them. I’ve
felt it while reading the scriptures and hearing testimonies of
prophets and understanding from them that Christ and Heavenly Father
love me so much. I’ve felt it when I recognize a prayer being
answered, even when my companion mentions that she wants cookies (not
sure if she actually prayed for them or not) and everyone and their
dog has given us Girl Scout cookies this week (even though that is not
a positive one….at least my companion is enjoying it!:) I’ve felt
Christ’s and Heavenly Father’s love when I’m still happy even after
every door has been closed in our face, if they even answered at all.
I’ve felt Their love while dwelling on things such as the Plan of
Salvation, repentance, grace, the sacrament, etc. I know that Christ
loves us so much, there’s no way He could have performed the Atonement
if He didn’t love us. I just love the gospel so much!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

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