Bethlehem #13

Hello everyone!
Wow. This week was rough! We had to drop two of our investigators.. 😦 B… wanted to teach us more about what he thought about the Bible than he wanted to actually learn and come to know this gospel is true. He told us we need to be more humble and we need to listen because God anointed him to preach the Bible. Basically just a sad situation! Then R… (our investigator with a date) told us he doesn’t want to change and he wants to stick with his church. 
Now we’re doing all we can to find people to teach! We’re going finding all the time and talking to everyone we can! We’ve actually seen some miracles from this! Twice we went to see a potential investigator and they set up appointments with us right away. They both remembered how they felt when they had first met the missionaries and were happy to see us and set up a time for us to come back! 
We had dinner with R… and her family this week! She is the woman who just got baptized last week! (The south side sisters are the ones teaching her). Wow. They are amazing!! R… is already being a member missionary and sharing the gospel with her family! I know it’s only a matter of time before her whole family accepts the gospel! She had us explain baptisms for the dead to her husband and she kept telling him that he better get planning for a third wedding because they’re going to get married in the temple one day! (The renewed their wedding vows about a year ago, hence the need for a third wedding). 
This week we also had a lesson with Brother H…. We’ve been trying to help him gain a testimony of the Savior and understand why we go to church, etc. We shared the bible video of Christ being scourged and crucified, then shared Alma 7:11-12. We talked about the Savior and His Atonement and the Spirit was so strong! The couple we brought with us was perfect too! They shared their testimonies and why they know it is essential for us to have a Savior. Testifying of the Atonement of Jesus Christ has really strengthened my testimony of this. Being able to testify every day of who Christ is, and all that He did for us is the greatest thing. I know being a missionary is one of the best ways to better understand Christ’s Atonement. 
This week we also had a lesson with our investigator, C…. We got onto the subject of prayer and she talked about how she likes praying to the saints because she believes their faith will help God hear her prayer. It really put things into perspective for me as to why one of the first things we want people to understand is that God is our loving Heavenly Father. If you don’t believe this, why should you believe He cares about you and He answers your prayers? It’s such an important thing to understand and it will help you so much! Once you know that you have a loving Savior who paid the price for your sins, and you understand that God loves you and wants to hear from you, it will make your life so much easier!! That’s why we close in the name of Jesus Christ. Wow. Prayer is such an amazing thing.
I love you to the moon and back and I hope you have an amazing week!
Sister Gomm 

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