The Phone Call Miracle! – Bethlehem #14

Hello friends and family!

We had a CRAZY week!! And so many miracles!!

A joke that Sister Brunsdale and I have going on every time we check
the phone, we ask each other, “Did anyone call or text us asking if
they could get baptized?” One morning I asked this and after seeing
that no one had called or texted us I said, “One of these days that’s
going to happen, I just know it!”

Last week at 11:30  p.m. our phone started going off. Sister Brunsdale
turned it off and I asked her if someone was calling us. She replied,
“No, it was an alarm.” We went back to bed and forgot about it. A few
days after that Sister Brunsdale is all, “I’m going to delete that
alarm from a few days ago so that doesn’t happen again.” So she looks
through the alarms and it’s nowhere to be found! We decide to look
through our missed calls and see that we have a missed call from a
former investigator named B…, from 11:30 p.m.! So we look at her
teaching record and it says that the sisters had taught her back in
September but before their second appointment she had called them to
tell them no thanks and she wanted to stay going to the church she had
just joined. We called her back but she didn’t answer. We assumed it
had probably been a mistake since she hadn’t tried to get in contact
with us since, and we forgot about it for the rest of the day. For the
next couple of days I could not stop thinking about B…! Finally I
told Sister Brunsdale that I had been thinking about B… a lot and
thought we should call her. Sister Brunsdale had the same thoughts so
we decided to give her a call. She didn’t answer again, so we left a
message. A few hours later we went back to our car and asked the
infamous, “Did anyone call or text us?” We checked the phone and saw
that we had a missed call and a voicemail from B…! In the
voicemail B… says, “Hi, this is B…, I had talked to you back
in the summertime and told you I had just been baptized into a church
and you asked me if I wanted to be baptized into Christ’s church, and
I decided that I do.” Wait, what? Disbelieving that this is real we
called B… back and set up a time to meet with her.

On Saturday we went to her house for the lesson. Wow, she is the
cutest thing ever!! Before we even sang the opening hymn or anything
she’s all, “Yeah, I want to be baptized. I want to be a Mormon.” She
didn’t even take a moments hesitation to say yes when we invited her
to be baptized! She’s so excited to read the Book of Mormon! She is
the cutest thing ever! She has a baptismal date of April 10! as if
this story isn’t already completely insane, we went to the church
yesterday for ward council, we had gotten there early so we were just
sitting in the hall waiting. The ward that starts at 9 was in the
middle of sacrament meeting and all the sudden this man comes out of
the chapel and walks down the hall towards us (really towards the
doors, but he stopped to say hello to us). He asks us our names and
where we’re from, tells us he’s from Idaho, then makes a connection
with both of us because we’re both from Utah (you know, the usual),
then he says, “I can just feel it, you are going to have a baptism
soon.” He repeats this two more times and with each time gets more and
more teary-eyed. Then without another word he walks out the main
doors, gets in his car and drives away. Sister Brunsdale and I look at
each other and start laughing with how ridiculous and crazy this all

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about change! Change is such an
important thing, especially when learning about the gospel. To repent
is to change. How wonderful is the change in someone who is accepting
the gospel? In this area getting to see the changes that the new ward
mission leader is going through as he fulfills his calling, the change
of the other leaders, the change of those we have taught, the change
of this area, and the change that I’ve gone through since being here.
Relying on Heavenly Father is essential in missionary work, and life
in general. The power of prayer is real! Heavenly Father answered so
many of our prayers this week by providing CRAZY miracles that I’m
pretty sure our district leader still doesn’t believe….

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

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