Charity, Grace, and Christ’s Atonement

Hello friends and family!

It sounds like it’s been a fun week for everyone! I hope you are all doing well!

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Francis!! I LOVE Sister
Francis! She is so great! Halfway through the day we walked down to
the Hale home and sat outside the house on a bench and talked about
the things we’ve learned the past three transfers. It made me
appreciate all over again, the experiences that God allows us to have
so that we can learn and grow and hopefully help others to learn and
grow. My love for my mission and the people I’ve met so far grew even
more as we talked. I think about this all the time, but how could God
allow us to experience so much love and happiness? Every day my heart
grows and makes room for just a few more people and I think, “Okay,
now my heart can’t fit anyone else.” Until the next day and I meet
someone new and my heart expands again! Just thinking about this I
think about how Heavenly Father feels about us, and the love He has
for each of His children!

A cool thing that happened this week was when we were doing referral
confirmations (which is when we call all of the referrals that come in
from to make sure they’re real so missionaries aren’t
wasting their time). There was a man I had called a few weeks ago and
had sent the missionaries to him to give him a Book of Mormon and I
invited him to read about Lehi’s dream because he had an experience
where the Holy Ghost had said the words ‘tree of life’ to him.
Anyways, I followed up with him to see if he had read and if the
missionaries had contacted him because in my areabook it said they
hadn’t. He told me the missionaries had talked to him briefly and he
was probably going to see them next week and he asked me a couple of
questions about the church and what we believe. Then he told me that
he had read the chapters I gave him and he kept reading and is
currently in Jacob! After he asked me a few more questions and then
said, “I just wanted to thank you for your help with finding the true
church of God.” So cool!! All I’m saying is those missionaries better
start teaching him asap! 🙂

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about charity and grace and
Christ’s Atonement. I’ve been trying to love people the way Christ and
Heavenly Father love them, to do so unconditionally, even when they
don’t feel or express that love in return. And when people don’t love
me in return, to remember that Christ’s grace is sufficient for each
of us. His love makes up for any love we think we should be getting
from someone else. And because of this love that Christ has for us, we
have His Atonement. Which is available to us in all that we do, not
just our sins; but at all times, in all things, and in all places. I
don’t need to be upset that the people I talk to don’t love me as much
as I love them because Christ loves me. And because Christ loves me, I
can be forgiven from everything that I’ve ever done and ever will do
that needs be forgiven. And this is leading me to have more love for
those I know, meet, and see. Christ loves us, and when we do all that
we can, we can know that He will take care of the rest. I always knew
and heard people say, “Even if no one else loves you, at least Christ
does.” I would think about that and how true I knew it was, yet I
still wanted the approval from others, to have others express their
love for me the same way I do for them, and to love me as much as I
love them. But knowing who Christ is and understanding all that He has
done for me, I can know and understand that He and Heavenly Father
really do love me, know me, and care for me a lot more than I will
ever feel for them. And because of that, it’s okay that not everyone
loves me as I love them. Reality has hit me a couple of times this
past week, and just how crazy the world can be. That’s why the gospel
is so essential to have in our lives. And not to just have it one time
or two times, but all the time. Jesus Christ lives, He loves us, He
wants what is best for us, and because He died for us, we can
experience eternal happiness now and forever. I know God has a plan.
The Book of Mormon testifies of this plan and how Jesus Christ is the
center of this marvelous plan.

I love you to the moon and back! Have a great week!

Sister Gomm

"Companionship study with Brother Joseph"

“Companionship study with Brother Joseph”


The Lord has Perfect Timing

This week was so good! We took a couple who had just finished their
mission in Florida on a tour. They were so cute! They didn’t have a
lot of time so we just took them through the homes. I love when people
are open to feeling the Spirit, it makes their experiences here that
much more memorable. On our walk back up to the visitors’ center with
this couple the man asked if we had seen any miracles here at the
site. I smiled as I thought about what to share. I shared an
experience that had happened last fall:

One afternoon Sister Larsen and I had an appointment that we had to go
to in the middle of our day at the visitors’ center. We got permission
from Elder Walker to leave and headed to our appointment. When we
showed up to our appointment they weren’t home. Annoyed that we had
used time and miles to get there, we headed back to the truck to go
back to the visitors’ center. On the way back we felt prompted to try
someone else. They weren’t home, but we felt prompted to try another
person; they weren’t home either! Even more annoyed I prayed and told
Heavenly Father that I was just trying to do the right thing and if
there was someone I needed to see specifically, to have Him help me
know that. We headed back to the visitors’ center and within 2 minutes
of being there a recent convert from our branch walked in with her
family. They were so happy that we were taking them on a tour because
they knew us. At the end of the tour we gave a bunch of them copies of
the Book of Mormon and had cleared up a lot of questions. After that
the recent convert’s father was more kind to us and came to church
that Sunday! Because of that tour we gave we were able to start
teaching the recent convert’s mother!
I was transferred before we really got to teach her, but she is now
going to be baptized in May!

As I told this couple this miracle story the Spirit came rushing over
us. With tears I testified of the Lord’s timing and how perfect it is
and how more often than not we don’t understand His timing until
later, but the important thing is to remember His timing is perfect.
The couple was so touched by this story and they thanked us over and
over for showing them around. Tender mercies like this help me to know
that the Lord is aware of each of us. Especially since He helped me to
be more aware of the miracles that are happening here at the site
every day.

On Saturday we had tons of people come to the site in the morning. In
the evening Bishop Gerald Caussé came to the site (he’s the presiding
bishop for the church). He came to have a meeting about some of the
property the church owns here and we were planning on singing for him,
but we were worried the timing wasn’t going to work out with other
tours going on at the same time. When he showed up though, no one else
was at the site. We invited him in and him, Brother Kent Hinckley,
Brother Ramos, Elder Porter, and Brother Andy Kirby (sorry can’t
remember everyone’s first names!) came in and we sang The Lord is My
Shepherd for them. At the end of the song Bishop Caussé commented on
how he could feel the Spirit so strongly and that is what made the
song so beautiful. He asked us to sing another song so we sang Abide
With Me. The experience I had with Bishop Caussé here was similar to
the experience I had when President Nelson was here. Shaking their
hands the Spirit confirmed to me without a shadow of a doubt that
these men are called by God and they have the authority to act in His

After they had left Elder Walker told us that during their meeting
Bishop Caussé told Elder Walker that he felt very strongly that each
of the sisters here at the site are supposed to be here. As Elder
Walker relayed this story to us I felt the Spirit so strongly that
this was true. I know I’m supposed to be here, despite how hard it is
and how much I miss proselyting, I know this is where the Lord needs
me to be right now. Gratitude for the Savior washed over me and I
thought again, of His perfect timing in everything.

Yesterday we took an uncle and two nieces on a tour. They live in
Scranton and the uncle is a member and the nieces just went to church
for the first time a few days ago. They were so cool! They just met
the missionaries and the elders had told them to come up here, so they
decided they would! J… and B… (the two nieces) were so open
to feeling the Spirit. They had so many questions and really wanted to
understand everything. About half way through the tour, we were
walking from the Hale home to the Smith home and out of nowhere I
blurted, “So are you two going to be baptized?” They both laughed and
said they weren’t sure yet. Right after that we stepped into the Smith
home. The Spirit enveloped the room as Sister Martinez and I testified
of the Book of Mormon and its truth and explained what it was. We told
them that they don’t need to know everything before they’re baptized,
and we gave them both copies of the Book of Mormon. Afterwards they
both said they felt really good about coming here and they’re excited
to learn more.

I know the Lord is helping me in all that I do. I’m so grateful for
the experiences I’ve had here that have helped me trust Him and in
turn, helped me to gain His trust. I’m so grateful for the Book of
Mormon and that I get to help people understand that it testifies of
Jesus Christ. I’m grateful that the Lord has perfect timing and He
doesn’t forget any of us. He hasn’t even forgotten me, a missionary at
a visitors’ center. He loves each of us and I’m so grateful for that
love. I love being a missionary!

I hope you have a great week! Love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

"Bishop Caussé's visit"

“Bishop Caussé’s visit”

Home Sweet Home

Susquehanna feels like home to me!

This has been one of the best weeks of my entire life!

Tuesday was a day full of driving! We had to drive down to Broomall
then right back up to Susquehanna with my new companion, Sister
Martinez! We are both full time at the visitors’ center! Sister
Martinez is from Soledad, California and she has been on her mission
for 9 months! It’s so funny because we didn’t need to do the typical
‘get to know you’ questions because we were both up here in August,
and now we’re back, so we’ve known each other for basically forever;)

On Wednesday I gave my first tour back at the site! The Spirit was so
strong! We gave a family from Honesdale a tour (who I’ve already given
a tour back in the fall). It was so great to watch the video again,
and to get back into the swing of things! Wow, I love this place.

On Thursday we had a whole day of training! Elder and Sister Walker
talked all about things that are different now and what we are going
to expect the next few months for the summer. The whole time Sister
Eckman, Sister Francis, and I just kept saying how excited we were to
be here (We were the only three who were gone for the whole winter).

The biggest difference here is that Sister Simmons isn’t here 😦 (I
miss you!) and Sister Robison isn’t here anymore either. There’s a
golden and they pulled up Sister Cheret to take their places.
President just said the Spirit kept telling him that Sister Robison
needed to be in Philadelphia to help prepare for the temple open

There was one tour we gave that was so tender. It was a father, and
two of his kids. They were so accepting of the Spirit and sincerely
wanted to know what happened here and what it means for them. While in
the parlor of the Hale home, the 14 year old boy, Hyrum, answered our
question, I don’t even remember what the question was but I just
remember him getting teary-eyed as he told us that he has a younger
sister who is a missionary in the spirit world. As he said this the
Spirit filled the room and I could feel Heavenly Father’s love for
this family and especially this sweet young boy. The father then
proceeded to make another comment that also answered the question. I
looked at Hyrum and watched as he wiped tears from his face and
watched his father with so much love. I could tell this boy’s father
has made such a difference in his life. As we walked to the next room
I realized that Hyrum was as old as Joseph Smith was when he saw
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I felt as though I could tell what
type of boy Joseph Smith was from the type of boy Hyrum is. So full of
faith and such a great desire to do good. In the dining room of the
Hale home we talked about family history. The Spirit of Elijah was so
strong and I could again feel of Heavenly Father’s love for this

 Yesterday we gave a tour to this cute newly wed couple. They had both
served missions and were in New York visiting his brother and decided
to go to multiple church history sites. They loved the things that
they learned here and mostly just loved Sister Martinez and I because
it reminded them of their missions. I love when the Lord allows people
to come into our lives so that we can see the good in the world.

Sunday was the best! All of the branch members were so excited to see
everyone, and the Spirit was so strong! One of the best parts was when
Brother Hall came and shook my hand and said, “Welcome home.” I love
all of these people way too much. I felt as though my heart was going
to burst from feeling so much love. Susquehanna is such a special

I’m grateful for the gospel and for the Priesthood and the Book of
Mormon. I’m grateful for people who listen to the Spirit, both in the
1800’s and now. I love Susquehanna and I love being a missionary!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

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"Road to Damascus ... Welcome to Susquehanna! Love this place:)"

“Welcome to Susquehanna! Love this place:)”


Hello friends and family! This one is going to be short!

Conference was so good! I loved every second of it. I’m so grateful
for a prophet to lead and guide us today. Being obedient to him is so

This weekend we’ve been trying to get everything ready for this area
because they’re doubling Sister Brunsdale and I out and putting elders
in! It’s basically an answer to many prayers, this area needs elders!
I’m excited to see where the Lord takes them!

I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had here in Bethlehem and all
of the things I’ve learned. It’s definitely been tough, but I’ve come
much closer to the Savior because of it! I’m grateful for the
companions I’ve had here, Sister Brunsdale has been wonderful! I’m
excited to see where she goes!

The church is true! I love the gospel!

I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Gomm

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Cloud 9 – Bethlehem #18

Wow. SO much has happened the past week and a half!! I LOVE being a
missionary! I feel like I’m on cloud 9 from all the miracles and
experiences we’ve been having! Let’s see if I can even remember

We did so much finding, testifying, planning, laughing, and crying
(from laughter) this past week! We saw a bunch of less active members
at the beginning of last week. So many tender mercies from the Lord of
us getting to testify of Christ to these people. On Wednesday morning
of last week the assistants called us and asked if we wanted a mini
missionary!! I’m pretty sure I started screaming because I was so
excited!! That night our mini missionary, Sister Raphael, showed up at
our apartment! She’s a senior in high school and working on her
mission papers right now! Can you say miracles??? I want a mini
missionary all the time! On Thursday after district meeting we went to
contact a referral we had been given from the Spanish Elders. We show
up and these two girls let us right in! We started talking about the
church and gave them both copies of the Book of Mormon and they are
both super excited to read it and they both accepted the invitation to
be baptized on May 22!! Whoo!!!!! We set up a ton of appointments and
talked to SO many people!

We had a couple of super spiritual dinner appointments and lessons,
and found a ton of new people to teach!! The women’s general broadcast
was so good (obviously), and we had a lesson with this family that
speaks mostly Arabic! On Easter we had a great church service and
three of our investigators were there! Two of which were from the
family of people who speak Arabic! Sunday school was an amazing lesson
about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. After church we were sitting in
the foyer writing an explanation to an object lesson for the ysa
bishop when the Whitehall ward got out of sacrament meeting, and out
walks our investigator, D…! WHOOT! She was all, “I couldn’t come
earlier, but I just walked in the building and thought this is where I
should have gone.” She is the cutest!

On Monday we had an amazing ten minute lesson with our new
investigator, M…. He is searching for truth and really wants to
meet with us, and we are seeing him again tomorrow! Later that day we
had a lesson with this super cute family! We had tracted into them and
they wanted us to come back! I basically taught the kids while Sister
Brunsdale taught the parents, it was crazy! Everyone was trying to ask
questions at once, but they are so amazing! They don’t speak very much
English though so we referred them to the Spanish Elders, I can’t wait
to see where they go:) on Monday evening after our dinner appointment
we had a lesson with D…. Wow. She is so cool! We taught the gospel
of Jesus Christ and she really wants to come closer to her Savior.
While teaching about repentance she said, “Wow, maybe that’s why I
still feel guilty after I repent, I need to remember the Savior in all
that I do!” She’s so cool. At the end of the lesson we invited her to
be baptized and she was all, “Yeah, I’ve actually been thinking about
it.” She now has a baptismal date for May 15! Wow. So many miracles
are happening in Bethlehem, I love it!!

We’ve found a couple more people to teach so far this week, and lots
of big plans for this weekend! Yesterday we had a lesson with a cute
little girl named M…. She wants to go to church and come closer
to God. We found her from tracting and her mom actually invited us to
come back to talk to her. It was cool to see her and her mom learn
truths! We taught M… who Jesus Christ is, what the scriptures
are, and how to pray. She said one of the most sincere prayers at the
end, it was so sweet!

Today we got to go to the Manhattan temple to do baptisms for the dead
with Brother H…! (Hence why I am emailing today). Wow. That was
such a wonderful experience! The temple is so amazing and I’m so
grateful that we have the authority to give our ancestors the
opportunity to accept the gospel. The Spirit in the temple was so
strong! Afterwards Brother H… said, “I feel so light and
rejuvenated.” I love the temple.

Wow, what a crazy past couple of weeks! I’m so excited for general
conference this weekend! I was thinking about the hymn We Thank Thee O
God For a Prophet and how the saints at the time of the restoration
must have been SO grateful for Joseph Smith. Then I thought about me
today. I remember a few years ago when we went on trek for youth
conference and I had thought to myself, ‘I’m so grateful for a
prophet, I will always follow him.’ Then reflecting on what I’ve done
since then. Times when I wasn’t as grateful that we have a prophet,
and times when I took that for granted. But now, I hope that I am just
as excited to have a prophet and to sing the words to a beautiful hymn
and let my Father in Heaven know how grateful I am for our beloved
Prophet today, President Thomas S. Monson.

I love this gospel, I know it’s true, and I’m so grateful I get to
share it with others!

I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Gomm

"At the temple!"

“At the temple!”