Charity, Grace, and Christ’s Atonement

Hello friends and family!

It sounds like it’s been a fun week for everyone! I hope you are all doing well!

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Francis!! I LOVE Sister
Francis! She is so great! Halfway through the day we walked down to
the Hale home and sat outside the house on a bench and talked about
the things we’ve learned the past three transfers. It made me
appreciate all over again, the experiences that God allows us to have
so that we can learn and grow and hopefully help others to learn and
grow. My love for my mission and the people I’ve met so far grew even
more as we talked. I think about this all the time, but how could God
allow us to experience so much love and happiness? Every day my heart
grows and makes room for just a few more people and I think, “Okay,
now my heart can’t fit anyone else.” Until the next day and I meet
someone new and my heart expands again! Just thinking about this I
think about how Heavenly Father feels about us, and the love He has
for each of His children!

A cool thing that happened this week was when we were doing referral
confirmations (which is when we call all of the referrals that come in
from to make sure they’re real so missionaries aren’t
wasting their time). There was a man I had called a few weeks ago and
had sent the missionaries to him to give him a Book of Mormon and I
invited him to read about Lehi’s dream because he had an experience
where the Holy Ghost had said the words ‘tree of life’ to him.
Anyways, I followed up with him to see if he had read and if the
missionaries had contacted him because in my areabook it said they
hadn’t. He told me the missionaries had talked to him briefly and he
was probably going to see them next week and he asked me a couple of
questions about the church and what we believe. Then he told me that
he had read the chapters I gave him and he kept reading and is
currently in Jacob! After he asked me a few more questions and then
said, “I just wanted to thank you for your help with finding the true
church of God.” So cool!! All I’m saying is those missionaries better
start teaching him asap! 🙂

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about charity and grace and
Christ’s Atonement. I’ve been trying to love people the way Christ and
Heavenly Father love them, to do so unconditionally, even when they
don’t feel or express that love in return. And when people don’t love
me in return, to remember that Christ’s grace is sufficient for each
of us. His love makes up for any love we think we should be getting
from someone else. And because of this love that Christ has for us, we
have His Atonement. Which is available to us in all that we do, not
just our sins; but at all times, in all things, and in all places. I
don’t need to be upset that the people I talk to don’t love me as much
as I love them because Christ loves me. And because Christ loves me, I
can be forgiven from everything that I’ve ever done and ever will do
that needs be forgiven. And this is leading me to have more love for
those I know, meet, and see. Christ loves us, and when we do all that
we can, we can know that He will take care of the rest. I always knew
and heard people say, “Even if no one else loves you, at least Christ
does.” I would think about that and how true I knew it was, yet I
still wanted the approval from others, to have others express their
love for me the same way I do for them, and to love me as much as I
love them. But knowing who Christ is and understanding all that He has
done for me, I can know and understand that He and Heavenly Father
really do love me, know me, and care for me a lot more than I will
ever feel for them. And because of that, it’s okay that not everyone
loves me as I love them. Reality has hit me a couple of times this
past week, and just how crazy the world can be. That’s why the gospel
is so essential to have in our lives. And not to just have it one time
or two times, but all the time. Jesus Christ lives, He loves us, He
wants what is best for us, and because He died for us, we can
experience eternal happiness now and forever. I know God has a plan.
The Book of Mormon testifies of this plan and how Jesus Christ is the
center of this marvelous plan.

I love you to the moon and back! Have a great week!

Sister Gomm

"Companionship study with Brother Joseph"

“Companionship study with Brother Joseph”

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