Friends and family,

This week was great, we’ve given lots of tours and met lots of people!
We gave one tour to this group of people who were doing family history
and decided they wanted to take a tour. Half of them are not members
of the church and they were so funny! They were super interested in
what we had to say though. At the end of the tour one of them came up
to me and said, “You two just radiate the Spirit of God. I can see it
in your faces and in your eyes. Thank you for showing us around here!”
They each accepted copies of the Book of Mormon and are excited to
read them!

The other day while singing Joseph Smith’s First Prayer I was thinking
about the lyrics to the song and what exactly they say and what
exactly that meant then, and means to us today. God and Jesus Christ
really appeared to Joseph Smith. Joseph was really called as the
prophet of the restoration. There are so many things that happened
that were essential to bringing back Christ’s church to the earth.
Thinking about this has really put the words to the hymn We Thank
Thee, O God, for a Prophet into perspective for me. I’m so grateful
for a prophet today, and I’m extremely thankful for the obedient,
diligent, sanctified prophet of the restoration, Joseph Smith. I’m
grateful for all Joseph did to follow the counsel from the Lord, even
when it was hard.

I love the gospel and I love my Savior! I’m so grateful for all that
has happened so that I could experience the blessings that the gospel

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

"Love from the full time VC sisters!"

“Love from the full time VC sisters!”

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