I’m out of ideas for suject lines

Hello friends and family!

We had a great week this week! There were so many great experiences we
had! So a few weeks ago we gave this family a tour and the oldest
daughter had just put in her mission papers and they were expecting
her mission call to be waiting for her when they got home from their
trip. Of course, we guessed she would be called to the Philadelphia
mission and told her to keep us updated! Earlier this past week we
emailed her family to follow up on the commitment we had given her and
ask about the mission call. She emailed us with where she was going
and you’ll never guess, she’s coming to the Philadelphia mission!!!
Whoot!! She goes to the mtc at the end of August, so I’ll miss her,
but we were so excited! She’s been asking us so many questions about
our mission and what it’s like, I love it! It reminds me of when I was
preparing to come out and how excited and nervous I was!

This week we also took a bunch of CES (which according to my companion
stands for church education system) directors on a tour. They came to
see how long a tour would take so they can bring the seminary teachers
that they are over sometime later this year. Wow. That was probably
the best tour I’ve ever been a part of! They were all so fun and
crazy! When we got to the Smith home we asked them something along the
lines of, “Why does the things that happened here matter to you?”
Everyone was participating with their responses, it was great, the
Spirit filled the room! There was one person who answered, she was the
only woman in the group and she talked about how grateful she was for
the priesthood and that God loves her even though she’s just one
little person in the world; God has still allowed her to have
experiences to help her have the priesthood in her life. After that I
told them a little bit about my story and my experience with seminary
my senior year of high school. I talked about my teacher, Brother
Little, and the difference he made in my life with helping me
understand the Book of Mormon and my Savior. Because of what Brother
Little did for me I am now on a mission. Even though we may see
ourselves as just “little people,” we can actually be very “big
people” for others. And my seminary teacher was that for me. While
telling them all on the tour this I couldn’t help but smile (and cry
tears of joy!) at the experiences I had those six months that helped
me get where I am today, all because of a seminary teacher who I’m
sure is just grateful to be a “little person” as the people on that
tour were as well.

Afterwards, one of them came up to me and asked who my seminary
teacher had been (most of them are in Utah and they knew I’m from
Provo), after I told them they all made a comment about how they knew
him, or they’d be seeing him in a few weeks, etc. One of them took a
picture of me and Sister Martinez to show to Brother Little when they
see him! It was so great! Afterwards we walked back up to the
visitors’ center and all the sisters were still there (it was an hour
and a half after we had closed and I’d figured they all would have
left), and they motioned for everyone in our group to gather around
the bust of the Savior (our favorite spot) and we sang Abide With Me
for them! It was so fun, I love them all so much!

This upcoming Sunday the Aaronic Priesthood was restored 187 years
ago. We’ve been so excited and I’ve also been thinking a lot about the
priesthood (surprise). Because of the priesthood we can receive a
remission of our sins through baptism, we have the gospel of
repentance, and the ministering of angels. We have the ability to
receive the gift of the Holy Ghost so that we can have it with us
always. We get to take the sacrament. We get to receive so many
blessings. I love the scripture Helaman 10:7. Because of the
priesthood we can bind things in such a way on earth that God will
recognize it in Heaven. We can be with our families forever. I love
the gospel. I’m so thankful for it.

Have a good week! I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Gomm

“Two of my favorite people! President and Sister Anderson :)”

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