The Priesthood is Restored

Hello friends and family!

This week was great! I went on exchanges with Sister Harvey and Sister
Agado! Sister Harvey and I discovered that we could never be
companions in real life because we would be too much trouble because
we would have WAY too much fun!! But we were glad to be companions for
a day! Sister Agado and I took a bunch of CES people on a tour (which
are my favorite people!). They were so cool!

On Thursday Sisters Francis, Larsen, Martinez, and I all did service
at the site basically all day! On Friday Brother Steve Olsen from the
church history department was here and talked to us at our vc training
meeting. He talked about the sacrament and how we covenant to always
remember and witness of our Savior. When people come into our site we
invite them to remember and then witness of the things that happened
here. He told us that in the sacrament prayer it mentions that we
witness to God. If no one came into our site ever, it would still be
worth it, because we have witnessed to God that what He has done in
this dispensation is true. Historic sites and temples are bookends of
this dispensation, they are building blocks for the millennium. Our
first witness is to God. When we covenant with Him we are telling Him
that we realize the blessings of exaltation. We are saved as
individuals, but we are exalted as a covenant community. The Book of
Mormon doesn’t include everything, but it has a focus statement for
what is important. Stay focused. Don’t share everything you know, let
your focus be a virtue not a vice. Then he shared Doctrine and
Covenants 100:4-8 with us. He told us we are called by God to do His
biding here. Christ has the capacity to magnify our callings in ways
we cannot imagine. I don’t know if any of that makes sense because how
I typed it doesn’t necessarily flow or connect, but what I do know is
that we need to witness to God that we believe in all that He has done
in this dispensation, and we will be blessed beyond measure.

In the evening on Friday there was a fireside for the men in our stake
as part of the fathers and sons camp out. Brother Olsen spoke there
and Sister Kathleen Flake (I think that was her first name, I can’t
remember for sure). Something that was mentioned there that I loved
was that we need not to see our afflictions as punishments, but rather
as refinements. Our afflictions should refine us, which will sanctify
us or make us holy. If our faith is not being tried, it is not being
strengthened. After the meeting we all went up to Sister Flake and
talked with her, she is so cool. She gave us some great counsel on
understanding the priesthood and what that means for us as women.

Saturday was super busy, it was such a fun day! On Sunday Brother
Olsen spoke in church (we heard from him a lot, yet I would have been
fine if we had heard more from him!) he talked about how we know where
and how the Aaronic priesthood was conferred. It was perfect,
obviously, because 187 years ago the Aaronic priesthood was restored
to the earth! What greater witness can we have than from God that this
is true?! It was such a good day!

We also gave so many great tours! The days here just keep getting
better and better! Also on Saturday we found out that no one at the vc
was getting transferred, which was obviously no surprise! There were
some companion switches, but Sister Martinez and I have another
transfer together!! I’m so grateful for the next couple of months that
I have to remember and witness to everyone that Jesus Christ lives,
that the authority to act in God’s name is on the earth, that the Book
of Mormon is true, and God loves us and speaks to us today in this
dispensation. I’m not only grateful though that I get to witness this
to others, but that I get to witness it to my Father in Heaven. He is
so aware of me, and when I do His will He blesses me. Which is true
for everyone. I just love the gospel!

I hope you have a great week! I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

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