trioI love getting pics from members in the PPM!!! A sweet sister in Susquehanna contacted me and let me know a little about what was going on. She sent a picture of Sister Gomm and her new companions. One I recognize as one of her Sister Training Leaders from her last area. Can’t wait to hear all about Susquehanna.


Twos Too!

Sister Gomm’s niece spent the weekend at her home in Utah. She kept asking about Sammy. “Color with Sammy?…Where’s Sammy?” We talked about how she was on a mission and I showed her some pictures. She saw this picture of Sammy making peace signs and she said, “I want to make twos too!”

IMG_3251 IMG_3743b

[written by Sister Gomm’s mom]

Miracles and Blessings and Answers to Prayers – Sister Necklaces


Ally wearing the necklace that Sammy gave her. Sister Gomm has a matching necklace.

Message to Sister Gomm from her sister, Ally:

Okay now I want to tell you about an experience I had today. You know how we have matching necklaces? Well I went to the Temple on Tuesday with Brooky and some of my other friends. I passed by the MTC and couldn’t help but wonder what you were doing in there. The Temple was SO PACKED! We had to wait a good 30-40 minutes before we could get our clothes. Then all of the benches were full of people who were waiting to do just Baptisms for the Dead. We had to sit in the extra, extra waiting room. I’m getting beside the point, so Me and Brooky had to share a locker and I took off my necklace because I didn’t want it to get wet. Then we went and did Baptisms, Taylor’s mom gave us some of their family names, then we went in for confirmations, got dressed, Taylor’s parents took us out for ice cream and then we went home. We left the house at 6:15 and got back home at 11 o’clock. I didn’t realize till about an hour before I went to mutual, which was at 6:30 on Wednesday, that the necklace you gave me wasn’t on me and I didn’t remember grabbing it from the locker. I remembered where it was and everything, but I never grabbed it before we left. Of course, knowing me, I cried, no surprise there. So right after school today mom and dad took me to the temple and I had to wait while mom checked the lost and found, because it was back behind the doors that you need to be endowed to enter. I was sitting out there and I loved to see the happy faces of all the Older Women that passed by me giving me big smiles as they were walking in and out of the temple. After maybe 5 minutes, mom walked out of the doors holding that golden necklace. I was so thankful and I gave mom a hug then we went back to the car. Dad was waiting outside by the curb for us. When I told him we found it, he said to mom, “You never should of found it.” Then he just smiled at me and said, ” but how could you not find it?” I could feel the spirit so strong as we drove away. When mom was explaining what it was like back there she was saying that there were so many other pieces of jewelry piled into containers and they were separated in baggies and marked by what day they were found. There was another lady helping her look through everything and the lady was actually the one to find it. Having this simple thing happen to me really showed me how much the Lord helps us. I am so very grateful for the Lord’s hand to be helping me in every aspect of my life.

[written by Sammy’s sister]