This week I want to share a miracle that has been in the process for a
long, long time. It’s a long story, but one that has meant a lot to
me! This is how I was involved with Robin’s conversion.

Robin has a daughter named Lindsey. Lindsey was baptized almost two
years ago. She is such a great example to her parents and family. I
know it would have only been a matter of time before Lindsey’s mom,
Robin, joined the church. I only played a small part in her joining
the church, but I like to think that my small part made a difference.
If anything, I’m just grateful that the Lord has allowed her to be in
my life.

A year ago Sisters Simmons, Brown, and I tripled in to Susquehanna,
meaning we were all new to the area. We had just replaced the elders
and the people here were not very happy about that. The didn’t like
change and they were all used to “the boy missionaries.” Our first
evening in Susquehanna we went over to the branch mission leader’s
house. He basically gave us a run down of everyone in the area.
Susquehanna is a small town and we wanted to learn all we could as
fast as we could. The branch mission leader got to one family and he
proudly told us how great they were. He expressed his love for all of
them. Lindsey, the daughter who had been baptized the summer before
who had been friends with his children, the father who was so
compassionate and organized, and the mother who was so loving and
faithful; and especially how great of parents this man and woman had
been to Lindsey. He told us that he thought having sisters in the area
would be very beneficial, especially for the mother, Robin.

Throughout that summer we prayed for opportunities to go to this
family’s house and gain their trust enough to start teaching them.
Some time in July, Lindsey came home from school for a few weeks. This
was a miracle for us. Lindsey called and asked if we wanted to come
over for dinner that night. That evening we went over and really got
to know them better. It was so fun! Robin told us about all the things
she had learned about the gospel from her daughter and how she had
been reading the Book of Mormon for awhile now. After leaving, Sister
Brown and I (we were no longer in the trio) were so excited! They were
so cool! We again prayed for opportunities to go back and talk with
them more. We prayed that the Lord would soften their hearts so they
could accept the restored gospel. Progress wasn’t really made and we
started to get discouraged with the fact that we hadn’t officially
started teaching them the lessons.

A couple months later in September I got a new companion and the
Priesthood Restoration Site opened in our area. My new companion,
Sister Larsen, and I were assigned to the visitors’ center part time.
Life was crazy! We were trying to balance our area with the site and
twelve week because Sister Larsen was a golden. In the first week of
the site being opened we saw many miracles, one of them involving
Robin and her family. We were at the site giving tours for the day,
but in the afternoon we had to go to a lesson. Once we got there
however, the lesson fell through. We had a prompting that we should go
to someone’s house but they weren’t home.. Then we felt like we should
go to someone else’s house but they weren’t home either. Sister Larsen
and I were trying to figure out what Heavenly Father’s intentions were
for sending us to two different houses where no one was home.
Especially because we were wasting time that could have been used at
the visitors’ center. We drove back to the site feeling confused about
why the Lord would prompt us to go to two different houses when He
knew neither of the houses had anyone home.

Right when we got back to the site we put our bags in the back and
walked out to the lobby because we were next for giving a tour. Not
even two minutes after we went out there, in walked Lindsey and her
family. She came with her parents, her aunt and uncle, her
grandmother, and another aunt. This was huge for us because Lindsey
was the only member of the church in her family and they came to see
what the site was all about! We immediately recognized that that was
why Heavenly Father directed us to go stop by those two other people.
He knew they weren’t home so it could be timed just right for us to be
there when they showed up. If we had been any earlier or later we
would have missed them and someone else would have given them a tour,
which would not have been a problem, but it was definitely inspiration
that we were with them because we had been the ones trying to get in
contact with them and they already knew us so they felt more
comfortable. I remember on their tour when we got to the Smith home we
quickly asked Lindsey if she would be willing to share her testimony
of the Book of Mormon. We sat down and talked about the Book of
Mormon, the priesthood, and faith. The spirit was so strong and then
Lindsey shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon and invited the
Spirit even more. I knew this was a turning point for the missionaries
to be involved in their lives.

The next few weeks were perfect because we had been given an excuse to
go stop by their house and follow up on the commitment we had given
them. Robin expressed her desires, finally, to begin taking the
lessons! We were nothing short of ecstatic. I didn’t understand how
God could be so loving by providing such an amazing opportunity and
miracle for us. From there we had a rocky start with teaching them the
lessons. They were just so busy and it was hard to stay in contact
with them. One day we decided to just go stop by and pray that they
were home. To our amazement Robin was home! She invited us in and told
us again that she was ready to start taking the lessons, she just
needed to talk to her husband about it. We saw her once a week the
next few weeks. After that I was transferred from the area. I was
devastated because I didn’t think I’d be able to see her be baptized.
I kept in contact with the sisters serving in Susquehanna though
because I wanted to hear how Robin was doing.

In April I was transferred back to Susquehanna full time at the
Priesthood Restoration Site. This meant I wouldn’t be able to teach
Robin, but I would get to see her at church! Plus I knew she had a
date to be baptized and I prayed that I would be able to be there for
that. The baptism date was pushed back a couple of times, but finally,
Robin was baptized!!

Robin was baptized last Saturday and confirmed at church on Sunday. It
was such a blessing because almost all of the missionaries who had
taught her were able to be at her baptism! I know that the Lord has
given me so many tender mercies by allowing me to witness some of
Robin’s conversion. I know the Lord would have provided a way for her
to begin being taught by the missionaries even if I hadn’t been here
and hadn’t taken her and her family on a tour at the site. In fact,
I’m sure that her side of the story is very different, and it probably
starts a lot earlier than her story did for me, but I know that
certain things were set up in certain ways so that everything could
work out for her to follow the example of our Savior.

I’m so grateful for the tools the Lord has blessed us with to help His
work progress, especially a tool so big as the Priesthood Restoration
Site. Robin asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost at her baptism.
As I prepared I considered the things the Holy Ghost does for us and
why we need not only the influence of the Holy Ghost, but the gift of
the Holy Ghost. At her baptism, Robin shared a strong testimony of the
gospel. She testified of the Book of Mormon and why we need it in our
lives. And also why we need a Savior. While I listened to her talk I
felt Heavenly Father’s love encircle the room. I know that He is so
proud of Robin and the choices she has made. I’m grateful for the
things I’ve learned here and the miracles I’ve been able to witness.

Apparently I’m just so full of gratitude this week. Gratitude for the
people I know here and the experiences I’ve had. I’m grateful for the
Spirit and the truth it teaches us. I’m grateful for the scriptures
which testify of Christ. I’m grateful for the priesthood which allows
us to perform saving ordinances such as baptism. I’m grateful for the
fullness of the gospel. I’m grateful for my Savior, that He has
allowed me to use the Atonement and help others know how they can do
the same. I’m grateful for Robin, that she has made righteous choices
that are bringing her closer to her Father in Heaven.

Now that I’ve literally written a novel, I hope you have a wonderful
week! I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

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The Phone Call Miracle! – Bethlehem #14

Hello friends and family!

We had a CRAZY week!! And so many miracles!!

A joke that Sister Brunsdale and I have going on every time we check
the phone, we ask each other, “Did anyone call or text us asking if
they could get baptized?” One morning I asked this and after seeing
that no one had called or texted us I said, “One of these days that’s
going to happen, I just know it!”

Last week at 11:30  p.m. our phone started going off. Sister Brunsdale
turned it off and I asked her if someone was calling us. She replied,
“No, it was an alarm.” We went back to bed and forgot about it. A few
days after that Sister Brunsdale is all, “I’m going to delete that
alarm from a few days ago so that doesn’t happen again.” So she looks
through the alarms and it’s nowhere to be found! We decide to look
through our missed calls and see that we have a missed call from a
former investigator named B…, from 11:30 p.m.! So we look at her
teaching record and it says that the sisters had taught her back in
September but before their second appointment she had called them to
tell them no thanks and she wanted to stay going to the church she had
just joined. We called her back but she didn’t answer. We assumed it
had probably been a mistake since she hadn’t tried to get in contact
with us since, and we forgot about it for the rest of the day. For the
next couple of days I could not stop thinking about B…! Finally I
told Sister Brunsdale that I had been thinking about B… a lot and
thought we should call her. Sister Brunsdale had the same thoughts so
we decided to give her a call. She didn’t answer again, so we left a
message. A few hours later we went back to our car and asked the
infamous, “Did anyone call or text us?” We checked the phone and saw
that we had a missed call and a voicemail from B…! In the
voicemail B… says, “Hi, this is B…, I had talked to you back
in the summertime and told you I had just been baptized into a church
and you asked me if I wanted to be baptized into Christ’s church, and
I decided that I do.” Wait, what? Disbelieving that this is real we
called B… back and set up a time to meet with her.

On Saturday we went to her house for the lesson. Wow, she is the
cutest thing ever!! Before we even sang the opening hymn or anything
she’s all, “Yeah, I want to be baptized. I want to be a Mormon.” She
didn’t even take a moments hesitation to say yes when we invited her
to be baptized! She’s so excited to read the Book of Mormon! She is
the cutest thing ever! She has a baptismal date of April 10! as if
this story isn’t already completely insane, we went to the church
yesterday for ward council, we had gotten there early so we were just
sitting in the hall waiting. The ward that starts at 9 was in the
middle of sacrament meeting and all the sudden this man comes out of
the chapel and walks down the hall towards us (really towards the
doors, but he stopped to say hello to us). He asks us our names and
where we’re from, tells us he’s from Idaho, then makes a connection
with both of us because we’re both from Utah (you know, the usual),
then he says, “I can just feel it, you are going to have a baptism
soon.” He repeats this two more times and with each time gets more and
more teary-eyed. Then without another word he walks out the main
doors, gets in his car and drives away. Sister Brunsdale and I look at
each other and start laughing with how ridiculous and crazy this all

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about change! Change is such an
important thing, especially when learning about the gospel. To repent
is to change. How wonderful is the change in someone who is accepting
the gospel? In this area getting to see the changes that the new ward
mission leader is going through as he fulfills his calling, the change
of the other leaders, the change of those we have taught, the change
of this area, and the change that I’ve gone through since being here.
Relying on Heavenly Father is essential in missionary work, and life
in general. The power of prayer is real! Heavenly Father answered so
many of our prayers this week by providing CRAZY miracles that I’m
pretty sure our district leader still doesn’t believe….

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

Susquehanna #9

Hello friends and family!! First of all I just want to say congratulations to my baby sister on making the varsity soccer team!! Whoo! I know none of us are surprised, but I’m so proud of you! And congratulations to Tara R…!! My mom sent me a picture, you look absolutely stunning!!

Wow. What a rough week here in Susquehanna. Our new investigator that I talked about last week, F…, dropped us because she had some things come up and she doesn’t feel ready for the gospel. I am so sad about her! It’s crazy, everyone keeps dropping us. It’s devastating, really.

On a better note, the D… family is doing amazing!! They are so excited to go to the temple to do baptisms at the end of the month! I just love them so so so much! The S… family, (they were baptized about a year ago) decided that they wanted to do something that would help them progress in the gospel, and they asked us if we would have family home evening at their house so that we could help them know what to do for fhe. It was so fun and we talked about gratitude and I know that they all felt closer as a family afterwards and that they will continue to grow closer!

Sister Gomm & Sister Johnstone

Sister Gomm & Sister Johnstone

Another plus, we had zone training in Scranton this week and I don’t think I mentioned this before, but Sister Johnstone is one of my sister training leaders! So I got to see her! Also Elder Beckstead who was in my mtc district is in my zone now, so that was exciting to see him!

We met this family that we taught the restoration to and they invited us to come back this upcoming Saturday! I am excited to really start teaching them and helping them! It’s crazy because our investigators keep dropping us, but we are still seeing miracles and meeting so many amazing people!! I just love Susquehanna so much!

Aaronic Priesthood Restoration Site - New church building and visitor's center.

Aaronic Priesthood Restoration Site – New church building and visitor’s center.

Other exciting news that I actually found out a couple of weeks ago but never mentioned, I am going to be in the visitor’s center up here!!! It will be finished in September, but we have training that will start at the end of this month! No one really knows what’s going on still, and we are just telling everyone about it and inviting them all to come! A lot of people in the area are super excited to go and see everything when it’s done!

Youth Conference stop at the Susquehanna River.

Youth Conference stop at the Susquehanna River.

On Saturday we had a devotional with a stake that came here for youth conference! Our branch president gave their stake president our phone number and he called us a few days before and asked if we could talk about what happened at the Susquehanna River and talk a little bit about personal revelation because that was the theme for their youth conference. So Saturday morning we headed down to the river a little bit early and talked to some people who were down there who had been at the Palmyra temple the day before (funny because the youth conference group had also been there the day before), and waited for the youth group to get there. Once they all started coming down they ran right to the river and were all yelling and skipping rocks and splashing in the river. The leaders gathered everyone around and Sister Brown and I started talking about everything that happened there and how Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized and received the Aaronic Priesthood there. The spirit was so strong and I could tell as I testified that the spirit was touching the hearts of the youth there. Afterwards we headed up to the cemetery and showed them Elizabeth and Isaac Hale’s graves and Emma and Joseph’s child’s grave. As we were leaving the river everyone was so respectful and reverent. It was so cool to see the difference from when they had arrived to when they left. The spirit was so strong and I’m so glad I could meet so many amazing people!

I love the people here so much, and I love being a missionary and I love Susquehanna! Even though almost all of our appointments fell through this week and we are struggling to find people I’ve never been happier in my entire life! The gospel brings so much joy! I was reading in Luke chapter 1 this morning and I love verses 46 and 47. In this chapter Mary finds out that she will be the mother of the Son of God. From the moment she finds this out she doesn’t question it. She has so much faith and in verses 46 and 47 she says, “My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.” I want to be like that. I want everything I do to magnify the Lord. I want people who know me to know my Savior because of what I do and how I act. I love this gospel, I’m so grateful for it! Mary is such a wonderful example to me of faith and diligence. She submits to God’s will and I’m so grateful for her example.

I hope you all have a great week! I love you to the moon and back!!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Book of Mormon Challenge – Downingtown #10

Hola friends and family! So. This week consisted of our three favorite things. Finding, finding, and more finding! We still aren’t really getting anywhere with it. But we know there’s people out there who are ready for the gospel, we just need to find them!! 


We invited our ward and the West Chester Ward to do the Book of Mormon challenge. For the Book of Mormon challenge you are to follow the instructions below and prayerfully decide on who to give your Book of Mormon to and deliver your copy to them within TEN DAYS. Here’s what you need to do:


Book of Mormon Challenge


First page–write your testimony
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 59, (Spanish 70) and www.mormon.org

At the top of page 59 (Spanish 70)–write: Read 2 Nephi 2:27
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 310 (Spanish 372, 373)At the top of page 310 (Spanish 372, 373)–write: Read Alma 41:3-7, 10
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 459 (Spanish 554)

At the top of page 459 (sp 554)–write: Read 3 Nephi 27:13-16
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 529 (Spanish 640)

At the top of page 529 (sp 640)– write: Read Moroni 10:4-7
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page 530 (Spanish 641)–write: Know it is true–Act

At the top of page 531 (Spanish 642)–write: Read Moroni 10:32-33
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Go to the beginning and read this Book!


My commitment to all of you is to do this; write your testimony in the front cover of a copy of the Book of Mormon, follow the instructions and then pray about who you should give the Book to. Then give it to them within the next ten days! I know that by doing this Heavenly Father will bless you and that by sharing your testimony with others you can strengthen your own testimony and it will bring you closer to Christ. I know each of you will be able to do this(; even in good old Provo Utah, there are people out there waiting to hear about the restored gospel!


We already gave away a copy of the Book of Mormon this way, and we are teaching her the Restoration on Saturday! It’s a great way to help people know what they can read rather than mindlessly wandering through the Book. Plus it’s always great to have a friend’s testimony written in the cover of a very special Book! (: 

Valley Forge Zone Selfie

On Thursday we had zone training, which was so good, as always!
On Saturday our Ward had a talent show. There are some very talented people here, and some people who just know how to make us all laugh(: it was great. 


We’ve talked to TONS of people this past week. We have Because He Lives pass along cards that we’re supposed to keep track of how many we hand out as part of the initiative, and Sister Ipson and I were given a lot because pretty much all we do is go finding and we still ran out three times in the past two weeks! But luckily our district leader and our zone leaders AND the Elders in our ward have come to the rescue every time and given us more to hand out! But as of right now our mission only has however many each of us missionaries have. They’ve ordered tons more, but they haven’t come in yet! So hopefully we will get those soon, otherwise we will be out for good! 


This week we also had C… and L… and two other people say they were coming to church on Sunday, and none of them did! So that was really sad, but we still have high hopes for this upcoming week!


Also, our appointments with C… and L… this week all fell through. Super lame! 
On a good note, yesterday the Elder’s investigator, E…, got baptized!! It was so great to see him get baptized and share his special day. I can’t wait for this upcoming Sunday when he is confirmed! (:
image1 (4)b 4x6

Sister Ipson, E… & Sister Gomm (Brother W… in the back)

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. 
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (: