Craziest Week!! – Susquehanna #11

Hello friends and family!!

Wow. This week has been the craziest week! I know I say that every week, but I really mean it this time!! SO many of our appointments fell through, it was so sad!! But on Wednesday we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders!! Sister Johnstone and I went to Tunkhannock and Sister Brown stayed in Susquehanna with Sister Nielson! I LOVE Sister Johnstone!!! It was just like old times, my first transfer in the ppm (: it was seriously so fun to go on exchanges with my trainer!! We literally didn’t have a quiet moment. I just love her so much!!

This week was super stressful and everyone kept asking us things about the visitors center and about everything that’s going to be happening up here and we didn’t have any answers so I was super stressed out! Our district leader had been in Montrose for the afternoon so we called him to ask if he was still in Montrose and if he was if he could give me a blessing. So we call him and he’s all, “I’m actually in Great Bend right now, where can I meet you?” Ah I was seriously so grateful that he was so much closer and it wasn’t out of his way to come here! So we’re trying to think of somewhere he can meet us and Sister Brown is all, “Meet us at the Susquehanna river.” So we drive down to the river and Elder Moriera gave me a blessing at the river in the pouring rain. I love the priesthood. I love it so much, and I’m so grateful for it! I felt so peaceful after that and despite the fact that we still had no idea what was going on I knew that Heavenly Father had it all under control and I didn’t need to worry about it! (:

On Friday morning we went and did service at the restoration site and pulled weeds. It was actually so much fun to get to talk with everyone there (Sisters Simmons, Francis, and Elder and Sister Lingman (senior couple) were all there), We barely had any time to do our weekly planning because we had so many people to see! It was crazy.

On Sunday we went to church and during Sunday School we went to the Branch President’s office with the D…s’ and the Richardson’s (other senior couple) and worked on their family history for names to take to the temple for baptisms! Then during the third hour the D…s’ had their temple recommend interview and throughout all of relief society I am wondering about the D…s’ and how it’s going for them. Then finally, K… walks in and sits on the opposite end of the room from me so I mouth to her, “How did it go??” And in response she holds up her temple recommend!! I seriously almost started crying tears of joy!! I am SO excited for them!!!!!! We are still trying to figure the details out with the temple, because we were supposed to go this Saturday, but another surprise! The visitor’s center actually opens this Saturday!! So we don’t know if we can go to the temple with them or not…. We’re figuring out the details with the visitor’s center director. Needless to say, either way I am SO happy they got their temple recommends!! It has been a long time coming, and I cannot wait for them to go to the temple to do baptisms!!

So after church Sister Brown and I went to our appointments, and one of them fell through, so we were just going to do finding up in the area we were in.. But right after the appointment fell through the Assistants called us and asked us if we would be at our apartment at 3:30 because they had all of the other visitor center sisters with them. We look at the time and it’s already 3:10 and we were a half hour away so we get home at about 3:40 and wait for them all to show up. We sat on our landlord’s porch and talked to her as we waited… and waited… and waited! So 4:10 rolls around and we call the assistants and ask them where they are!! And they say, “Sisters, we are so sorry! We’ve been at the restoration site for the past 40 minutes, we’ll be to your apartment soon!” So we go back in our house to go to the bathroom and as we’re getting ready to go back out President Anderson calls us and tells us that I’m going to be moving out of the house I’m in and Sister Brown will be staying there with three other sisters who have been in the mission for about 5 weeks. And I am going to be training one of the GOLDENS who just got here from the mtc on Saturday!!!! YAY!! So about 15 minutes later, Sister Anderson, President, the Assistants, and 8 sister missionaries show up!!! We all go into our tiny house and drop off luggage and President comes up to me and says, “Sister Gomm, this is Sister Larsen, she just got here yesterday, and she is your new companion.” Oh my goodness. I LOVE Sister Larsen!!! She is the BEST!!!!!!!! She really is golden!! So we are part time visitor’s center missionaries and the rest of the time we will be proselyting!

So we all walk over to the Biesinger’s (senior couple) house and had dinner with all 12 visitor center sisters, 10 senior missionaries, President and Sister Anderson and the Assistants. Can you say too many missionaries in one house?? It was insane.

So we still don’t know what’s going on really, we just know that we are starting visitor’s center training tonight!!!!!!! I am so excited and I love being a missionary! I’m sorry this is so long and everywhere, but I hope you all have an amazing week!! I love you to the moon and back!!


Sister Gomm (:


Miracles and Blessings and Answers to Prayers – Sister Necklaces


Ally wearing the necklace that Sammy gave her. Sister Gomm has a matching necklace.

Message to Sister Gomm from her sister, Ally:

Okay now I want to tell you about an experience I had today. You know how we have matching necklaces? Well I went to the Temple on Tuesday with Brooky and some of my other friends. I passed by the MTC and couldn’t help but wonder what you were doing in there. The Temple was SO PACKED! We had to wait a good 30-40 minutes before we could get our clothes. Then all of the benches were full of people who were waiting to do just Baptisms for the Dead. We had to sit in the extra, extra waiting room. I’m getting beside the point, so Me and Brooky had to share a locker and I took off my necklace because I didn’t want it to get wet. Then we went and did Baptisms, Taylor’s mom gave us some of their family names, then we went in for confirmations, got dressed, Taylor’s parents took us out for ice cream and then we went home. We left the house at 6:15 and got back home at 11 o’clock. I didn’t realize till about an hour before I went to mutual, which was at 6:30 on Wednesday, that the necklace you gave me wasn’t on me and I didn’t remember grabbing it from the locker. I remembered where it was and everything, but I never grabbed it before we left. Of course, knowing me, I cried, no surprise there. So right after school today mom and dad took me to the temple and I had to wait while mom checked the lost and found, because it was back behind the doors that you need to be endowed to enter. I was sitting out there and I loved to see the happy faces of all the Older Women that passed by me giving me big smiles as they were walking in and out of the temple. After maybe 5 minutes, mom walked out of the doors holding that golden necklace. I was so thankful and I gave mom a hug then we went back to the car. Dad was waiting outside by the curb for us. When I told him we found it, he said to mom, “You never should of found it.” Then he just smiled at me and said, ” but how could you not find it?” I could feel the spirit so strong as we drove away. When mom was explaining what it was like back there she was saying that there were so many other pieces of jewelry piled into containers and they were separated in baggies and marked by what day they were found. There was another lady helping her look through everything and the lady was actually the one to find it. Having this simple thing happen to me really showed me how much the Lord helps us. I am so very grateful for the Lord’s hand to be helping me in every aspect of my life.

[written by Sammy’s sister]