2nd Transfer Down – Downingtown #12

Hello friends and family!!
I can’t believe I’ve been out here for two transfers already!! Time is
literally flying by!! Anyways, Sister Ipson and I are both staying in
Downingtown!! I am SO happy I get to stay here for another transfer!!
I love this area(:

So this week was crazy. The first part of the week was SO rough! Haha.
But we had an AMAZING district meeting this week! Elder Kunz, the area
70 (I’ve mentioned him before I’m pretty sure), and his wife came to
our district meeting and they talked about the Plan of Salvation and
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was SO amazing!! I love them so much!!

april 27 a

Our district and our zone leaders, Elder and Sister Kunz, and two members from our ward.

Later that day Sister Kunz came with us to one of our new
investigators, C…’s house. We shared a short message because they
had originally said that now wasn’t a good time, but then had actually
let us in! We showed Because He Lives with her son (C… has
already seen the video), but after showing it we all talked about
Christ and all the things he has done for us. The spirit was so strong
and I could just feel Heavenly Father’s love that He has for this
family! They are so special. (:

After that, we went to a less active’s house. Her name is S…, so we
go and her roommate answers and tells us she’s not here, so we start
talking to her roommate instead, her name is C…. We go in and
showed Because He Lives and talked about how God loves each of us. It
was great and C… wants us to come back again this week! So
we’re standing up to leave and S… walks in the door!! So we sit
right back down and talk to S… about the Restoration! It was so
great! (:

So we were supposed to have a member come with us to teach a less
active man in our ward on Friday afternoon. But on Thursday evening
the member called us and told us she wasn’t going to be able to come!
So Sister Ipson and I are calling everyone we can think of! And
there’s no luck!! So we’re calling and texting people until way late
and we decide to just wait until the morning because it’s almost time
for us to go to bed anyways. So first thing in the morning we are
calling and texting EVERYONE. And no one can come!! So finally after
talking to FORTY women in our ward, yes FORTY! Someone FINALLY said
they could come! And she offered to pick us up early and took us to
lunch beforehand! It was seriously a miracle!! So we go to this less
active’s house and we talked about the restoration. The spirit was SO
strong!! And he made a commitment to go to the temple in June!! We are
so excited for him and are looking forward to helping him get to the
temple! (: After that we had another lesson that another member was
coming to, but when we got there the lady we were supposed to teach
said now wasn’t a good time, ūüė¶ so we took the member finding with us
for a bit!! Then after that we met up with our district leader because
him and his companion were doubling into our area. After we finally
got to start our weekly planning we went to visit N…! (The recent
convert who got the Melchizedek Priesthood a few weeks ago). Oh man, I
LOVE N…! He is the best!! When we got there he asked the three of us
(Me, Sister Ipson, and the member who came with us) if we wanted a
glass of water. After I said I didn’t, he was all, “you’re right, you
don’t because I bought you apple cider!” Haha! He gave us apple cider
and doughnuts and told us about how “being a Mormon is the best thing
that’s ever happened to me.” Oh, I seriously love him! He’s the

So Friday night was when we heard that we would both be
staying!! I’m so glad we have another transfer together so I don’t
have to get another new companion! Sadly, one of the Elders in our
ward and our district leader are both being transferred! ūüė¶ I’m so sad
our district leader is being transferred!

This week I have really come to understand Christ’s and Heavenly
Father’s love for each of us. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan
for us. And He has made that plan easier by giving us things for us to
do to show our faith and to return to live with Him again. I know He
loves me. I know He loves the people I’ve met. I’ve felt that love.
It’s so crazy to be able to see people as Christ sees them. To love
them unconditionally, even when they don’t accept what we have to
share with them. I seriously love the people here! I love being a
missionary! And I love all of you! Have a wonderful week!
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

april 27 c

Sister Ipson and I and the Elders in our ward!


april 27 b

Sister Ipson, me, Elder Blume, and Elder Owen. This was right after Elder Blume and I talked about how my mom and his step-mom know each other and both told us about each other.


Q & A – Downingtown Area

I asked Sister Gomm some questions and here are her responses.
Questions for you:
Name of area you are serving?
The name of the area I am serving is Downingtown East. We have Elders also serving in our ward, they are Downingtown West. Most people just say the Downingtown Sisters or the Downingtown Elders.


Ward(s) that you attend?
Our ward is the¬†Downingtown ward.¬†¬†All of¬†the missionaries here just serve in one ward. I’m pretty sure that’s¬†how it is for most missions besides Utah and possibly Arizona and


Name of your District?
I don’t know what the name¬†of our district is…or if we have a name…I just know that our zone¬†is the Valley Forge Zone (technically the valley forge east or west,¬†but I can’t remember which one it is).


How many areas in your district?
In our district we have us, the¬†Downingtown Elders, the Valley Forge Sisters, and the West Chester Spanish Elders. They are a “zebra companionship” – Elder Owen (district leader)¬†is English, and Elder Blume, his companion, is Spanish. Their ward isn’t¬†a Spanish ward, but everyone who speaks Spanish in this area goes¬†there (they just have the headsets that translate for them).¬†


Last transfer we had those¬†same areas except for the Valley Forge Sisters and instead had the¬†other West Chester Elders, but one of the West Chester Elders became a¬†district leader for the other district in our zone so they couldn’t be¬†in our district anymore.


What service projects did you work on this past week?
The only service we did this week was our weekly visit to Simpson¬†Meadows, where we go hang out with old people. Last weeks visit was so¬†funny because the man I was with kept swearing. We help the people¬†who have a certain disease, I can’t remember what it is… But they¬†don’t really know what their talking about, and their sentences never¬†match up or make sense, but they are awesome!! We also helped a less¬†active clean her apartment!


What do you do for General Conference (watch it at the church)?
For general conference we watch it at members houses. Sister Ipson and¬†I are most likely going to the church for the Saturday evening¬†session, but other than that we go to members homes!! If you can, they¬†want us to watch it with investigators, but that’s most likely not¬†happening for us.

[email from Sister Gomm 3/30/2015]