Not today, Satan. Not today. – Bethlehem #6

Wow. I think this has been one of, if not THE craziest week of my
entire mission! Sorry for the novel!

So Tuesday. We went finding all day and in the evening we had planned
stop by a potential investigator that the sisters before us had talked
to a bit, but never really taught her. She seemed very promising so we
decided to go over. We knock and a woman answers. Before we can even
say hello she’s all, “Hello Sisters!! Please, come in!” Sister Torres
and I look at each other and I’m just thinking, okay this never
happens, something good has got to come out of this! So we go in and
get to know her better. She was making dinner and offered us some
food. We decline a little at first because we had a dinner appointment
in 2 hours. She’s all, “No, I want you to have this food!” So she
starts pulling food out of the fridge and dishing it onto plates for
us. Then she pours us some of the green smoothie she had just made.
After a few minutes her daughter comes down and starts talking to us.
It’s fine at first and they’re telling us about themselves and asking
us questions about the church and everything. Then the daughter is
all, “My mom has some crazy stories. If they wrote a bible today,
she’s be one of the prophets to write in it.” Meanwhile we’re eating
and suddenly I realize that neither of them are eating anything. So
her mom starts telling us this story about this man she used to date.
It was crazy, one minute were sitting there and everything is fine.
Then suddenly the spirit is gone and I’m trying to make a game plan to
get out of there. Now, I will be the first to admit that I get scared
easily, so I’m basically freaking out while she’s telling us this
story about her boyfriend who was involved in some satanic stuff.
Luckily she didn’t go into detail about this and I’m thinking we’re
getting to a stopping point where I can intercept the conversation and
we can get out of there! So I start thanking them for having us over
and feeding us when the daughter interrupts me and tells us her mom
has this other crazy story. So I’m thinking okay, if it’s anything
like the first story we’ll just get through it quick and get out of
there. The mom proceeds into the next story and wow. If the spirit
wasn’t there before, it definitely, definitely, definitely wasn’t
there now. I’m literally about to make a beeline for the door as this
woman begins to tell us this crazy story from the job she used to have
and these people she met who were into voodoo stuff and I’m literally
about to cry because of how terrible all of this is and I’m just
praying she won’t start doing voodoo stuff to us. This whole time I’ve
been looking at my watch and it’s been about an hour and a half since
we first got there, if we don’t leave now we’re going to be late to
our dinner appointment. So again, we try to wrap things up, but she’s
not done telling us her story, so she keeps going for another
forty-five minutes! Sister Torres and I keep making eye contact and
finally, finally she’s done telling her story and before anyone can
jump into another story we tell them we have to leave and we get out
of there as fast as we can! We call the people we’re going to dinner
with and apologize for being late but tell them we’re on our way!
Luckily the members we had dinner with are so amazing and we just
talked about the Book of Mormon the whole dinner appointment.

The next day we went out finding in the morning and ran into some
Jehovah Witnesses. We had just finished talking to someone they were
going to talk to so they were waiting for us on the sidewalk until we
were done talking to the person they were supposed to see. So once
we’re done one of them waves and says, “Hello Sisters!” So we go over
and start talking to them. Then one of them who is new to the mission
field (or whatever they call it.) starts telling us that everything we
believe is wrong and just goes on and on so we can’t say anything
(this happens to us WAY too often). He’s basically trying to throw our
beliefs to the gutter, but we just smiled and thanked him for sharing
his testimony with us. Then of course, I can’t help it and I’m all,
“Can we take a picture with you?” Haha so whoot, selfie with the

That same day we had a lesson with our investigator we’ve been working
with and we had planned on teaching the second half of the plan of
salvation because we hadn’t finished it during the last lesson. So it
starts off pretty good, he tells us about what he read in the Book of
Mormon since the last time we saw him. He asks us a few questions
about the plan of salvation then he’s all, “I don’t have any problems
with any of this, I just have one problem…” He then starts talking
about all of the problems he has with temples. He read and saw some
anti material and went into way too much detail. The same feeling we
had had yesterday while at the other lady’s house is back and the
spirit is gone. He just goes on and on and on without letting anyone
say anything (we had two members with us). I literally have tears
falling down my face by now and Sister Torres so beautifully explains
the difference between secret and sacred but he was just not having
it. Needless to say, we didn’t finish teaching the plan of salvation
but luckily, we ended with the spirit there.

Literally right after that lesson we go straight to another lesson
with Brother H…. We taught him the plan of salvation and we ran
out of time before we could finish, so we stop and set up a return
appointment to finish the lesson and Brother H… is all, “Sister
Gomm, if you died today do you think you’d go to the Celestial
Kingdom?” I was so taken off guard by his question, but I just told
him it isn’t for me to decide. But he would not take that as an
answer. He kept asking me and by this point I’m just laughing at
everything that has happened all in one day.

Thursday we had district meeting then went to lunch with the south
side sisters. Later we had a dinner appointment with our neighbor and
in the evening we went to a members house until 10 because we were
given permission to stay out late if we were with a member!

Friday we had transfer calls and found out that I will be staying and
Sister Torres will be leaving. Saturday Brother H… called us
five minutes into personal study and asked us what was happening with
both of us. He was so upset Sister Torres is getting transferred and
he talked to us for 45 minutes!! It would have been longer but our
mission president started calling us so we just cut him off finally
and told him we had to go. President was calling us because I’m going
to be training again!!!!! Yay!! Sister Torres will get her new
companion on Tuesday, we’re driving down to Broomall in the morning.
Sister Foster and I will then spend the rest of Tuesday together (She
was my sister training leader when I was in Downingtown), and we’ll
get our goldens on Wednesday!!! Whoo!!!!

Later in the day on Saturday we had a lesson with the investigator who
had looked at the anti material. I was so nervous for the lesson and I
was scared it would turn out just like the last one had. When we got
there though he was listening so intently and the lesson was so
wonderful. At the end, he pointed out how he could feel the spirit so
strongly and so far everything he’s learned he thinks has been good!
I’m so grateful the spirit worked with him and helped us to know what
to say and do to help him.

For the rest of Saturday we went finding and we went to this one
specific area that we weren’t having any luck in. We knocked on this
door and a boy answered and went and got his dad. Sister Torres asked
him if he believes in God. He told us he didn’t and we asked what led
him to that conclusion. He then went into a full on rant about the
priesthood, Joseph Smith, the Hill Cumorah, literally anything and
everything. After about ten minutes of him yelling at us Sister Torres
interrupts and says, “You’re obviously not interested in what we have
to say, have a great day.” We turn and start walking away and he keeps
yelling at us about how there’s nothing in the Hill Cumorah and we
don’t have evidence. For a solid minute he keeps yelling at us and we
start laughing because of how ridiculous this all is. I mean, he’s
right. There’s nothing in the Hill Cumorah now. But the Book of Mormon
is the evidence that Christ’s gospel is here on the earth. I’m not
here to convince people of this, I’m just here to present the
information to them and they do the rest. It just made me so sad for
that man. I’m not saying he has to believe what I believe, but why
would anyone think that God would be proud of you for yelling at
someone and being so rude to people you just met? No matter your

To finish the week church was cancelled on Sunday because we didn’t
have heat in our building. Luckily we went to the Nazareth building
for the Easton ward’s services and Brother H… came! Some others
from our ward were there too and it was actually the perfect end to a
crazy week! Plus it was my birthday so Brother H… had dinner
and a cake for us! The cutest couple came with us and Brother
H… shared his testimony and talked about the priesthood and how
he wants to get it as soon as he understands more about the gospel!

The number one thing that has stood out to me the most this week is
that the Book of Mormon is true. It answers questions of the soul and
helps us understand God’s plan for us. Satan is tempting people so
much because he knows great things are about to happen. He’s working
so hard, but as we live the commandments, we will have peace and
surety in our lives and we will be able to withstand satan’s

I hope you have a wonderful week, I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Gomm


Short one this week, sorry mom! – Bethlehem #2

Friends and family!!

I mentioned last week that we were working with a less active man, who
wants to gain a testimony… Wow. He is so awesome! We met with him a
couple of times this past week and he is so funny. We watched the
Christmas Devotional with him last night. He loved it!! He is
progressing so well, it’s so great to see his testimony be

We are just really trying to help this little (actually huge) town of
Bethlehem find the gospel! We have literally no one that we are
teaching right now, so we have been doing TONS of finding! We were
going through the people in our area book during lunch one day and
found someone named D…. He is a potential investigator that the
sisters met but have never actually taught. We decided to go and see
him and when we knocked on the door a woman answered. She was not
happy that we were there at first but once we got talking she went and
got D…. D… came out and E… (the woman) sat on the porch. She
ignored us and we started the conversation with D…. D… told us
that he would love for us to come and teach him and all the sudden
E… is all, “You know, I’m really interested too. Plus, I’ve always
thought it would be cool to go on one of these mission things.” We
told them that they could go as a couple, but they would have to get
married first. E… lit up and showed us her hand with a ring on her
ring finger, “Hey, we’re working on it!!” We set up a return
appointment with them, and we are seeing them later this week! This
was literally an answer to my prayers! I can’t wait to start teaching
them! They are the cutest!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the things I’ve learned since I
started my mission. I went back and wrote down all of the commitments
I’ve been given that I still haven’t done throughout my mission. I
can’t remember if I wrote about this already or not, but it’s my goal
to make myself a “progressing missionary” by fulfilling all of the
commitments I’ve been given. It hasn’t been easy, in fact it’s kind of
overwhelming looking at my list and seeing all of the things I haven’t
done! But it has made the biggest difference so far. My faith has been
strengthened and my love for the gospel has increased sooo much! I’m
so grateful for it, and for Jesus Christ and for all He has done for
each of us.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you to the moon and back!!

Sister Gomm (:

Susquehanna #17

Hello everyone!

Wow. What a crazy week! Sister Larsen and I never seem to have time
for anything, it’s crazy!

One night this week Sister Larsen and I were at the gas station
getting gas for our truck and we always go in and say hello to the
elders quorum president because he works there! So afterwards we go in
to say hello and ask how his day was and everything and there were two
important things that we needed to ask him about. As the conversation
kept going I kept having the thought that we should just leave. I was
very puzzled by this because we hadn’t asked him either of our two
questions yet! Without asking our questions though we said goodbye and
got going. Sister Larsen and I both mentioned how strange it was that
we both had the same thought and walked back to the car. There was a
car on the other side using the other pump and as we got closer I
thought about zone conference earlier that week and how President
Anderson had talked about how we need to talk to everyone. As we got
closer I couldn’t find anyone at the car and opened my door to get in.
Right at the last minute I saw someone and said hello and then
recognized that I knew her! It was one of our long lost investigators
S…! We’ve been trying to get back in contact with her but keep
missing her and the number we had for her wasn’t the right one. So we
start talking to her and ask if we can have her number again. So she
gives us her number and then also gave us her cell phone number too!
She was surprised to see us, especially because she was just getting
gas and going right back home! It was too perfect how the timing all
worked out(; now if we can just talk to the elders quorum president
and ask him our questions……(;

This week was pretty bittersweet. None of our recent converts that
we’ve been working with watched conference this weekend… And so many
of the talks were things I know they needed to hear! But hey, that’s
why we have the Internet and they can look them up later! But we did
have 3 investigators watch at least one session of conference! A…,
a woman Sister Brown and I met awhile ago came! Sister Larsen and I
had had a lesson with her on Thursday and she is the coolest! She
likes to learn about a lot of religions, but doesn’t really know what
she believes. She came to the first session on Sunday. She enjoyed it,
but mentioned that it was “a lot more touchy-feely than I imagined”
hahaha! I guess that’s one way to put that you were feeling the
spirit(; she’s coming to the visitors center later this week for a
tour and we are having another lesson later this week as well, we’ll
see how it goes!!

Something I’ve really come to love on my mission is finding!! I’ve
done a lot of it too! I just love talking to people and getting to
know them and learning a little bit of their story and testifying of
truth to them. Oftentimes you don’t have very much time to talk to
people, so I’ve learned to testify right away. I love sharing what I
know to be true. It’s crazy how fast and simply you can touch the
hearts of others. I’m so grateful for the spirit that helps us when we
are testifying to people. Sister Larsen and I have made it a goal to
not just talk to everyone, but to talk about the gospel with everyone.
We went to a bible study class at the Methodist church and it was so
interesting to hear them talk about what they believe. It made me sad
that none of them felt like they knew they could achieve living in
God’s presence again. That’s why I’m so grateful for our knowledge of
the plan of salvation. That we can know how and what to do to be able
to live with our Heavenly Father again. I’m so grateful for this

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Susquehanna #10

Hello friends and family!

Wow. What a crazy week. Almost every single appointment that we had fell through! It was so sad! We did have a lesson with the D… family this week though and it went SO well!! We taught the word of wisdom as part of their reteaching, and wow. I just love the D… family SO much!! They are the best!!

We are trying to build our teaching pool so we’ve been doing A LOT of finding! I think we’re going to knock on every single door in this area by the time I leave here!! It’s so fun though, everyone here is so amazing!!

This upcoming week the rest of the visitors center missionaries are supposed to be coming up here. They’ve had them in trios throughout the mission and they’re bringing them all up here so we can start our training for the visitors center next week! It’s going to be exciting! Really no one knows what’s going on still and all of our branch members keep asking us what’s going to happen but none of us know! I’m excited to find out though!

Last Monday we had family home evening at our branch mission leaders house with a less active member that the great bend sisters are actually teaching, but it was SO fun!! They have the funniest traditions for fhe! It was the best!

This week Sister Brown and I were looking over our notes that we had taken from the mtc. It was so cool to re-read all of those things that I had written down then. I have learned so much from them, it’s crazy! One thing that was clearly talked about a lot was that we need to talk to everyone. And that is the truth! It’s so important to talk to everyone because you never know who is ready to hear about the gospel!! Sister Brown and I are really working on that this week!!

I’m sorry this is so short, but just know that I know that this church is true! I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t. I love this gospel so much, it’s so important to live it in every part of our lives. I truly am so grateful for it. The Book of Mormon is true. It’s such an amazing book. If you haven’t read it, READ IT!!! Seriously. It will change your life for the better. I promise.

I love you to the moon and back!!


Sister Gomm (:

Book of Mormon Challenge – Downingtown #10

Hola friends and family! So. This week consisted of our three favorite things. Finding, finding, and more finding! We still aren’t really getting anywhere with it. But we know there’s people out there who are ready for the gospel, we just need to find them!! 


We invited our ward and the West Chester Ward to do the Book of Mormon challenge. For the Book of Mormon challenge you are to follow the instructions below and prayerfully decide on who to give your Book of Mormon to and deliver your copy to them within TEN DAYS. Here’s what you need to do:


Book of Mormon Challenge


First page–write your testimony
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 59, (Spanish 70) and

At the top of page 59 (Spanish 70)–write: Read 2 Nephi 2:27
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 310 (Spanish 372, 373)At the top of page 310 (Spanish 372, 373)–write: Read Alma 41:3-7, 10
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 459 (Spanish 554)

At the top of page 459 (sp 554)–write: Read 3 Nephi 27:13-16
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 529 (Spanish 640)

At the top of page 529 (sp 640)– write: Read Moroni 10:4-7
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page 530 (Spanish 641)–write: Know it is true–Act

At the top of page 531 (Spanish 642)–write: Read Moroni 10:32-33
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Go to the beginning and read this Book!


My commitment to all of you is to do this; write your testimony in the front cover of a copy of the Book of Mormon, follow the instructions and then pray about who you should give the Book to. Then give it to them within the next ten days! I know that by doing this Heavenly Father will bless you and that by sharing your testimony with others you can strengthen your own testimony and it will bring you closer to Christ. I know each of you will be able to do this(; even in good old Provo Utah, there are people out there waiting to hear about the restored gospel!


We already gave away a copy of the Book of Mormon this way, and we are teaching her the Restoration on Saturday! It’s a great way to help people know what they can read rather than mindlessly wandering through the Book. Plus it’s always great to have a friend’s testimony written in the cover of a very special Book! (: 

Valley Forge Zone Selfie

On Thursday we had zone training, which was so good, as always!
On Saturday our Ward had a talent show. There are some very talented people here, and some people who just know how to make us all laugh(: it was great. 


We’ve talked to TONS of people this past week. We have Because He Lives pass along cards that we’re supposed to keep track of how many we hand out as part of the initiative, and Sister Ipson and I were given a lot because pretty much all we do is go finding and we still ran out three times in the past two weeks! But luckily our district leader and our zone leaders AND the Elders in our ward have come to the rescue every time and given us more to hand out! But as of right now our mission only has however many each of us missionaries have. They’ve ordered tons more, but they haven’t come in yet! So hopefully we will get those soon, otherwise we will be out for good! 


This week we also had C… and L… and two other people say they were coming to church on Sunday, and none of them did! So that was really sad, but we still have high hopes for this upcoming week!


Also, our appointments with C… and L… this week all fell through. Super lame! 
On a good note, yesterday the Elder’s investigator, E…, got baptized!! It was so great to see him get baptized and share his special day. I can’t wait for this upcoming Sunday when he is confirmed! (:
image1 (4)b 4x6

Sister Ipson, E… & Sister Gomm (Brother W… in the back)

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. 
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (: