Provo MTC Missionary Drop-off

Here is a step-by-step of the drop-off.

We pulled into the MTC (along with many others).


They stop you to see who you have (which missionary is checking in) and put a sticky note on your windshield (a different color depending on if it is an Elder or a Sister).


We pulled up to the next available station.


Then we unloaded Sammy’s mission life belongings. The sticky note on your windshield lets the missionary hosts know if a Sister or Elder missionary should come help and escort the new missionary.


The Sister that was Sister Gomm’s host (Sister Gustafson) was so nice. She made us take our time. Then … Again with the Goodbyes!


Then we watched and waved as they walked up the little hill.

Yay for new adventures!

Yay for missionaries!


….but I’m not going to lie…. it’s not exactly easy to just drive away…

2015-01-21 13.00.15

[written by Sister Gomm’s┬ámom]