Hello!!! – Susquehanna #19

Hello friends and family!

What an interesting week! We met with our investigator K… this week!
We taught her the restoration, and it went pretty well! The best part
was when we asked her about the scriptures we had committed her to
read. She loved Alma 32:21 so much that she had to read it to us. Once
she was done reading it she’s all, “In fact, I love this scripture so
much, I would get a tattoo of it!” Hahaha! Totally caught off guard
and I had no idea what to say…. I think I just said, “Isn’t that
such a good scripture?? It’s so important to have faith…” Haha,
needless to say…. K… might have a tattoo of Alma 32:21 sometime
soon…… All joking aside though, I am really praying for K… that
she continues to read from the Book of Mormon and that she gains a
testimony of it and a desire to act on the faith she gains from
reading it. I don’t know where things are going to go with her, but I
have faith she will progress!! We’re meeting with her again on

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Brown! It was fun, just like
old times…. (8 weeks ago…) haha! But we went to visit the S…’s
and it was so great!! We shared Because He Lives and read a scripture
from the Book of Mormon. Sister Brown talked about a talk from general
conference and committed them to read it and the spirit was so so so
strong! It was one of the best lessons I’ve ever had with them which
was so great because I’ve really been trying to figure out what to do
with them and how to help them.. I think things will be looking up
from here!

On Saturday we went and saw R… and D…. Their daughter is L…,
the recent convert who is at byui (I know I’ve mentioned L…
before, and I think I mentioned R… not too long ago). But we talked
with R… and she is so so so awesome. She is so ready for the gospel
to be in her life, she’s just waiting for her husband! D… was there
when we went over, but he didn’t talk to us very much. R… came to
church though, and we are going over sometime this week to help her
with caramel apples for her reading class she teaches at the
elementary school. I’m so excited to get to know her better! I’m just
praying her husband’s heart will continue to be softened and he will
start taking the missionary lessons! I just love them so much!

The visitors’ center was SO busy this weekend! Everyone out west had
fall break (obviously, since that’s where basically all of you who
read this are), and they all decided to come here! It was seriously
insane, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like next summer,
especially around the time of the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It’s going to
be so fun!

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about this week is having a sense
of urgency. In the video we show at the visitors’ center you can tell
how Oliver Cowdery is so anxious to to get to Harmony and help however
he can with the restoration of the gospel. Samuel, Joseph’s brother,
even calls Oliver a white-tailed deer because he basically runs there
from Palmyra because he is so excited to meet Joseph. I think Oliver
is such a great example of acting on promptings we receive; and acting
quickly. God’s timing is often so important, and things could have
turned out differently if Oliver had waited. But he didn’t. He left
right away. He didn’t even give Satan any time to persuade him
otherwise. I think that’s something we can all apply to ourselves too.
Oliver acted as soon as he received his prompting. How often do we
wait too long to do what the Holy Ghost tells us to do? How often do
we ignore those promptings? What if Oliver had ignored those
promptings or waited too long and Satan had convinced him to stay in
Palmyra and not make the 135 mile journey here? What if Joseph didn’t
act on the prompting he received when they were translating about
baptism? What if they never followed the Holy Ghost to ask how to
return to live with God? What if we don’t talk to someone at the
grocery store when we feel like we should? What if we don’t try the
last door at 8:45 when we’re tired and cold, but we know the spirit is
prompting us to go there? How can you create a sense of urgency for
the gospel in your life? Who can you share it with? When will you
share it with them? Will you do as Christ did and talk to everyone,
even when you’re tired and in a hurry? We wouldn’t have the gospel
today if people didn’t act on the promptings they were receiving. It’s
an amazing blessing to have a member of the godhead directing and
guiding us every moment of every day if we let it. What will you do to
recognize and act on those promptings?

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Sammy Gomm (: