Never say Never!

mission callIn May, at high school graduation, Sammy had no intentions (that we knew about) of going on a mission. During the summer she surprised us by saying she wanted to serve. What a shock that was! Apparently she had been having thoughts about it before school ended, but nothing motivating enough to declare her change of heart.

Knowing she could submit her papers 4 months before her birthday, we quickly got all the necessary doctor and dentist appointments done, she completed her paperwork and had her interviews.

Starting on Monday she checked the mailbox everyday hoping that maybe it would be the day that a piece of paper would let her know where her future adventures would take her. Thursday night her bishop asked if her papers had come yet, since her mission had already been assigned. So, we thought for sure it would come on Friday (a week and a half after it had been submitted by her stake president), on October 4, 2014, and it did!

She got the mail and of course did a “yes jump” when she saw the wonderful white envelope that contained her mission call. She wasn’t ready to open it just yet, since she was headed to Salt Lake City for the day, but she didn’t want to wait until Saturday to open it. So around 11:15 p.m. she opened her call and then shared with us. She has been assigned to the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission starting January 21, 2015.

IMG_3082 IMG_3084 IMG_3088 IMG_3108opencall2 opencall1

[written by Sammy’s mom]