Hello friends and family!

This week was so great! The Lord is blessing us so much here in the
PPM, we have seen so many miracles and tender mercies from the Lord!

Some of the highlights for me from this week were:
Having a meeting with Elder Kent F. Richards who is of the seventy
with all the sisters. He taught us about the priesthood, temples, our
roles as women, eternal families and more. It was such a spiritual and
sacred experience, I know there were many prayers answered while with
Getting to see Elder and Sister Walker and Sisters Larsen and Francis
from the PRS! They came down to take a tour of the temple!
Three way exchange because Sister Kraft and I were scheduled to be at
the temple, but our companions were not.
Stopping by an investigator we haven’t been able to get in contact
with and she let us right in for a lesson and she really wants to come
to the temple!
Helping members move and an amazing sacrament meeting at church.
Discussing more the hashtag we are going to use for the public tours
of the temple! The missionaries in our ward have decided we’re going
to encourage people to post pictures and experiences of them at the
temple to social media using #templeofbrotherlylove spread the word!



This week has been one of reflection, preparation, and love. Not
everything went as planned, but I could say that for every week that’s
happened for the past year and a half. Not everything that was said
was inspired, but that also could be said about the last year and a
half. Not every experience was life changing, and not every scripture
caused people to repent on the spot. Not every person held their
appointment and not everyone who lives in Philadelphia is coming to
the temple. There is still work to be done here!

There is one thing that has happened the past year and a half that I
will be eternally grateful for. I have been converted to the gospel of
Jesus Christ. I know what His teachings are and where to find them. I
know what the gospel can do to those who live it and let it become a
part of them. I have an understanding of the temple and why we go
there. I know the priesthood is on the earth. I know that Joseph Smith
was a prophet. I know that God answers prayers. I know that Christ has
a pure love for all of us. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and
that is testifies of Jesus Christ. I know that repentance is available
to everyone, including me. I know that our Father in Heaven guides us
through revelation. And I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I could
not make it through this mission or even this life without knowing
that. I love the Lord and I love His gospel. I have experienced so
much joy the past year and a half and I know the Lord will continue to
provide miracles for those who are faithful.

This doesn’t feel real, but I’m so grateful I have one more week to be
in Philadelphia! I love the people I have met here and the friendships
I have gained that I know will last for eternity. The Lord has been so
good to me here, I’m so grateful for everything He’s done. I love this
gospel, I love my Heavenly Father, and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I hope you have a great week! I love you to the moon and back, and
I’ll see you soon.

Sister Gomm


What a Week – Downingtown #9

Hello friends and family!

Wow, what a week! So basically our area is struggling and we are just
trying to find people to teach every second of every day! At least,
that’s what we’re trying to do!

On Tuesday we had to go get our car fixed,
and the place we get it fixed at is not in our area, so we go,
assuming we’re going to be there for maybe an hour and a half at most
because the man we talked to on the phone said it would take an hour
at most. Well… He lied. We were there for FOUR HOURS. In the middle
of the day!! We could have been finding that whole time!! But since it
wasn’t in our area we couldn’t even go finding around where we were.
So frustrating!


Sister Gomm & Sister Ipson out finding.

And that’s basically how the rest of the week went. Finding,
appointments that were cancelled last minute so we went finding, more
finding and uh… Finding! We went finding all day every day and no
one was interested. Seriously no one. It was so sad! But it’s okay, we
have faith that there will be people interested here someday!! (:


Sister Gomm and her two trainers – Sister Ipson & Sister Johnstone

We had zone conference on Friday with a bunch of different zones
around us and I got to see Sister Johnstone!!! Yay!! I also got to see
Elder Fernandes, Sister Smith, and Elder Crowther! (Mtc friends). Zone
conference was SO good!!! We watched a talk that was given at a new
mission president devotional, and it was so good! The talk was given
by President Uchtdorf and in it he talked about a letter called the
Ricciardi letter, that a lot of missionaries read because it’s so
uh..what’s the word…? motivational..uplifting… Anyways, It’s
seriously so good. It talks about being bold but not over-bearing.
Seriously, if you haven’t read it, read it! I don’t know where to find
it, I had gotten it from our sister training leaders airdropping it to
us, so that doesn’t really help you, but still! You should read it! So
President Uchtdorf references that talk and talks about being bold and
fearless. It was so good!


MTC friends – Elder Fernandes, Elder Crowther & Sister Smith

Anyways, after zone conference we went to a
members house for dinner/coloring Easter eggs! (As I’m sure you all
have already seen because I’m 110% positive my mom posted the picture
that the member sent to her on Facebook). But that was super fun!

So on Saturday we watched conference at J… and A…’s (the ones that
we go to at least once a week for dinner). And it was so good!
(Obviously). After that we went to a less active family’s house and
watched conference with them!!! So awesome! Then we were going to
watch the priesthood session, but a less active member called us and
asked if we could help her clean and put her stuff in boxes because
she’s going to be moving in the next few months. So we go to help her,
and we show up and she’s all, “Oh, I’m already done!” Okay… So we
just gave her a lesson instead and went home. Which took forever
because she lives in the Elder’s area, but it’s okay!

On Sunday we went over to the S…’s and watched both sessions of
conference and had brunch AND dinner. It was SO good and we ate so
much food!! Anyways. Our district leader had invited us to write down
how the spirit was making us feel while we watched conference. Along
with that I also had a bunch of questions I wanted answered. So I had
one question written on every page. Then a little section that said
“how do you feel?” I would stop about halfway through taking notes on
the page and answer the “how do you feel?” Question. My answers varied
from excited to humbled to peaceful, etc. the spirit was so strong
while watching it! And every single one of my questions was answered
on that exact page that had the specific question on it. One of my
questions was something along the lines of “how can I be a fearless
missionary?” About halfway through taking notes on that page Elder
Bednar started talking and talked about getting rid of fear. (From
Saturday). So cool. That happened for every single page I had
questions on, and I had just enough questions to answer all of them
without taking more pages of notes than I had questions for.

image4 (2)Today we went to Philly and I got part of the granite they are using
to build the Philly temple! Whoot! Also mine and Sister Johnstone’s
picture is hanging on the wall that they have of different people who
have gone and visited the temple site! Yay. We basically did all of
the same things I did the last time I was in philly because Sister
Ipson had never been! So that’s fun!

We didn’t get to meet with L… this week because she cancelled our
appointment, but we are just praying we can meet with her this week!
We did meet with C… and are hoping she will continue to progress!
Well, that’s basically all I have from last week! This week will be
full of lots of finding again!! Wish us luck! God bless!!
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

“I am so mad!!” – DOWNINGTOWN #5

Mom!!!! I am so mad!! I had a super great super spiritual email ALL
typed out, and it was seriously a novel long! I typed it all out while
on the train ride home from philly and I lost the whole thing!!! I’m
seriously so mad. I promise I will have a good email next week though!
I love you!!

[Email from Sister Gomm]

 SOMETIMES THINGS JUST DON’T GO AS PLANNED! Looks like she had fun in Philly!

The Philadelphia Temple

The Philadelphia Temple


Sister Gomm & Sister Johnstone at LOVE park in Philadelphia.


Sister Johnstone, ??? & Sister Gomm in Philly.


Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple


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Temples are houses of the Lord. They are the most sacred structures on earth.

The announcement for the Philadelphia Temple was made on 4 October 2008.
The groundbreaking was on 17 September 2011. 
Expected to be finished early-mid 2016.

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The interior will have a red, white and blue color theme.