Time Needs to Slow Down!

Hello friends and family!

I swear the weeks keep going by faster and faster! This week we had
zone conference! There’s something special about having a mission
president and his wife direct and guide you. It was so bitter sweet to
have our last zone conference with President and Sister Anderson. I
love them so much!

We had so many bus tours this week, it was so fun! Some of my most
favorite memories of this place are with the youth groups who come in
here. There’s something special about those youth groups because
they’re all getting ready for a lot of change in their lives. They’re
trying to figure themselves out and they’re so humble because they are
willing to accept change! There was one in particular that had three
boys and a bunch of girls in the group. Once we got to the Smith
summer kitchen I asked them all why the priesthood was important to
them. One of the boys mentioned that he had just gotten the
Melchizedek priesthood last Sunday and he is heading to the mtc in
about three weeks. He mentioned that his stake president had told them
that the priesthood they were getting was the same priesthood that
Christ used to create the earth. I pointed out that they will never
receive any more priesthood than what they have now. Yes, there will
be more keys and different responsibilities, but it’s the same
authority that Christ has. We went into a conversation about the
priesthood that I didn’t even know I was capable of having. My
understanding of the priesthood has grown immensely. I then told all
of the girls some of the roles that they have with the priesthood as
well, in hopes that they can understand the priesthood more and how it
affects them. I’m so grateful that I have learned so much about the
priesthood to not only benefit others, but myself as well. I know the
Lord is helping me to understand the priesthood and the gospel so that
I can explain it simply to others.

One of the highlights of this week was on Friday night we got to sing
the national anthem at the races that happen every Friday! It was SO
fun! I got to see so many of the people that I taught last summer and
fall because basically everyone in Susquehanna goes to the races!



“at the races”

Something that keeps coming up in different trainings and meetings
that we’ve been having recently is something I think is very
important. Oftentimes we make lists, specifically “to do” lists. To do
lists are great and often much needed, but for us as children of God,
how much more important is it for us to have “to become” lists. I made
a list of qualities the person that I want to become has and then
broke it down to a long term and short term like weekly and monthly
ways I am going to achieve who I want to become. It’s been really cool
to put those things into perspective and see who I think the Lord
wants me to be, and then to make goals to achieve that. It’s been a
great learning experience for me and I’m glad I’ve done it!

I don’t know why I got so lucky to be a missionary here and at this
time. There really is no greater work for me to do right now than
serving the Lord. I’m so grateful for Christ’s atonement and
everything I am learning right now! Here’s to another busy and very,
very eventful week!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm


Happy Days at the PRS

Hello friends and family!

We’ve had so many happy days at the PRS! I love being a missionary!
This week we took some super fun tours!! One of them was to two groups
of people, one group was 4 members of the church from Utah, and the
other was a couple from Alaska visiting the other couple from
Montrose. I was super nervous about combining the groups but it turned
out to be great!! The couple from Alaska had some friends who were
members of the church and they had so many questions, it was great!
When we were in the kitchen of the Hale home we were talking about the
gold plates and the woman from Alaska asked about the translation
process. We talked about it and then walked to the Smith home and
explained it more and talked about the breast plate and spectacles and
the seer stone. After we were done explaining the translation process
the woman from Montrose says, “So Joseph didn’t even need to look at
the plates to translate? Wow.” It was so cool to see the Spirit
working in them and testifying the truth to them. After the tour we
took them to see the chapel and talked a little bit more about the
church. We got onto the subject of temples and making covenants with
God. After that we started talking about the Book of Mormon. One of
the women said, “Well, maybe you just need more help than we do
because you have a whole other book of scripture.” I was trying so
hard not to laugh! It was so funny! But you know, I do need a lot of
help and I’m so grateful for the Book of Mormon to give me that help!

On Sunday we had stake conference. We sang The Lord is my Shepherd for
one of the musical numbers. It was so fun! Afterwards President and
Sister Anderson spoke and Sister Anderson put so lovely how I think
everyone should talk about our singing here. She said that we have
been given amazing gifts from the Spirit to help others feel the
Spirit and she hopes we recognize that and that we thank our Father in
Heaven for blessing us. I loved that because it’s true! The Spirit
gives us gifts so we can help others feel the Spirit!
On Monday evening President Cooper (from the stake presidency) pulled
up to the site with his wife and daughter. He came in and told us that
there was a woman who came up to the bishop in one of the Scranton
wards after stake conference and told him that because of our singing
at stake conference she felt prompted by the Spirit that she needs to
serve a mission! It was a miracle from the Lord that she received an
answer to a prayer and is beginning to prepare to serve Him!

President Cooper’s daughter, Kimberly, also had some questions for us.
She asked us how we had decided to serve a mission and/or what answer
we had received. It got us all thinking and as I thought back to two
years ago when I was trying to decide if I should serve a mission.
Along with other experiences, one stood out to me specifically while
we were talking to Kimberly.
In my last semester of seminary one day I walked into the room and a
friend’s older brother was standing in our classroom. He had just
returned from his mission a few months prior and had come to say hi to
some of his seminary teachers. My teacher invited him to stay and he
agreed and then talked to all of us at the end of class. I remember
him sharing his testimony and encouraging all of us to serve missions.
He said some things to the boys in the room, then he looked at all the
sisters and said, “Sisters, you don’t have to serve a mission. But I
know that if you prepare yourself as though you were going to serve a
mission, whether you go or stay, your preparation will not be in
vain.” I remember at the time this really stood out so me and from
then I decided that I was going to change my life and prepare myself
in such a way that I would be ready to serve a mission. Little did I
know that that preparation wouldn’t stop and I would actually serve
the Lord full time, but I’m so grateful that happened. I told Kimberly
this experience and felt the Spirit remind me that I have my own
agency to choose what I’m going to do with my life, but if I am always
preparing to do as the Savior did, I will know what the Lord wants me
to do and my preparation will not be in vain.

I know the same can be said for everyone. Any preparation we make
today to come closer to the Savior and to do as God would have us do,
will not be done in vain. The Lord wants to help and bless us, when we
come closer to Him he is able to bless us more.

I hope you have a wonderful week! I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

"As if we don't spend enough time with each other already, we all run to each other's house to exercise together!"

“As if we don’t spend enough time with each other already, we all run
to each other’s house to exercise together!”

Week of Miracles – Bethlehem #17

Hello friends and family!

This week we had so many miracles!

Last Monday the woman we had a dinner appointment with called us and
asked us if we could come an hour earlier than we had originally
planned. It basically threw off the rest of our day’s schedule, but in
reality, it was just making one thing after another possible! We went
to our dinner appointment and afterwards we had just planned on going
finding in Downtown Bethlehem. So we park our car and go to a former
investigators house.. No luck.. We try the next few houses down.. No
luck. This whole time I kept think about a referral we had received
from the ysa elders and I felt like we needed to go meet her. Only
problem, it would be using a lot of miles to go see her. So Sister
Brunsdale and I thought about it and prayed and asked Heavenly Father
what He thought we should do and we both felt like we needed to go see
this referral. So we headed over and went straight to the house once
we got there. A man answered the door and before we even had a chance
to say hello he said, “Really. Not tonight.” And slammed the door.
Confused, I wondered why we needed to come all this way to have a door
slammed in our face. That could’ve happened in downtown Bethlehem and
we wouldn’t have had to use so many miles! We turned around to walk
down the porch and we realized we were right across the street from a
potential investigator’s house, D…. So we go and knock on her door
and she’s all, “Wow! I just got home like five minutes ago! Come in!”
So we went in and taught the entire restoration and she really wants
to read the Book of Mormon and we are seeing her again tonight! It’s
crazy how the Lord has such perfect timing!

On Tuesday we had zone training with President and Sister Anderson and
the Assistants. It was SO good! The best part was when President and
Sister Anderson role played together:) in one of the role plays I was
with Elders Weisler and Hunter (both of them started their missions in
Susquehanna! Whoot!) it was one of the best role plays I’ve ever been
a part of! I received so much revelation on how we can help the people
we’re teaching! Right after that meeting we had a meeting with the
bishop to discuss people he wants us to focus on. Wow. This ward is
awesome! They’re so good at helping us in our missionary work! After
that we went on exchanges with south side! I went to south side with
Sister Jensen. Wednesday I was with Sister Jensen all day until the
evening then when I went back to north side Sister Brunsdale told me
that our appointment for that evening had cancelled. So we went out
finding instead! We tried to see this couple who had come to church a
few weeks ago, but they weren’t home. We went to see a less active
family and set up an appointment with them! Then we shared the Easter
video with SO many people! It was awesome! We even have a few return
appointments this week with some of those people! After an hour or so
we decided to go to a different area. Before we left we kept feeling
like we needed to go see the couple again. So we tried again and they
were home and let us right in! We had a lesson with them and they told
us that they are looking for a church to raise their family in, and
they are very interested in the Book of Mormon!! They have a copy, but
hadn’t started reading it yet, but we are going to start teaching them
the lessons!! Whoot!! I’m so excited!!!!!!

On Thursday we had a lesson with a cute woman from Egypt! She loves
learning about Jesus and really wants to read the Book of Mormon! So
awesome!! She also wants to come to church this upcoming Sunday! On
Saturday we did family history for Brother H… so that he can go
to the temple to do baptisms!! We found TONS of names for him to
take!! The Spirit of Elijah was SO strong, it was so cool.

We saw so many miracles this week. I know now more than ever that
there are angels looking out for us. I know I keep talking about this,
but every single week I am reminded of this again, and again. I think
every week they are working harder and harder to help us. Satan is so
tempting. If you give him the power, he is very powerful. But isn’t
that one thing we can remember, Satan only has power if you give it to
him. If you don’t, he has no power over you. One of the amazing things
about the Aaronic Priesthood is the keys to the ministering of angels.
They are helping each of us when we are righteous. I know they have
helped Sister Brunsdale and I SO much this week! We couldn’t have done
it without them. I’m so grateful for the gospel and for being a
missionary and getting to testify to others!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

HALLELUJAH – Bethlehem #16

Hello friends and family!

Wow. What a crazy week.

We taught the word of wisdom to one of our investigators this week and
she was totally high while we were teaching. Sister Brunsdale and I
are still laughing about it. But on the bright side, she has a desire
to live the word of wisdom and progress in the gospel!

This week we also had zone conference!! Yay! President Anderson talked
about our desires as a missionary. Something that was said that I
really loved was, “What you desire on your mission and in your life
will be your desires for eternity.” What do you desire? Elder Neal A.
Maxwell said, “The way we show our desires is by our works.” I’ve been
thinking about what desires I am showing to the Lord, and how I can
better align them with what He has intended them to be. President gave
us a list of things to remember so that we can act on our desires, 1.
Use the doctrine as you teach, 2. Remember always the importance of
prayer, 3. Remember President and Sister Anderson love you, and 4.
Learn the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I think these four steps can
apply to everyone. Perhaps replacing step 3 with Remember your father
and mother love you, or your heavenly parents. Whoever it may be,
remember that there are people who love you.

This week while visiting Brother H… we had him share his
testimony with us. At first he got all nervous and told us he didn’t
know anything. Then he told us that he only had a testimony of us
(which was just as bad as the first thing!), then he actually shared
his testimony with us. Proclaiming that he knows the Book of Mormon is
true, he knows God loves him, and he knows that Jesus Christ is his
Savior. He told us he knew it was true because he’s been studying the
scriptures and he prayed and asked God about it, he knew that God had
answered his prayers through the Spirit. The sweet Spirit that filled
the room was undeniable. The gospel is true!

The new Easter video, Hallelujah, is officially out! At zone
conference we were committed to share the video in our ward councils
this Sunday. So in ward council yesterday, we introduced the
Hallelujah video and mentioned the website. We shared the video and
afterwards the Spirit was overpowering the room. As Sister Brunsdale
and I testified of the resurrection of our Savior, our loved ones, and
ourselves I knew the Holy Ghost was helping the members of the ward
council feel that this fact is indeed true. We invited them all to
share it on social media and with their families. In relief society
the relief society president announced that she wanted the video to be
played in relief society next week. Then after church she sent an
email to all the sisters in the ward with the link to the video and
she invited them all to share it on their social media accounts as

I’m extending this same invitation to you! If you haven’t seen the
video yet, go to followhim.mormon.org and watch it! Then share the
link to your social media accounts! The Lord is really helping His
work progress to all the ends of the earth. This is a wonderful,
wonderful opportunity that we have to share a little message of hope
with others. It also gives you an opportunity to share your testimony
of Christ’s resurrection with others.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. He overcame death and was resurrected.
Because of that we all will be resurrected. I know this is true. The
Book of Mormon teaches this to us. I love Mosiah 16:7-8 which says:

7 And if Christ had not risen from the dead, or have broken the bands
of death that the grave should have no victory, and that death should
have no sting, there could have been no resurrection.

8 But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory,
and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.

I know this is true. The grave has no victory. I know we will all be
resurrected one day. Don’t forget to use this Easter season to reflect
on this and to help others understand it as well. I hope you all have
an amazing week! I love you to the moon and back!

God bless,
Sister Gomm




I found the snow we were looking for in December! – Bethlehem #9

Hello friends and family!

This week was crazy. Sooo many of our appointments fell through! We
literally had three lessons in one day that were cancelled. 😦 but it
was still a great week!

We had interviews with President and Sister Anderson on Tuesday!
Interviews are ALWAYS the best:) on Wednesday we had district meeting
and right after that we had a worldwide missionary broadcast that was
SO good! They talked about repentance and baptism. I really loved one
part, someone had said, “Don’t jump from faith to baptism and skip
repentance.” I could not agree with this statement more. How important
is someone’s baptism if they haven’t repented? Another thing from the
broadcast that I loved was a scripture that was mentioned in 2 Nephi
33:1. I feel like this scripture was kind of a theme for Sister Larsen
and I back in Susquehanna because we always knew we were inviting the
spirit, especially at such a sacred place like the Priesthood
Restoration Site. But people were only going to feel the same
excitement we felt if they allowed the Spirit in. The same applies to
us everywhere. We need to invite the Spirit in, and we also need to do
do all we can to allow the spirit to be with us.

On Tuesday we went to see a man we had found in the area book as a
former investigator. The only reason why he was a former was because
the missionaries a while back had lost contact with him. So we went to
meet him and at first when he answered he told us he wasn’t
interested. We kept talking and asked him why he didn’t want to meet
with us anymore and he thought for a second then said, “Actually, you
can come back and teach me more, I would like that.” We testified that
the gospel would bless him so much and give him peace in his life. He
told us he would really like that and was looking forward to our

We went back on Friday for our lesson and he accepted a baptismal
date! He told us that he thinks the Book of Mormon is true and he even
wrote down his baptismal date on a piece of paper so he can remember
it! It was so great and I’m so grateful for the spirit that helps us
ask inspired questions and teaches others the truth!

Right after that lesson we were late to a lesson with Brother
H…. So we get in the car to call him and tell him we’re on our
way and the member who was supposed to come with us had cancelled!! So
we frantically scrambled around and then we realized that a member
lived super close to where we were. So we drove to her house and she
was so excited to see us (she’s the cutest), we explained the
situation and without another word she’s all, “Let me get my coat and
let’s go!” Wow. She is Heaven-sent. While at the lesson with Brother
H… we called the bishop so he could tell Brother H… the
big news: he’s getting the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday!!!!!!
Whoot!!!!!! After that we went straight to a dinner appointment. After
that we went to our correlation meeting with our new ward mission
leader!! Best day ever!!!! Our new ward mission leader is a convert!
He’s been a member for about 8 years now and he is so ready to fulfill
his calling! It is so exciting to see the Spirit working throughout so
many different people’s lives in so many different ways!

We changed our weekly planning day to Saturday this week because of
the crazy snow storm!! We got around 2 and a half feet of snow! We had
so many people making sure we were okay; our neighbor kept calling us
and checking up on us, then finally one of the times he called us he
said, “You know, I should’ve thought this through. You two already
know what you’re doing in this weather because you’re both from Utah!
You must feel right at home.” Finally someone gets it! Needless to
say, there is snow everywhere!! They don’t really know what to do with
the snow that they plowed off of the roads…there are just huge piles
of snow EVERYWHERE! We went out and shoveled basically all weekend! We
had to get our car out from under a massive pile and we got all of our
neighbor’s cars out too. Seriously, so much shoveling! We couldn’t
drive at all on Saturday and half of Sunday. Church was cancelled and
We just wanted to cry because B… and R… were both going to come
this week! 😦 The roads are driveable now, but we still can’t really
drive anywhere to go proselyting because there’s nowhere to park! It’s
always an adventure here!

To end, something funny that happened this week! Brother H…
called us to set up a time to have a lesson this week and to tell us
that the south side sisters had taught about the Ten Commandments at
the dinner appointment he had with them, which he was surprised about
because we had briefly went over the Ten Commandments in our last
lesson and he wanted to know if we had told them to teach that, which
we hadn’t (thank you areabook and amazing Sisters Ashcraft and Agado
who thought to look there and help us out!). While during this same
phone call Brother H… accidentally takes the Lord’s name in
vain (Old habit he has almost gotten rid of), and Sister Brunsdale
says, “Brother H…! What’s the third commandment?” Brother
H… thinks for a second then says, “Oh yeah. I always break that
one.” Then moves right on to the next thing he was saying. Too funny.
He also wants to have a word with our mission president to talk about
all of these “rules” we have as missionaries. Haha!

Wow. Another thing… A year ago this past week I went into the mtc!!!
I can’t believe it’s been that long!!!! I still sometimes want to tell
people I’ve only been on my mission for six months. Sometimes because
I forget how long it’s been, sometimes because that’s how long it
feels like it’s been, and sometimes because that’s how long I wish it
has been. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the things I’ve
learned the past year (I don’t know why I always talk about how ‘I’ve
been thinking a lot about’); and all of the things I have yet to learn
in the next six months. I pray that I will be able to glorify my
Heavenly Father and to do His will continually. I see people making
Him proud every single day, but I also see people doing things that I
know are breaking His heart every single day. I want to be like Alma
and Amulek and share the gospel with everyone. I want to bring joy to
others that I know they can only receive through the gospel of Jesus
Christ. Six months is such a small amount of time, but luckily after
this, even though I won’t be wearing a name tag, I can still share the
gospel with everyone I meet! I know this is the only way to eternal,
everlasting happiness! I’m so grateful to be here sharing it with

I hope you have an amazing week!
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

Born in Bethlehem! – Bethlehem #7

Friends and family!!

Hello! What a crazy week! (As always!) on Tuesday Sister Torres and I
went down to Broomall and she got her new companion and headed out to
her new area! I spent the day in Philadelphia with Sister Foster! We
talked about Downingtown because we both served there and we just went
finding in her area waiting for our goldens to get here the next day!

Wednesday was full of meetings! My new companion is Sister Brunsdale!!
She’s from Utah too! Whoot! She’s so lucky to start her mission here
so she can say she was born in Bethlehem! We have had SO many miracles
this week! I love being with goldens! They always bring miracles!! We
also did a lot of finding this week. One particularly funny thing that
happened was at one door we knocked on. This man answers and after we
introduce ourselves he’s all, “I’m Catholic and I only talk to other
people who are Catholic.” Then he reaches out to pinch my nose!! I was
so caught off guard, but luckily I dodged it! I didn’t really know
what to do after that, Sister Brunsdale was standing next to me trying
not to laugh and I came up with the smartest response possible and
said, “Oookay….. Bye!” We turned and walked away trying not to laugh
too loud.

On Saturday we had an AMAZING lesson with our investigator, B…! We
taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was SO strong!!
Heavenly Father is really preparing B…! He told us times that he’s
had to have faith in Jesus Christ and then mentioned that he’s
repented a lot, but only about three of those times have been with
real intent. After that we talked about baptism and receiving the gift
of the Holy Ghost. The spirit was seriously so strong and we were
literally just waiting for B… to finish his sentence so we could
invite him to be baptized! He now has a baptismal date for March 12!
There’s a lot we still need to help him understand, but he is so
prepared. I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes him.

Unfortunately he didn’t come to church yesterday. 😦 after church we
went to his house to see what had happened, but he wasn’t there. We
decided to go finding around his house and we met this lady who let us
in, so we showed her the video Because He Lives. She had two of her
daughters watch it with us and both of them loved it! The woman was in
tears at the end of the video and then she says, “Someone gave me a
Book of Mormon awhile ago.” And she walks over to the book shelf and
pulls it out. We have a return appointment with her this Wednesday!
I’m so so so excited to share more with her!

Also on Sunday, we had a lesson with Brother H…. He had met
with the bishop at church and is getting ready to receive the Aaronic
Priesthood!! So much joy filled the room when he started talking about
it and he shared a little bit of his testimony! Wow, I just love the
gospel and I’m so happy Brother H… has found so much joy in
coming closer to Christ. He always talks about how he wishes he could
do his baptism over again because he didn’t know anything about the
gospel then, but it’s such a blessing to see the spirit work in him
and change that desire towards realizing all he can do because he’s
already a member. He is doing so well and I’m so excited for him! Is
knowledge of the gospel is expanding and he may or may not have told
us that he thinks people who go to the Telestial Kingdom only get to
eat fruitcake (don’t worry, he was kidding).

I forgot to mention another weird thing that happened while we were
finding on Saturday! We knock on this man’s door and literally all
we’ve said is, “Hi, we’re missionaries,” and he steps out of his house
onto the porch and folds his arms and starts praying. In his prayer he
says, “Father, please bless these two ladies, for they believe things
that contradict what I believe. Please bless that whichever one of us
is wrong will be brought to the light.” Needless to say, when we asked
him if he had any neighbor’s he thought could use an uplifting
message, his response was, “No. And if I did, I would refer them to
myself.” Bethlehem is such a strange place sometimes!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about Heavenly Father’s will for
all of His children. Specifically what He wants me to do here, right
now. It’s really put things into perspective for me, and helped me to
talk to everyone and testify of Jesus Christ. At the meeting we had on
Wednesday after we all got our companions, President Anderson had me
and Sister Francis (fellow VC sister who’s also training!) share our
testimonies of the Book of Mormon. I stood up and very simply stated
what I know to be true. I testified of the Book of Mormon, and that
it’s through the Priesthood that we have this book today. I surprised
myself with what I said, not because I was surprised that I know the
Book of Mormon is true, but because everything all ties in and I
didn’t expect myself to talk about that. But it all does tie in,
because it’s all part of Christ’s gospel. Christ has always done the
will of the Father and we too are to do the will of the Father. That
is made possible through Christ, and we can know this because we have
the Book of Mormon. And since we have the Book of Mormon, we also have
the Priesthood, which enables us to do the will of the Father. Sister
Francis also stood up and shared a very, very powerful testimony of
the Book of Mormon. After that President mentioned something about how
we served at the Priesthood Restoration Site and I was again reminded
of how lucky we are to have the Priesthood on the earth today. Not
surprisingly, the Priesthood has been a theme throughout my mission.
Specifically the Aaronic Priesthood because it holds the keys of the
ministering of angels. There are people all around us who are here to
help us. Heavenly messengers who help us and others. I’m eternally
grateful for Jesus Christ and his Atoning sacrifice for me, so that I
can be with God again. And that we all have the Priesthood on the
earth to help us do the will of the Father. The gospel is true,
whether people are accepting it or not. I’m just grateful I get to
help them know it is true.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

6 months! – Susquehanna #8

Hello everyone!!

This is going to be short, sorry!!

But wow! What a crazy week! Being a missionary is so hard but so rewarding!! We had so many appointments fall through and so many uninterested people, but we’ve also seen so many miracles this week!

Also, side note, I’ve officially been in the ppm for 6 months!!!!

We met the most amazing lady named F… this week. Wow. She is the best! We found her while tracking a street a few streets up from our house and we started talking and she had so many questions and such a desire to know more! We went over a few days later and taught the restoration and she LOVED it!! She told us some miracle stories that have happened in her life and how she knows God answers prayers. She also accepted the invitation to be baptized!!!! I am so so so excited for her!! The only problem is that I wasn’t thinking and the date we set is actually the day that the priesthood restoration site is being dedicated! Oops! So we are going to move the date up a week. She is so amazing, I just love her so so much! Everything we tell her she thinks is so cool and she repeatedly says that it sounds like the truth! I love her(:

So last week our mission president suggested that we call an elder who had been serving in our area before us to ask him how we could help this family that was recently baptized who haven’t been coming to church very much and who haven’t gone to the temple to do baptisms for the dead yet. So we call Elder Mackay and he was so surprised to hear us on the phone. He gave us some great advice on how to help this family and he told us that the thing that worked best for them was to just stop by their house randomly and meet with them there (the family likes to meet at the church usually); which would be awesome except for the fact that they just (temporarily) moved one street outside of our branch…. And one street outside of our mission boundaries. ONE!! So we decide to try and meet this family at the church one more time before we try and figure out what to do. Well, Thursday rolls around and our appointment fell through! It was devastating for me! I wanted to meet with them SO badly!! So Sister Brown and I thought about it and discussed it and even prayed about it, and we both came to the conclusion that we needed to call President Anderson and ask him if we could go out of our mission boundaries and meet with them. The family is planning on moving back into our branch soon so they are just going to keep coming here in the mean time. So we call President Anderson and he answers but once we said we just had a question for him he asked if he could call us back later. So all night we’re hoping he will return our call but he never did! So the next morning we texted him and told him to call us if he gets a chance. Right after we send that he calls us! Whoo! So I explain the situation to President and he’s all, “Well Sister Gomm, if it was 20 miles outside of the mission boundaries I would say no way, but if it’s only a street or two I’d say you’d be stupid not to go.” Hahaha!! Oh I love President Anderson!! So we FINALLY got to meet with T… and K…!! It was funny because the senior missionary couple that came to the lesson with us (and drove us) made a bigger deal about us leaving the mission boundaries than we did. Too funny! But T… and K… are the BEST!!!!! We are preparing them to go to the temple on August 29!!! I love them so much and I am so excited for them to go!!

I just love this gospel so much! And I’m so grateful that I get to help people know about it!!

I’m sorry, but that is all I have time for!! I love you all to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (: