These Were Days Never to be Forgotten

image1 (9)Hello friends and family!

What an eventful week we had here at the PRS! We had so many people
come in and we all gave so many tours! We also put on a concert for
the stake, we got transfer calls, we played with the fireflies, and I
took some of the CUTEST families on tours!

Our concert was on Saturday night and it was focused towards the young
women. All of the sisters at the vc briefly talked about why they
serve missions in between songs and after the concert we had a Q&A
with the young women. There was one song in particular that we sang
that is not really anyone’s favorite. It’s actually the song we sang
for President Nelson last fall. I personally, was confused about why
we were singing it again. I thought it was just because Elder Walker
really likes the song (and that may have been why it was chosen
initially). After the concert though, one of the young women said that
she has been thinking about going on a mission, but she hasn’t had a
definite answer, but while we were singing this song-that wasn’t any
of the sisters favorite-the Spirit told her that she needs to go on a
mission. As she told us this and tears filled her eyes I couldn’t help
but remember that Heavenly Father is aware of all of us. He uses one
thing, or person, or event to answer so many people’s prayers and to
touch so many people’s hearts. Even if that was the only thing that
comes of this concert, it was worth it.

After the concert President Anderson came up to me and confirmed what
I already knew, but told me that I will be getting transferred. There
are only a few changes happening at the vc, but I will be spending the
next transfer somewhere else! 😦

Although I am so sad to be leaving here, I can’t believe how blessed I
have been to be here. I’ve spent 9 months of my mission in the
Susquehanna branch, and I have made friendships that will last a
lifetime. At church yesterday a member of the branch presidency asked
if I would share my testimony. As I looked out into the audience I saw
so many of the people I have come to love on my mission: branch
members, missionaries, and even people who were there to take a tour
after church. I can’t imagine leaving these wonderful people, but I
know that the Lord will bless them and me. After church the branch
mission leader and his family told me that they love me and they look
forward to seeing me again, a branch member who has become such a good
friend, Alyssa, said that she can’t wait until she goes to byu Idaho
because we will be so much closer to each other then, one of the older
ladies in the branch drew me the cutest picture with a little note on
the back, and a little girl in the branch ran up to me and gave me the
biggest hug, one of the women in the branch told me she couldn’t even
look at me because she is so sad to see me go. As everyone kept
expressing their love I thought about how much the Savior loves us. I
can’t imagine Him loving everyone here more than I do, but I know that
He does. I know I don’t deserve the love that the people here give me,
but I’m so grateful that I get to represent my Savior and feel just a
little of the love that He feels for these people.

All of this being said, I feel like I’m leaving home. But not just
home, a place where so many amazing things have happened. A place
where I have been able to be humbled, a place where I’ve been able to
laugh and smile. A place where I’ve learned so much, like what my role
is with the priesthood, why we need a prophet today, and why the
little facts matter. A place where I’ve experienced so much heartache
but also so much joy. The Priesthood Restoration Site has been a place
for me to sing, testify, pray, and to come closer to my Savior. It’s
hard to believe that after today, I won’t be back here as a full time
missionary. I’m so grateful though, that I have learned so much about
the Prophet, Joseph Smith. I haven’t even met him, yet I feel as
though he is a close friend. I feel as though I understand Emma Smith
and Oliver Cowdery. I know that they had so much faith in the Savior,
and that they found so much happiness and peace while they were here.

Being here has taught me that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
It was translated by His power, and there’s no other way this could
have happened. I’ve never confused so many people with talking about
things like the seer stone, but I’ve never had my testimony
strengthened so much of the translation process than I have here. I’ve
learned that standing in holy places doesn’t have to be the original
home that some significant, amazing thing happened, it doesn’t even
have to be somewhere where anything has happened yet, but we can make
the places that we are standing in holy because of the experiences we
have in those places and the Spirit we feel while there. I’ve learned
that the Lord speaks to us through things like revelation. He wants us
to succeed and He gives us all we need to do so.

Being here though, I’ve learned that the priesthood is the authority
from God. I have access to it and I receive so many blessings from it.
I have learned that I have a very significant role in with the
priesthood and we all need it to receive eternal salvation. I have
learned that holding the priesthood is such a selfless thing, it is
used to bless others. I have learned that the authority that Christ
used to create the earth is the same authority that was restored here
where I’ve been serving. The men who hold the Melchizedek Priesthood
will never receive a higher priesthood than what they already have.

I think the most important thing that I’ve learned here is that my
Redeemer lives. Jesus Christ has saved me. It’s not a matter of if or
when, but it’s already done. My sins will always be forgiven when I do
my part. I will always have the gospel of my Savior to help me. His
mercy is extended throughout all of time and land. Although the fight
may be long, because we have a Savior, Satan cannot harm us. I don’t
need to fear death because my Savior has died for me. Jesus Christ has
given me hope and helped me feel loved. The most important thing that
I could have learned serving here is that Jesus Christ is my Redeemer.
What a beautiful truth I get to continue to share with the world!

Every week I try to make sure I don’t write a novel, and every week I
write a novel and a half…I’m just so grateful to be here, to be
serving Heavenly Father and to be representing my Savior. I love being
a missionary, and I know there are so many miracles waiting to happen

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

image2 (9)



Hello friends and family!

This week was CRAZY!!!!! Being a missionary is the best thing! On
Tuesday and Wednesday we had training from someone from the missionary
department in Salt Lake. He helped us know how to improve our
missionary work and what to do in the busy months when we have
hundreds of people at the site at the same time. All of the things
we’re going to be doing this summer is going to be crazy!!

On Friday we had two bus tours of youth come in the evening and they
needed to get through everywhere really quick so one bus went to the
river while he other came inside and watched the movie. Once the bus
came back from the river Sister Martinez and I ran out to the parking
lot and talked to everyone. We took them in to the movie and then down
to the homes. Everyone was split and I took a bunch of people through
the Hale home, it was SO fun! They were one of the best groups that
has ever come here! They were all so prepared to feel the Spirit and
learn everything they could, it was the best.

On Saturday (or maybe Friday, I can’t keep the days straight anymore!)
Sister Martinez and I took a family on a tour and they were so great!
They were so prepared to have a spiritual experience. Lately I’ve been
thinking about what I could do to help people here. There were some
people who came into the site awhile ago who told me that they thought
other church history sites were “cooler because the buildings weren’t
reconstructed and you could just feel the Spirit because of how old
they were.” I was a little sad by their comment because I wanted them
to enjoy their stay here as much as any other place they were going
to. I knew that the Lord wouldn’t have a historic site built here if
He hadn’t intended for people to have converting experiences here. So
I prayed to know what to do so that people who come here can enjoy the
Spirit as much as they do in places like Palmyra or Fayette. Later
that day I went on a tour with Sister Eckman and she had so many
insights and things to say and great questions to ask, I knew that was
a step in the right direction! After our tour I pulled out Preach My
Gospel and studied a little then prayed for guidance on our next tour.

Fast forward to the tour I mentioned before with the people who were
so prepared. Obviously, them being prepared was a huge part of why the
tour was so great, but once we got to the Smith home we had one of the
sons read a scripture that has helped him in his life. He read Mosiah
24:12-15. He then expanded on the story for us and said that he had
been very stressed out one time and had an index of scriptures so he
pulled one out about prayer and it had been Mosiah 24. The Spirit was
so strong after that as he shared his testimony of prayer and how he
knew that God will help us from our afflictions. We then went to the
summer kitchen and had them all take a second to think about why they
were grateful for the priesthood. As we all thought in silence the
Spirit was overpowering the room. We then had some of them share and
they all ended up participating and inviting the Spirit more. Then I
told them about what I had been praying about and the Spirit was
encompassing the room. I knew right there that God was satisfied with
what Sister Martinez and I had said. The mistakes I’m sure we had made
earlier in the tour, in past tours, and in future tours didn’t matter.
The Spirit had made up for everything as this family contemplated the
events that took place here and how those events were blessing them.
It was a miracle that my prayer had been answered so soon and that we
had invited the Spirit into the lives of this family by simply
allowing them to talk so they could invite it themselves.

Sunday was crazy!! We had so many people come to the site!! At one
point Sister Martinez and I were up next for a tour and we were the
only sisters left at the center. We made an executive decision to go
on splits with the women in the tours who had both just come in. I
went on a tour with a cute family from Utah who was in a hurry so we
just decided to go down to the Smith home. Meanwhile it is pouring
outside!! It was crazy! We grabbed a few umbrellas and made our way
down to the home. We may as well have left the umbrellas at the
visitors’ center because we were still soaked by the time we got to
the Smith home. We went inside and started talking but then Sister
Larsen and Sister Francis came in and asked if they could join our
group because they didn’t want to stand in the rain. They all piled in
and marveled at the fact that the Book of Mormon had been translated
here. They were all so willing to participate and add their comments
the Spirit was again so strong!

Sister Martinez and I didn’t make it back to each other again until 7
p.m. It was the craziest day and we were soaking wet! Good thing the
FM couples really needed it to rain! I’m just grateful to be here and
feel the Spirit testify to everyone, especially me, that the
priesthood is real, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and
that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I love the gospel and I love sharing
it with others!

Have a great week! I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

"I love Sister Larsen! Happy days at the PRS"

“I love Sister Larsen!
Happy days at the PRS”

Home Sweet Home

Susquehanna feels like home to me!

This has been one of the best weeks of my entire life!

Tuesday was a day full of driving! We had to drive down to Broomall
then right back up to Susquehanna with my new companion, Sister
Martinez! We are both full time at the visitors’ center! Sister
Martinez is from Soledad, California and she has been on her mission
for 9 months! It’s so funny because we didn’t need to do the typical
‘get to know you’ questions because we were both up here in August,
and now we’re back, so we’ve known each other for basically forever;)

On Wednesday I gave my first tour back at the site! The Spirit was so
strong! We gave a family from Honesdale a tour (who I’ve already given
a tour back in the fall). It was so great to watch the video again,
and to get back into the swing of things! Wow, I love this place.

On Thursday we had a whole day of training! Elder and Sister Walker
talked all about things that are different now and what we are going
to expect the next few months for the summer. The whole time Sister
Eckman, Sister Francis, and I just kept saying how excited we were to
be here (We were the only three who were gone for the whole winter).

The biggest difference here is that Sister Simmons isn’t here 😦 (I
miss you!) and Sister Robison isn’t here anymore either. There’s a
golden and they pulled up Sister Cheret to take their places.
President just said the Spirit kept telling him that Sister Robison
needed to be in Philadelphia to help prepare for the temple open

There was one tour we gave that was so tender. It was a father, and
two of his kids. They were so accepting of the Spirit and sincerely
wanted to know what happened here and what it means for them. While in
the parlor of the Hale home, the 14 year old boy, Hyrum, answered our
question, I don’t even remember what the question was but I just
remember him getting teary-eyed as he told us that he has a younger
sister who is a missionary in the spirit world. As he said this the
Spirit filled the room and I could feel Heavenly Father’s love for
this family and especially this sweet young boy. The father then
proceeded to make another comment that also answered the question. I
looked at Hyrum and watched as he wiped tears from his face and
watched his father with so much love. I could tell this boy’s father
has made such a difference in his life. As we walked to the next room
I realized that Hyrum was as old as Joseph Smith was when he saw
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I felt as though I could tell what
type of boy Joseph Smith was from the type of boy Hyrum is. So full of
faith and such a great desire to do good. In the dining room of the
Hale home we talked about family history. The Spirit of Elijah was so
strong and I could again feel of Heavenly Father’s love for this

 Yesterday we gave a tour to this cute newly wed couple. They had both
served missions and were in New York visiting his brother and decided
to go to multiple church history sites. They loved the things that
they learned here and mostly just loved Sister Martinez and I because
it reminded them of their missions. I love when the Lord allows people
to come into our lives so that we can see the good in the world.

Sunday was the best! All of the branch members were so excited to see
everyone, and the Spirit was so strong! One of the best parts was when
Brother Hall came and shook my hand and said, “Welcome home.” I love
all of these people way too much. I felt as though my heart was going
to burst from feeling so much love. Susquehanna is such a special

I’m grateful for the gospel and for the Priesthood and the Book of
Mormon. I’m grateful for people who listen to the Spirit, both in the
1800’s and now. I love Susquehanna and I love being a missionary!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

image1 (5)

"Road to Damascus ... Welcome to Susquehanna! Love this place:)"

“Welcome to Susquehanna! Love this place:)”

This is a terrible email, sorry! – Bethlehem #3

Hello friends and family!

This week was crazy! We’ve been finding 24/7! It’s literally all we
do! I’m sorry I don’t have time to write this week. We are on our way
home from the priesthood restoration site! We took a less active man
we’ve been working with! Brother H…, I know I’ve mentioned him
before. He had SO many questions it was great! I was the one who gave
the tour, and boy. I’m pretty sure the spirit was directing me on what
to say the WHOLE time!! Not going over anything from there, or even
thinking about any of it, for the past three weeks, I was nervous to
give the tour, but it turned out well! It was so great to feel the
spirit and testify of something that is so special to me. I love the
gospel. I’m so so so grateful for it. I’m so grateful for the
priesthood. I know it’s here today. I know the Book of Mormon is true.
I know God loves each of us. I hope you all have a great week!

I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm

Susquehanna has my heart! – Susquehanna #24

*Disclaimer* I don’t know how this email got so long….. Sorry for
writing a novel!

My dear friends and family! What a crazy, fun, sad, exciting,
bitter-sweet week!! After spending six months in my very favorite
little country town of Susquehanna I will be leaving here tomorrow!! I
have learned so much and had so many crazy experiences in the past six
months! I’ve learned to love so many people, learned to try so many
things, and learned to follow so many promptings.

Since Susquehanna has such a special place in my heart, I thought it
would be appropriate to share 25 things I have learned while being in

1. Sometimes when three of you come brand new into an area and you
have absolutely no idea who is who or what is what, but it’s actually
really beneficial for the area and you start working with new people,
trying new things, and touching new hearts.

2. The 12 week program NEVER gets old!! The district videos are your
best form of entertainment and sometimes you just have to laugh at the
awkward law of chastity lesson, cry at the wedding, and smile because
you know the missionaries were inspired to say something. I’m going to
miss doing 12 week!

3. Sister Simmons taught me that even though you have every reason to
turn inwards, turning outwards will ALWAYS be more worth it.

4. Sister Simmons also taught me how to love my family
unconditionally. Her love for her family was so sweet, I couldn’t help
but think of my family and the love I have for them every time she
talked about hers.

5. NEVER judge a person by the appearance of their house. Every house
has potential, every person can progress, and repentance is available
to everyone. One interview we had with President while I’ve been here,
he told us to think of a weapon of rebellion to bury. Mine was
judgement. I didn’t want to pass by any house because I thought the
people living there wouldn’t accept the gospel. Everyone has potential
to accept it. I’m still working on this one, but it has made the
biggest difference so far.

6. Sister Brown taught me to be bold. If the Book of Mormon is true
then Joseph Smith was a prophet and the gospel has been restored to
the earth. If the Book of Mormon is false then everything about our
church is false. I was afraid to say this to people before I was
companions with her, and now there’s no doubt in my mind that this is
true, and I’m not afraid to say it to others.

7. We needed a Joseph Smith and a Nephi. Some people live up to that
role in their own way, but some people are Hyrum’s and Sam’s. Flying
under the radar is 150% desirable here because in reality no one can
fly under the radar in God’s eyes. Not everyone is asked to lead such
as Nephi did, but some people are asked to live like Hyrum Smith did.
Heavenly Father loves each of those people the same. You don’t need
approval from people here. God knows.

8. ANYONE can overcome any addiction. Don’t give up on people because
they give in one time. Keep trying! The Atonement is available to
everyone every time they need it! Even if they don’t think they need
it, or they feel like they can’t use it, they can!

9. The priesthood is in fact the authority to act in God’s name, and
it is here on the earth. We need that authority to perform saving
ordinances so that we can live with God again.

10. Loving everyone is so much easier than finding things to complain
about them.

11. We have prophets and apostles on the earth today. Meeting
President Nelson and getting to shake his hand, talk to him, and hear
his testimony; I can testify that he is called of God. He is an
Apostle and he has the authority to direct and guide us. The most
important thing I want to remember about meeting him is the feeling
that I had of the spirit testifying to me that he is called of God and
this is Christ’s church on the earth today.

12. Sister Larsen helped me understand that if you are sick you need
to take time to get healthy so you can more quickly give it your 100%
rather than just giving 20% for a longer period of time.

13. Sister Larsen also taught me to be reasonable and not try to do
everything at once. Lists are good, priorities are important and
enjoying yourself in the process is essential!

14. The gospel is such an enjoyable thing to live and when we do so,
we will be more in tune with the spirit and God will trust us to do
His will and help His children come into the fold.

15. Some spiritual promptings that you get lead you to something else
that was the real reason you needed to deviate from your plans in the
first place. One time Sister Larsen and I went to a lesson that fell
through, we were supposed to go right back to the visitors’ center,
but I had a feeling we should stop by someone. We went and they
weren’t home. Frustrated we got back into the truck and I was again
promoted to stop by someone else. We went and they. weren’t. home.
Confused and frustrated this time we made our way back to the
visitors’ center and within 5 minutes it was apparent why we needed to
delay getting back there. We gave a tour to a recent convert and her
family who none of them are members. It was so necessary that we gave
them the tour because I already knew them and they felt more
comfortable. The recent convert’s parents came to church the next day
and they are now starting to take the lessons!

16. Being a sister training leader taught me that everyone has their
own struggles and trials. That doesn’t mean one persons trials are any
less than another persons’, rather that Heavenly Father loves all His
children and desires to help us all, especially when we go through

17. Using the talents God has given you can change hearts and help
others feel the spirit. Our concert was such an amazing experience and
I’m so grateful we did it so that more people could be open to all
that we want to share with them.

18. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
(Our motto at the visitors’ center).

19. “Look unto [God] in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” Our
recitation this past transfer! Also quoted in the video we play at the
visitors’ center. (Doctrine and Covenants 6:36).

20. Faith. You can’t get anywhere without it. If you don’t believe it,
it won’t happen. If you don’t have faith, you’ll never know any of
this is true. Sadly, I learned this from examples of people who didn’t
have faith. It really won’t get you far though. It’s so essential to
the gospel. It’s the first principle of the gospel!

21. Joseph Smith. He is the prophet of the restoration. He truly did
see God the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ’s church was
restored through him. He was called of God. God qualifies whom He
calls; but it doesn’t happen over night. Joseph was learning truths as
he was translating the Book of Mormon. He was learning how to be a
prophet when he lived here. That’s how he knew to ask about baptism
which led to the priesthood being brought back to the earth.

22. The Book of Mormon. So many people in this area thought the Book
of Mormon was a fascinating, cool book that had some good quotes in
it. But the Book of Mormon is much more than that. It is scripture,
another testament of Jesus Christ. It is evidence that Joseph Smith
was a true prophet. It teaches us how we can return to live with our
Beloved Father in Heaven again. It testifies of Christ and when we
know Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, we will know that the Book of
Mormon is true. When we know that the Book of Mormon is true, we will
know that Christ did all that He did for every single person. For you.
(2 Nephi 33:10)

23. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is available to us all. Christ’s
mercy covers everything. His grace is sufficient for all men. Through
the Atonement we can overcome the fall. We can be cleansed of all of
our sins. We can return to live with God again. Christ loves each of
us so personally, because He has felt every single thing that we have
felt. He loves us because He knows us. Our trials, our joys, He knows
it all. We can turn to Him always, and I know that even when we feel
completely and utterly alone, Christ is there. He has felt your pain.
He knows how to help you, you just have to turn towards Him.

24. God answers prayers! There were nights when I pled with Him to
help me understand His will. I asked Him for many things, and even
though I did not deserve it, He still answered me. He loves us so much
and He wants to help us. Often times we just need to ask Him for help.
We should pray about even simple things. One time Sister Larsen and I
were doing online teaching, and no one was getting on. We said a
prayer and had three people in a row to talk to and help understand
more about the gospel!

25. Although I have every desire to help someone and see them progress
and enter the waters of baptism, sometimes that is not what God has in
store for me or for them. Heavenly Father has His own timing, He knows
us all perfectly, and some people aren’t ready to accept the gospel
right away. Your mission is what you make it; if you have a good
attitude, you’ll have a good time!

I know that God lives. He loves us so much. He sent His Son, Jesus
Christ to atone for each of us. He gave us the Book of Mormon. He has
taught us how we can live with Him again. He has given us prophets
today to direct, lead, and guide us. I know this gospel is true. The
priesthood is on the earth today. The Doctrine and Covenants are
revelation from God. The Book of Mormon is here for us to apply to our
own lives so we can CHANGE and become better. I’m so grateful for all
that I’ve learned here in Susquehanna and all of the friendships I’ve
made. I’m grateful for the people I’ve met, and that they’ve touched
my life and changed me to become a better person. I can’t wait to be
back here at the Priesthood Restoration Site in the spring. I’m so
excited for what the next three transfers have in store for me until
then! I love being a missionary! I love the gospel! I love
Pennsylvania! I love Susquehanna! And I love you to the moon and

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Concert Week – Susquehanna #23

Hello friends and family!!

This week we were basically at the visitors’ center all hours of the
day. Any second we had we were trying to find people to teach,
inviting everyone to our concert that we were having that weekend, and
trying to meet with our less active and recent convert members! It was
crazy. I’ve never sang so much in my entire life.

But wow. Hearts were changed this weekend. Our concert was on Friday
evening. We had tons of less active members, members who are just
getting reactivated, President and Sister Anderson came, almost all of
the active members of the Methodist church, some other people who we,
and Great Bend (other proselyting sisters in our branch) had invited,
and our investigator, R… came!

It was an interesting week, because for numbers it was not a good
week. We were scheduled to be at the visitors’ center from 2-9 every
day, but it was all worth it because of that concert. It’s an amazing
thing to feel the spirit because of how strongly someone else is
feeling it. I have mentioned a lot of times how I think there were
ministering angels around us; and maybe that’s just because ever since
I’ve been in this area I’ve been studying the priesthood, so I’ve been
more aware of it. But I really do feel as though there have been
continuous times when there were ministering angels among us. The
concert was one of those times. The spirit was just so strong. On the
last song I was standing next to Sister Simmons and halfway through I
can tell that she’s crying. I grab her hand and see in the audience
other people crying as well. After the closing prayer a member of the
Methodist church came up to us in tears and hugged us all. When she
hugged me she couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it all was and
how she felt so good and she thinks we are so great. Although I
definitely, definitely, definitely appreciated her comments I couldn’t
help but pause and think of all the gratitude I have for the
missionaries who served in this area before us. If they hadn’t had
such a great relationship with so many of the people in this area,
these people wouldn’t have felt the need to have relationships with
us. This community is such a unique one, but I’m grateful for the
unity that it has and the fact that we can go to the Methodist bible
study class on Mondays and feel welcomed and people of other faiths
can come and feel welcomed at our church.

Nothing may happen right now with that lady, but somewhere down the
road she might come across two girls in skirts with black name tags
and a white truck and remember her experience that evening and invite
those two in. All my mission all I’ve done so far is plant seeds. But
how important that is! If you don’t plant seeds you won’t have
anything to harvest. Sister Larsen and I have made sure that we talk
to everyone we come across, and not just talk to them, but help them
feel of Heavenly Father’s love for them. Because somewhere in the
future they may have someone offer them a Book of Mormon, and they’re
going to think back to how the last two missionaries they met made
them feel.

That being said, transfer calls are this Friday. All I know so far is
that Susquehanna has my heart.

The gospel is true. President Monson is the prophet on the earth
today, he receives revelation directly from God. He has the authority
to act in God’s name, and God loves us. That’s why He gave us a
prophet; the Book of Mormon; the gospel; His Son, Jesus Christ, our
Savior and redeemer. The knowledge and opportunity to live with God
again is available to all of us, we just have to live worthy of it.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm (:

(: Susquehanna #20

Hello friends and family!

Wow. What a crazy week!

We got to give tours all day Tuesday to missionaries!! 1/4 of the
mission came in the morning, and another fourth came in the afternoon.
It was so so so fun to see so many familiar faces! I got to see Sister
Callaway, my mtc companion. When they all first showed up we went to
the chapel and had a meeting. During Elder Walker’s talk he talked
about a ripple effect, and how we all come here and have the
experiences that we have, and we go and share those with others and
they come and share their experiences with others, and pretty soon the
whole world is filled with the spirit and the knowledge of the
restoration of the priesthood. Elder Walker used us as an example and
had one of the visitors’ center companionships stand and start singing
the hymn Abide With Me. As they sang through the first verse the rest
of the visitors’ center sisters stood up and walked to the front,
joining in the song. By the end the spirit was filling the room. When
we were done Elder Walker had everyone in the room stand and sing the
first verse again with us. Since I’ve been here I’ve been thinking and
studying a lot about Ministering Angels. As we sang I think there were
Ministering Angels around us. While singing I was standing right in
front of Sister Callaway who was on the front row. As we made eye
contact I could see tears in her eyes. Suddenly I pictured myself in a
small classroom back in Provo Utah a short nine months ago. Sitting
next to Sister Callaway, who I barely knew. With shiny name tags with
two names on them. With eyes that were probably the size of golf
balls. I thought about the things that I had known to be true then. I
knew this church was true, I knew the Book of Mormon was true, and I
knew I needed to share this with others. I thought of who I was then
and then thought of who I am now. How the spirit has softened my heart
so I could change. The Lord has humbled me so I could repent. God has
answered me so I can know He is there. I thought of many of the
experiences I’ve had since January and of the many times the spirit
prompted me to do something. Then I thought about the next nine
months. What am I going to do to help others? How am I going to
testify to them? Why am I even talking to everyone I possibly can?
Then I thought of our Savior. I thought of everything He did for us. I
thought of the many times I’ve sat in someone’s living room and told
them that if they were the only person who lived on the earth that
Christ still would have done everything He did. Just for them. And I
realized that this applies to me too. His grace is sufficient for all
men. How great is our call to share the gospel with others! I’m so
grateful that I have nine more months to be here and to love these
people as Christ loves them. To share with them the fullness of truth.
To testify of the prophet of the restoration. To help them know why
this even applies to them at all.

On Thursday we had such an amazing district meeting! We split into two
groups and our district leader gave us all a list of questions and we
had to find answers to those questions from the Book of Mormon. As we
went through the list I realized how it’s true, the Book of Mormon
does answer all of our questions. It helps us know Christ and know how
to return to live with God again. If you’re looking for answers to
your questions, I promise you will find answers in the Book of Mormon.
On Thursday we also had thanksgiving dinner at the Slater’s. Yes, they
are aware that thanksgiving is next month…but Jay told us that he
thinks thanksgiving dinner shouldn’t only be allowed on thanksgiving,
so he invited us over! It was so fun and both Misty and Jay’s parents
were there too. It was so good!

On Friday we went on exchanges. I went with Sister Harvey. Wow. Sister
Harvey is a spiritual GIANT. She is amazing! The tours that we gave at
the visitors’ center were so full of the spirit because she testified
and applied everything to the people that were there. It was on one of
those tours that it suddenly hit me. And I’m embarrassed that it’s
taken me this long to realize this. But when Sister Harvey was talking
I suddenly realized that all of these things really happened. John the
Baptist really conferred the Aaronic Priesthood back to the earth.
Peter, James, and John all conferred the Melchizedek Priesthood. The
prophet Joseph Smith really lived. He really translated the Book of
Mormon. I’ve known this my whole life, but I was just reminded that
these aren’t made up events. They actually happened. We actually have
the priesthood. We really do have the Book of Mormon that truly is
another testament of Jesus Christ. This is all true. Joseph Smith was
a prophet of God. I’m so grateful I get to testify of all of this and
that I can help others know of this truth.

There is a lot of evidence that all of this is true. I talk about this
evidence every single day. But what difference does the evidence make
if you don’t have faith? None of this matters if you don’t apply it to
yourself and allow it to change you. Brad Wilcox gave a talk called
His Grace is Sufficient. Something I love from that talk is he talks
about how people believe that they just accept Christ as our Savior
and they are saved by grace. The point is not that we are saved by
grace, but that we are changed by grace. Yes, Christ performed the
Atonement for every one of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do
anything. We still have to humble ourselves and apply Christ’s gospel
to our lives. Have you been changed by grace?

I’ve learned a lot this week, and I know I’ll continue to learn more.
I’m so grateful for this gospel and for all of the blessings and
miracles we receive and see from having it in our lives. I hope you
all have a wonderful week!

I love you to the moon and back.


Sister Gomm (: