Susquehanna has my heart! – Susquehanna #24

*Disclaimer* I don’t know how this email got so long….. Sorry for
writing a novel!

My dear friends and family! What a crazy, fun, sad, exciting,
bitter-sweet week!! After spending six months in my very favorite
little country town of Susquehanna I will be leaving here tomorrow!! I
have learned so much and had so many crazy experiences in the past six
months! I’ve learned to love so many people, learned to try so many
things, and learned to follow so many promptings.

Since Susquehanna has such a special place in my heart, I thought it
would be appropriate to share 25 things I have learned while being in

1. Sometimes when three of you come brand new into an area and you
have absolutely no idea who is who or what is what, but it’s actually
really beneficial for the area and you start working with new people,
trying new things, and touching new hearts.

2. The 12 week program NEVER gets old!! The district videos are your
best form of entertainment and sometimes you just have to laugh at the
awkward law of chastity lesson, cry at the wedding, and smile because
you know the missionaries were inspired to say something. I’m going to
miss doing 12 week!

3. Sister Simmons taught me that even though you have every reason to
turn inwards, turning outwards will ALWAYS be more worth it.

4. Sister Simmons also taught me how to love my family
unconditionally. Her love for her family was so sweet, I couldn’t help
but think of my family and the love I have for them every time she
talked about hers.

5. NEVER judge a person by the appearance of their house. Every house
has potential, every person can progress, and repentance is available
to everyone. One interview we had with President while I’ve been here,
he told us to think of a weapon of rebellion to bury. Mine was
judgement. I didn’t want to pass by any house because I thought the
people living there wouldn’t accept the gospel. Everyone has potential
to accept it. I’m still working on this one, but it has made the
biggest difference so far.

6. Sister Brown taught me to be bold. If the Book of Mormon is true
then Joseph Smith was a prophet and the gospel has been restored to
the earth. If the Book of Mormon is false then everything about our
church is false. I was afraid to say this to people before I was
companions with her, and now there’s no doubt in my mind that this is
true, and I’m not afraid to say it to others.

7. We needed a Joseph Smith and a Nephi. Some people live up to that
role in their own way, but some people are Hyrum’s and Sam’s. Flying
under the radar is 150% desirable here because in reality no one can
fly under the radar in God’s eyes. Not everyone is asked to lead such
as Nephi did, but some people are asked to live like Hyrum Smith did.
Heavenly Father loves each of those people the same. You don’t need
approval from people here. God knows.

8. ANYONE can overcome any addiction. Don’t give up on people because
they give in one time. Keep trying! The Atonement is available to
everyone every time they need it! Even if they don’t think they need
it, or they feel like they can’t use it, they can!

9. The priesthood is in fact the authority to act in God’s name, and
it is here on the earth. We need that authority to perform saving
ordinances so that we can live with God again.

10. Loving everyone is so much easier than finding things to complain
about them.

11. We have prophets and apostles on the earth today. Meeting
President Nelson and getting to shake his hand, talk to him, and hear
his testimony; I can testify that he is called of God. He is an
Apostle and he has the authority to direct and guide us. The most
important thing I want to remember about meeting him is the feeling
that I had of the spirit testifying to me that he is called of God and
this is Christ’s church on the earth today.

12. Sister Larsen helped me understand that if you are sick you need
to take time to get healthy so you can more quickly give it your 100%
rather than just giving 20% for a longer period of time.

13. Sister Larsen also taught me to be reasonable and not try to do
everything at once. Lists are good, priorities are important and
enjoying yourself in the process is essential!

14. The gospel is such an enjoyable thing to live and when we do so,
we will be more in tune with the spirit and God will trust us to do
His will and help His children come into the fold.

15. Some spiritual promptings that you get lead you to something else
that was the real reason you needed to deviate from your plans in the
first place. One time Sister Larsen and I went to a lesson that fell
through, we were supposed to go right back to the visitors’ center,
but I had a feeling we should stop by someone. We went and they
weren’t home. Frustrated we got back into the truck and I was again
promoted to stop by someone else. We went and they. weren’t. home.
Confused and frustrated this time we made our way back to the
visitors’ center and within 5 minutes it was apparent why we needed to
delay getting back there. We gave a tour to a recent convert and her
family who none of them are members. It was so necessary that we gave
them the tour because I already knew them and they felt more
comfortable. The recent convert’s parents came to church the next day
and they are now starting to take the lessons!

16. Being a sister training leader taught me that everyone has their
own struggles and trials. That doesn’t mean one persons trials are any
less than another persons’, rather that Heavenly Father loves all His
children and desires to help us all, especially when we go through

17. Using the talents God has given you can change hearts and help
others feel the spirit. Our concert was such an amazing experience and
I’m so grateful we did it so that more people could be open to all
that we want to share with them.

18. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
(Our motto at the visitors’ center).

19. “Look unto [God] in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” Our
recitation this past transfer! Also quoted in the video we play at the
visitors’ center. (Doctrine and Covenants¬†6:36).

20. Faith. You can’t get anywhere without it. If you don’t believe it,
it won’t happen. If you don’t have faith, you’ll never know any of
this is true. Sadly, I learned this from examples of people who didn’t
have faith. It really won’t get you far though. It’s so essential to
the gospel. It’s the first principle of the gospel!

21. Joseph Smith. He is the prophet of the restoration. He truly did
see God the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ’s church was
restored through him. He was called of God. God qualifies whom He
calls; but it doesn’t happen over night. Joseph was learning truths as
he was translating the Book of Mormon. He was learning how to be a
prophet when he lived here. That’s how he knew to ask about baptism
which led to the priesthood being brought back to the earth.

22. The Book of Mormon. So many people in this area thought the Book
of Mormon was a fascinating, cool book that had some good quotes in
it. But the Book of Mormon is much more than that. It is scripture,
another testament of Jesus Christ. It is evidence that Joseph Smith
was a true prophet. It teaches us how we can return to live with our
Beloved Father in Heaven again. It testifies of Christ and when we
know Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, we will know that the Book of
Mormon is true. When we know that the Book of Mormon is true, we will
know that Christ did all that He did for every single person. For you.
(2 Nephi 33:10)

23. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is available to us all. Christ’s
mercy covers everything. His grace is sufficient for all men. Through
the Atonement we can overcome the fall. We can be cleansed of all of
our sins. We can return to live with God again. Christ loves each of
us so personally, because He has felt every single thing that we have
felt. He loves us because He knows us. Our trials, our joys, He knows
it all. We can turn to Him always, and I know that even when we feel
completely and utterly alone, Christ is there. He has felt your pain.
He knows how to help you, you just have to turn towards Him.

24. God answers prayers! There were nights when I pled with Him to
help me understand His will. I asked Him for many things, and even
though I did not deserve it, He still answered me. He loves us so much
and He wants to help us. Often times we just need to ask Him for help.
We should pray about even simple things. One time Sister Larsen and I
were doing online teaching, and no one was getting on. We said a
prayer and had three people in a row to talk to and help understand
more about the gospel!

25. Although I have every desire to help someone and see them progress
and enter the waters of baptism, sometimes that is not what God has in
store for me or for them. Heavenly Father has His own timing, He knows
us all perfectly, and some people aren’t ready to accept the gospel
right away. Your mission is what you make it; if you have a good
attitude, you’ll have a good time!

I know that God lives. He loves us so much. He sent His Son, Jesus
Christ to atone for each of us. He gave us the Book of Mormon. He has
taught us how we can live with Him again. He has given us prophets
today to direct, lead, and guide us. I know this gospel is true. The
priesthood is on the earth today. The Doctrine and Covenants are
revelation from God. The Book of Mormon is here for us to apply to our
own lives so we can CHANGE and become better. I’m so grateful for all
that I’ve learned here in Susquehanna and all of the friendships I’ve
made. I’m grateful for the people I’ve met, and that they’ve touched
my life and changed me to become a better person. I can’t wait to be
back here at the Priesthood Restoration Site in the spring. I’m so
excited for what the next three transfers have in store for me until
then! I love being a missionary! I love the gospel! I love
Pennsylvania! I love Susquehanna! And I love you to the moon and

Sister Sammy Gomm (:


Hello!!! – Susquehanna #19

Hello friends and family!

What an interesting week! We met with our investigator K… this week!
We taught her the restoration, and it went pretty well! The best part
was when we asked her about the scriptures we had committed her to
read. She loved Alma 32:21 so much that she had to read it to us. Once
she was done reading it she’s all, “In fact, I love this scripture so
much, I would get a tattoo of it!” Hahaha! Totally caught off guard
and I had no idea what to say…. I think I just said, “Isn’t that
such a good scripture?? It’s so important to have faith…” Haha,
needless to say…. K… might have a tattoo of Alma 32:21 sometime
soon…… All joking aside though, I am really praying for K… that
she continues to read from the Book of Mormon and that she gains a
testimony of it and a desire to act on the faith she gains from
reading it. I don’t know where things are going to go with her, but I
have faith she will progress!! We’re meeting with her again on

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Brown! It was fun, just like
old times…. (8 weeks ago…) haha! But we went to visit the S…’s
and it was so great!! We shared Because He Lives and read a scripture
from the Book of Mormon. Sister Brown talked about a talk from general
conference and committed them to read it and the spirit was so so so
strong! It was one of the best lessons I’ve ever had with them which
was so great because I’ve really been trying to figure out what to do
with them and how to help them.. I think things will be looking up
from here!

On Saturday we went and saw R… and D…. Their daughter is L…,
the recent convert who is at byui (I know I’ve mentioned L…
before, and I think I mentioned R… not too long ago). But we talked
with R… and she is so so so awesome. She is so ready for the gospel
to be in her life, she’s just waiting for her husband! D… was there
when we went over, but he didn’t talk to us very much. R… came to
church though, and we are going over sometime this week to help her
with caramel apples for her reading class she teaches at the
elementary school. I’m so excited to get to know her better! I’m just
praying her husband’s heart will continue to be softened and he will
start taking the missionary lessons! I just love them so much!

The visitors’ center was SO busy this weekend! Everyone out west had
fall break (obviously, since that’s where basically all of you who
read this are), and they all decided to come here! It was seriously
insane, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like next summer,
especially around the time of the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It’s going to
be so fun!

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about this week is having a sense
of urgency. In the video we show at the visitors’ center you can tell
how Oliver Cowdery is so anxious to to get to Harmony and help however
he can with the restoration of the gospel. Samuel, Joseph’s brother,
even calls Oliver a white-tailed deer because he basically runs there
from Palmyra because he is so excited to meet Joseph. I think Oliver
is such a great example of acting on promptings we receive; and acting
quickly. God’s timing is often so important, and things could have
turned out differently if Oliver had waited. But he didn’t. He left
right away. He didn’t even give Satan any time to persuade him
otherwise. I think that’s something we can all apply to ourselves too.
Oliver acted as soon as he received his prompting. How often do we
wait too long to do what the Holy Ghost tells us to do? How often do
we ignore those promptings? What if Oliver had ignored those
promptings or waited too long and Satan had convinced him to stay in
Palmyra and not make the 135 mile journey here? What if Joseph didn’t
act on the prompting he received when they were translating about
baptism? What if they never followed the Holy Ghost to ask how to
return to live with God? What if we don’t talk to someone at the
grocery store when we feel like we should? What if we don’t try the
last door at 8:45 when we’re tired and cold, but we know the spirit is
prompting us to go there? How can you create a sense of urgency for
the gospel in your life? Who can you share it with? When will you
share it with them? Will you do as Christ did and talk to everyone,
even when you’re tired and in a hurry? We wouldn’t have the gospel
today if people didn’t act on the promptings they were receiving. It’s
an amazing blessing to have a member of the godhead directing and
guiding us every moment of every day if we let it. What will you do to
recognize and act on those promptings?

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Craziest Week!! – Susquehanna #11

Hello friends and family!!

Wow. This week has been the craziest week! I know I say that every week, but I really mean it this time!! SO many of our appointments fell through, it was so sad!! But on Wednesday we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders!! Sister Johnstone and I went to Tunkhannock and Sister Brown stayed in Susquehanna with Sister Nielson! I LOVE Sister Johnstone!!! It was just like old times, my first transfer in the ppm (: it was seriously so fun to go on exchanges with my trainer!! We literally didn’t have a quiet moment. I just love her so much!!

This week was super stressful and everyone kept asking us things about the visitors center and about everything that’s going to be happening up here and we didn’t have any answers so I was super stressed out! Our district leader had been in Montrose for the afternoon so we called him to ask if he was still in Montrose and if he was if he could give me a blessing. So we call him and he’s all, “I’m actually in Great Bend right now, where can I meet you?” Ah I was seriously so grateful that he was so much closer and it wasn’t out of his way to come here! So we’re trying to think of somewhere he can meet us and Sister Brown is all, “Meet us at the Susquehanna river.” So we drive down to the river and Elder Moriera gave me a blessing at the river in the pouring rain. I love the priesthood. I love it so much, and I’m so grateful for it! I felt so peaceful after that and despite the fact that we still had no idea what was going on I knew that Heavenly Father had it all under control and I didn’t need to worry about it! (:

On Friday morning we went and did service at the restoration site and pulled weeds. It was actually so much fun to get to talk with everyone there (Sisters Simmons, Francis, and Elder and Sister Lingman (senior couple) were all there), We barely had any time to do our weekly planning because we had so many people to see! It was crazy.

On Sunday we went to church and during Sunday School we went to the Branch President’s office with the D…s’ and the Richardson’s (other senior couple) and worked on their family history for names to take to the temple for baptisms! Then during the third hour the D…s’ had their temple recommend interview and throughout all of relief society I am wondering about the D…s’ and how it’s going for them. Then finally, K… walks in and sits on the opposite end of the room from me so I mouth to her, “How did it go??” And in response she holds up her temple recommend!! I seriously almost started crying tears of joy!! I am SO excited for them!!!!!! We are still trying to figure the details out with the temple, because we were supposed to go this Saturday, but another surprise! The visitor’s center actually opens this Saturday!! So we don’t know if we can go to the temple with them or not…. We’re figuring out the details with the visitor’s center director. Needless to say, either way I am SO happy they got their temple recommends!! It has been a long time coming, and I cannot wait for them to go to the temple to do baptisms!!

So after church Sister Brown and I went to our appointments, and one of them fell through, so we were just going to do finding up in the area we were in.. But right after the appointment fell through the Assistants called us and asked us if we would be at our apartment at 3:30 because they had all of the other visitor center sisters with them. We look at the time and it’s already 3:10 and we were a half hour away so we get home at about 3:40 and wait for them all to show up. We sat on our landlord’s porch and talked to her as we waited… and waited… and waited! So 4:10 rolls around and we call the assistants and ask them where they are!! And they say, “Sisters, we are so sorry! We’ve been at the restoration site for the past 40 minutes, we’ll be to your apartment soon!” So we go back in our house to go to the bathroom and as we’re getting ready to go back out President Anderson calls us and tells us that I’m going to be moving out of the house I’m in and Sister Brown will be staying there with three other sisters who have been in the mission for about 5 weeks. And I am going to be training one of the GOLDENS who just got here from the mtc on Saturday!!!! YAY!! So about 15 minutes later, Sister Anderson, President, the Assistants, and 8 sister missionaries show up!!! We all go into our tiny house and drop off luggage and President comes up to me and says, “Sister Gomm, this is Sister Larsen, she just got here yesterday, and she is your new companion.” Oh my goodness. I LOVE Sister Larsen!!! She is the BEST!!!!!!!! She really is golden!! So we are part time visitor’s center missionaries and the rest of the time we will be proselyting!

So we all walk over to the Biesinger’s (senior couple) house and had dinner with all 12 visitor center sisters, 10 senior missionaries, President and Sister Anderson and the Assistants. Can you say too many missionaries in one house?? It was insane.

So we still don’t know what’s going on really, we just know that we are starting visitor’s center training tonight!!!!!!! I am so excited and I love being a missionary! I’m sorry this is so long and everywhere, but I hope you all have an amazing week!! I love you to the moon and back!!


Sister Gomm (:

I want a truck!! – Susquehanna #7


What a CRAZY week it’s been!!!! Wow! They split our area, so now
Sister Brown and I are together in Susquehanna and Sister Simmons and
her new companion, Sister Francis, are in Great Bend! It’s crazy to
have two sets of missionaries in our tiny little branch, but it is SO
fun!! Sister Simmons and Sister Francis haven’t gotten their new house
yet, so there are four of us staying in our house right now!! It is SO

Sister Francis, Sister Simmons, Sister Gomm & Sister Brown

As for our area, how we have it split right now is pretty rough. Great
bend has everyone that we were teaching besides 2 investigators, 2
recent converts and 1 less active member. Basically it’s going to take
A LOT to reach the goals we have set for this week! But I know that
Heavenly Father will help us! We’re also going to fix how the area is
split to make it better for us!! But until then we’re doing a lot of
finding!! (: it’s seriously so fun! This area is amazing!!

One of the best parts is that I’m now driving the truck!! And wow! I
LOVE it!!! It’s very essential for this area too, because there are so
many hills, dirt roads, and pot holes!! Seriously, they’re


We had interviews with our Mission President this week! They are
always the best! President gave me some WONDERFUL advice on how to
help the people in this area, and I’m so excited to put things into
action! It’s going to be an amazing transfer in Susquehanna!! I can
feel it!! (:

Since we’ve been doing mostly finding I’ve really come to love talking
to people! It still scares me most of the time, but I love getting to
know others and being able to help them feel the spirit and help them
understand that God loves them. We met this woman named F… this
past week. She is so sweet!! She lives a few streets up from us and we
knocked on her door and the conversation was just rolling from then
on!! She is searching for truth and is really interested in reading
the Book of Mormon! We are meeting with her tomorrow and I am SO

I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of time this week! But something I’ve
really learned this week is that you truly can’t judge anyone. You
can’t assume that someone you pass by won’t accept what you are going
to share with them, you can’t judge that no one is home because all of
the lights are off in the house. We need to let everyone have the
opportunity to hear the gospel! It just brings so much happiness and
joy, it really is for everyone!!

I hope you all have a great week!! I love you to the moon and back!!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

6 weeks down in THE Susquehanna!!

Wow. What an insane week. On Monday we had an amazing lesson with a
less active member, J…. He is so cool!! (I’ve mentioned him before)
He’s been struggling to believe that there is a God, and that He cares
for J…. So we decided to talk about Heavenly Father in our lesson.
We showed a video and the man in the video had a different
circumstance than J… is having, but it was the perfect thing to
show, the spirit was so strong and J… was getting teary-eyed when
the man in the video was talking about how he came to know that there
is a God and He does love each of us. After the video we talked a
little and the members that were with us shared their testimonies of
Heavenly Father, and I just kept getting the feeling that I should
tell J… that there is a God and that He loves him and wants what’s
best for him. But as soon as the member was done talking my companions
started talking and the conversation got a little off track from what
I wanted to say so I decided I wasn’t going to say it anymore, but I
just kept feeling like I needed to. So I simply told J… that often
times Heavenly Father answers our prayers through other people, and I
don’t have the answers to everything, but I do know that God exists
and that He loves him and He wants what’s best for him and that’s why
he’s been given the gospel. Both J… and I had tears in our eyes and
I could feel so much love from Heavenly Father for J…! I really do
know that Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of us, and
that’s why He sent Christ to the earth to atone for our sins and to be
the example for us, so that we can return to live with Him again. I’m
so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts us with His children, to help
them and make them feel His love.

On Wednesday we went to see M…! (The investigator who had a
baptismal date for the 25) We taught about tithing and fast offerings
and M…’s daughter (she lives with her daughter) had a complete
blow out about what we were teaching. She’s never listening to the
lessons, in fact, usually we have them outside, but she heard part of
the lesson and listened in for a good amount of time before she
started getting upset. She was so upset that we pay tithing, it was so
sad to hear someone say such mean things. Sister Simmons and I
literally both started crying, but good thing Sister Brown was there
and M…, the member who came with us. Sister Brown bore such a
strong testimony and Misty talked about how things kept going wrong
right before her baptism but it was so worth it, and M…
apologized over and over for what happened, but we cut the lesson
short and left and rescheduled to have the lesson the next day at a
member’s house. Well M… wasn’t doing well the next day and had to
go to the hospital for a few days so we weren’t able to meet with her
or get in contact with her. It was the worst! Plus throughout the rest
of the week we had ten of our lessons cancel and members who were
supposed to come to lessons just didn’t show up and didn’t get back to
us until after the lesson was over. It was so frustrating! Then this
morning M… FINALLY called us back!! But she told us that she is
moving to Florida on Thursday to live with her brother. We asked if we
could come and see her tonight and she said she still didn’t feel well
and when we asked if we could come another time before Thursday she
said she didn’t know. I am so devastated that she is moving! I love
her so much and I don’t want her to lose contact with the church!!
We’re going to get her new address and have the missionaries in
Florida go visit her though. I am just praying that they will be able
to continue to teach her!! I really don’t even know how to express how
sad I am about the whole situation, it’s been so hard though!!

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week we had Hometown
Days, the carnival that goes on every year in Susquehanna! We had a
booth set up and got to talk about the new church and visitors center!
Plus two senior couple missionaries who will be in the visitors center
arrived this week and we met them at Hometown days!! It was so fun to
talk to everyone passing by and just share my testimony with each of
them! We have so many new potential investigators and so many people
who are going to come and visit when the church is done!!

Also this week was transfer calls!! (No surprise here) all three of us
are staying in Susquehanna!! We’ve known since the beginning of the
transfer that the three of us would only be together one transfer and
that they would be adding a 4th person into our apartment. So on
Friday we called President Anderson to ask him what we are supposed to
do with our house to prepare for the new missionary. It was so strange
because President starts off with, “as you know, another missionary
will be joining you next transfer.” Then when we asked him what we
should do he didn’t really give us a direct answer on how to prepare.
Towards the end of the call he’s all, “Sister Gomm you will be-well,
maybe I should wait.” And wouldn’t tell us anything else! So during
transfer calls none of us were surprised that we would all be staying.
On Saturday the assistants called us and told Sister Simmons to ‘make
herself moveable’ but she doesn’t have to bring her stuff to
transfers, but they wouldn’t tell us anything else. So now we still
don’t know if she will be in our house or in another house that’s
still in our area or anything… It’s all been so confusing!! I’m just
so grateful that I get to be a missionary and I am staying in
Susquehanna for at least another six weeks!! I LOVE it here!!! It’s so
much fun!!

Well, I’m about out of time, but I love you all to the moon and back!!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Everyone Here is Related – Susquehanna #4

Hello everyone!

What a crazy week it’s been. We met this family who is a referral from
one of the members here, which is so great!! But they only speak
Spanish! And since we are way far away from the Spanish Elders there’s
no way they can come and teach this family. But we found someone who
is from the branch next to us who speaks Spanish and he came to
translate for us! It was so amazing! We’ve only met with the family
twice, so we are still getting to know them! On Wednesday we had our
Sister Training Leaders double in to our area. They slept over here on
Tuesday night, then Sister Simmons and I went with Sister Barnum and
Sister Brown went with Sister Casey! It was so much fun and I learned
so much! We met with a less active member this week, J… who lives
in Windsor, New York. Wow! He is amazing!! We started the stop smoking
program with him! He is so great and he really wants to serve a
mission! He has such a sense of urgency to get his life turned around
so he can go! I just love the people here! We are working with him and
praying for him! He has such a great desire to quit smoking though, I
know Heavenly Father is helping him through all of this!

I’m sure you’re all wondering what we did for the 4th of July! Well,
missionary work! We weren’t able to schedule any appointments with
ANYONE so we literally went around finding all day and tried talking
to everyone! It rained basically all day. I keep waiting for it to be
super hot and humid as everyone says it gets in PA in the summer, but
so far it’s been more wet than hot! But needless to say, the Fourth
was just like any other day! Everyone was going to Thompson to watch
fireworks (one of the cities in our area), but the fireworks didn’t
start until 10 pm!

On Sunday we went to a baptism for the couple’s, who is over the
restoration site, granddaughter. The family invited us to come and we
were more than happy to be there! The baptism was in the Susquehanna
river! It was so cool to see her be baptized! I’m so grateful that
they invited us to come even though we had only just met her! Later
that day we went to teach M…. Wow, I just love her SO much!! She
is the cutest thing ever! We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and
she kept getting teary-eyed throughout the whole lesson and she told
us that it just all makes sense! She has a baptismal date for July 25
and during our lesson she’s all, “about my baptism… What time is it
going to be at?” Oh she is the best! I seriously love her!! I’m
praying that she will continue to progress in the gospel and that she
will recognize the answers to her prayers. I love her so much! (How
many times can I say that?) Also funny story, while at church in
gospel principles our branch mission leader was teaching and he went
around and introduced everyone because there were some visitors and it
was only M…’s second week. So he introduces M… and suddenly
one of the people in the class who is a recent convert is all, “Hi
aunt M…!” I thought he was just being funny and that he was
pretending to know her when in reality they had just met. But I really
shouldn’t let these things take me by surprise; turns out she actually
is his aunt!! They hadn’t talked to each other in a few years (he
lives in Windsor, New York and she lives in Oakland, Pennsylvania (for
all you church history people is actually what used to be Harmony, PA)
and those two places aren’t far from each other, but it seems like no
one ever leaves their own town so it must be far for them haha) so it
took them both by surprise that they were there! But this seriously
happens ALL the time!! It’s so funny. Everyone in our entire branch is
related… You think I’m kidding, but I swear everyone is related to
someone!! It’s the funniest thing ever. I guess once you go to a small
town you never leave, right? (: Just kidding, but it is strange how
close everyone’s relatives are!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the Atonement and the Plan of
Salvation. I know that we all need a Savior. I’m so grateful for my
Brother, Jesus Christ, and that He was so willing to suffer for my
sins. I know that I need a Savior to return to live with my Heavenly
Father again. I’m grateful that I have this gospel so that I can know
how to return to live with Him again. I’m so grateful for the
knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know that I will see loved ones
again because of it. It’s amazing the peace and comfort it can bring
to each and every one of us. My testimony is simple, but I know that
this truly is Christ’s church. I know that this is the way to return
to our Beloved Heavenly Father. That Christ has atoned for all of my
sins. He knows exactly how I feel and He loves me and even if I was
the only person who needed the Atonement, that He still would have
done it. I strive to be an example of my Savior, and I pray that those
who know me will know Him.

I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Susquehanna #1

Hello friends and family!!!!! Wow!!! What a CRAZY week!!! I have like
zero time to email so I apologize in advance.. But…


I LOVE SUSQUEHANNA!!!! This place is so wonderful!!! And I have the
BEST companions!! I’m in a trio with Sister Simmons (my previous
sister training leader), and Sister Brown (fresh from the mtc!!)
Sister Simmons and I are training Sister Brown and it is CRAZY!! This
area just barely had Elders serving here so we don’t know anyone since
we’re all new to the area! We’re just trying to figure things out!! We
are serving in the tiniest branch!! Our church building for the next
few months is the tiniest little house on the prairie church building,
it’s crazy!!! We got here on Wednesday and had dinner with the branch
mission leader who is AMAZING!!! He filled us in on all of the
investigators and people being taught! It was so great!!!


A few days later (or maybe the next day, I can’t remember!!) we met
with the D… family! They have a son who joined the church two
years ago and has now been on his mission for almost a year!! WOW!!
They are investigating the church, but are nervous to make the next
step and commit to something so big like baptism, but we are going to
work with them on that! Their son told them not to wait for him to
come home for them to join the church which I admire him for saying
that! They are so awesome!!

We’ve just been trying to meet everyone (literally everyone because
it’s such a small town), and invite them all to learn about the
gospel!! We have so much potential in this area and I just love it

In September the Aaronic Priesthood Restoration Site will be dedicated
and I am SO excited for it!! Sister Brown is going to be serving in
the visitors center along with a few other sister missionaries who
will be coming in within the next few transfers!! It’s all just
madness and we don’t even know what’s going to be going on and I am so
excited for what’s coming up!! I am just praying that I will be able
to serve in this area for a long time!! Ah I just love it so much!!

Well I’m sorry this is so short, but I love you all to the moon and back!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (: