Born in Bethlehem! – Bethlehem #7

Friends and family!!

Hello! What a crazy week! (As always!) on Tuesday Sister Torres and I
went down to Broomall and she got her new companion and headed out to
her new area! I spent the day in Philadelphia with Sister Foster! We
talked about Downingtown because we both served there and we just went
finding in her area waiting for our goldens to get here the next day!

Wednesday was full of meetings! My new companion is Sister Brunsdale!!
She’s from Utah too! Whoot! She’s so lucky to start her mission here
so she can say she was born in Bethlehem! We have had SO many miracles
this week! I love being with goldens! They always bring miracles!! We
also did a lot of finding this week. One particularly funny thing that
happened was at one door we knocked on. This man answers and after we
introduce ourselves he’s all, “I’m Catholic and I only talk to other
people who are Catholic.” Then he reaches out to pinch my nose!! I was
so caught off guard, but luckily I dodged it! I didn’t really know
what to do after that, Sister Brunsdale was standing next to me trying
not to laugh and I came up with the smartest response possible and
said, “Oookay….. Bye!” We turned and walked away trying not to laugh
too loud.

On Saturday we had an AMAZING lesson with our investigator, B…! We
taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was SO strong!!
Heavenly Father is really preparing B…! He told us times that he’s
had to have faith in Jesus Christ and then mentioned that he’s
repented a lot, but only about three of those times have been with
real intent. After that we talked about baptism and receiving the gift
of the Holy Ghost. The spirit was seriously so strong and we were
literally just waiting for B… to finish his sentence so we could
invite him to be baptized! He now has a baptismal date for March 12!
There’s a lot we still need to help him understand, but he is so
prepared. I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes him.

Unfortunately he didn’t come to church yesterday. 😦 after church we
went to his house to see what had happened, but he wasn’t there. We
decided to go finding around his house and we met this lady who let us
in, so we showed her the video Because He Lives. She had two of her
daughters watch it with us and both of them loved it! The woman was in
tears at the end of the video and then she says, “Someone gave me a
Book of Mormon awhile ago.” And she walks over to the book shelf and
pulls it out. We have a return appointment with her this Wednesday!
I’m so so so excited to share more with her!

Also on Sunday, we had a lesson with Brother H…. He had met
with the bishop at church and is getting ready to receive the Aaronic
Priesthood!! So much joy filled the room when he started talking about
it and he shared a little bit of his testimony! Wow, I just love the
gospel and I’m so happy Brother H… has found so much joy in
coming closer to Christ. He always talks about how he wishes he could
do his baptism over again because he didn’t know anything about the
gospel then, but it’s such a blessing to see the spirit work in him
and change that desire towards realizing all he can do because he’s
already a member. He is doing so well and I’m so excited for him! Is
knowledge of the gospel is expanding and he may or may not have told
us that he thinks people who go to the Telestial Kingdom only get to
eat fruitcake (don’t worry, he was kidding).

I forgot to mention another weird thing that happened while we were
finding on Saturday! We knock on this man’s door and literally all
we’ve said is, “Hi, we’re missionaries,” and he steps out of his house
onto the porch and folds his arms and starts praying. In his prayer he
says, “Father, please bless these two ladies, for they believe things
that contradict what I believe. Please bless that whichever one of us
is wrong will be brought to the light.” Needless to say, when we asked
him if he had any neighbor’s he thought could use an uplifting
message, his response was, “No. And if I did, I would refer them to
myself.” Bethlehem is such a strange place sometimes!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about Heavenly Father’s will for
all of His children. Specifically what He wants me to do here, right
now. It’s really put things into perspective for me, and helped me to
talk to everyone and testify of Jesus Christ. At the meeting we had on
Wednesday after we all got our companions, President Anderson had me
and Sister Francis (fellow VC sister who’s also training!) share our
testimonies of the Book of Mormon. I stood up and very simply stated
what I know to be true. I testified of the Book of Mormon, and that
it’s through the Priesthood that we have this book today. I surprised
myself with what I said, not because I was surprised that I know the
Book of Mormon is true, but because everything all ties in and I
didn’t expect myself to talk about that. But it all does tie in,
because it’s all part of Christ’s gospel. Christ has always done the
will of the Father and we too are to do the will of the Father. That
is made possible through Christ, and we can know this because we have
the Book of Mormon. And since we have the Book of Mormon, we also have
the Priesthood, which enables us to do the will of the Father. Sister
Francis also stood up and shared a very, very powerful testimony of
the Book of Mormon. After that President mentioned something about how
we served at the Priesthood Restoration Site and I was again reminded
of how lucky we are to have the Priesthood on the earth today. Not
surprisingly, the Priesthood has been a theme throughout my mission.
Specifically the Aaronic Priesthood because it holds the keys of the
ministering of angels. There are people all around us who are here to
help us. Heavenly messengers who help us and others. I’m eternally
grateful for Jesus Christ and his Atoning sacrifice for me, so that I
can be with God again. And that we all have the Priesthood on the
earth to help us do the will of the Father. The gospel is true,
whether people are accepting it or not. I’m just grateful I get to
help them know it is true.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm


Friday was Rough – Downingtown #11

Hello friends and family! This week at our district meeting we got advice on how we can help our investigator, C…. So right after district meeting we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders. So Sister Simmons and Sister Ipson were in Broomall and Sister Foster came here with me! So we went finding and met a bunch of new people and decided to just stop by C…. So we go over and she let us in and we talked to her about coming to our church on Sunday and she said she would come and she would even bring two of her three kids with her!! Sweet! So we told her that we would remind her Saturday night and she said she would for sure be there!


Sister Kartchner, Sister Miller (both in our district), me, Sister Ipson, and our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Simmons and Sister Foster, at our district meeting!

Friday comes around.. Weekly planning. So before we started planning we had two appointments that we went to and neither of them were home! So sad. We also had to stop at a member’s house, so we didn’t even start planning till later in the day. In the middle of weekly planning we had to go to our dinner appointment. So at 7:30 we went back to our apartment so we could FINALLY finish planning. Just before 8:30 Sister Ipson gets a bloody nose. For no reason. So this goes on for about an hour and it just keeps getting worse. So it’s like 9:20 and Sister Ipson is all, “We should go to our neighbor’s house and have him give me a blessing, because I think that would help.” So we call our district leader (because we had already texted ‘in and safe’ for the night like twenty minutes ago) and he tells us we can go over, but to just let him know when we get back and everything. So we go over to our neighbors (who had moved in two days earlier) and no one answers. So we go back and call our district leader back and he’s all, “I have the mission nurse on the phone.” So we talk to her for awhile and she basically tells us to just wait it out. So we wait longer and Sister Ipson still really wants a blessing. So we call our district leader AGAIN and Sister Ipson asks if he can come and give her a blessing. So he says he’ll see what he can do. So a few minutes later our zone leaders call us and tell us to go try our neighbors again. So we go back to our neighbors and they answer!! So we go in, and Sister Ipson’s nose gets worse! So he (Brother S…) gives Sister Ipson a blessing and they walk us back to our apartment. So it’s after 10:45 by now. Yes, every other missionary is in bed by now. And we haven’t even taken off our shoes, or planned for our day tomorrow, and my companion might die of blood loss! So we call our zone leaders to tell them we are finally home and they ask Sister Ipson if she’s okay, and tell us not to go to bed until it stops bleeding, etc. so we wait. And finally at 11:30, her nose stops bleeding! We didn’t go to bed until after midnight (I know, you’re all laughing at me for the fact that midnight is so late for us). So I wake up like seventy times in the middle of the night to make sure Sister Ipson isn’t drowning in blood. Long story short, Friday was rough.

Saturday we went to a member’s house for dinner and painted their kitchen. We’ve been painting for weeks now, it’s a long process, but we’ll get it done eventually! (We have to eventually paint basically the whole house.) Also, on Saturday we texted C… to remind her about church. She told us that she would be there and was looking forward to it! So Sunday comes around. After ward council we check our phone and we had a text from C… telling us she wasn’t going to be there at church! So sad. But the Elder’s investigator, E…, who got baptized last Sunday was confirmed in sacrament meeting so that was awesome! Also, a recent convert, J… and his wife A…, spoke in Sacrament meeting. J… was supposed to give a five minute talk, but twenty-five minutes later he glances at the clock and is all, “Wow! I think my time is up!” So after him we still had A…, a musical number AND a member from the high council. In other words, sacrament meeting got out late. Haha. But one of the recent converts, N…, sat by us in sacrament meeting and talked all about how he gets to go to Utah in June for one of the missionaries who taught him (Sister Shaia) wedding. He was so cute about the whole thing, haha he’s so awesome! Anyways, I have committed him to coming to my wedding too! And I’m going to take him to all of the temples in Utah! (That’s what Sister Shaia is doing too). So if anyone knows Catelyn Shaia (I think that’s how you spell her name?) tell her that everyone in Downingtown loves her and N… is SO excited for her wedding! (Background: Sister Shaia was Sister Johnstone’s trainer, so I feel like I know her, but I really don’t.) anyways! That’s all I have for this week.

I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Sammy Gomm